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Ichigo Vs. Naruto
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Posted 5/31/12 , edited 5/31/12
It depends on who is writing the story. In reality, both are generally Deus ex Machina's so there is no comparing their power level; They are simply as strong as they need to be for the plot to progress. This is more so for Bleach where Ichigo's power seems to swing up or down constantly however, its apparent in Naruto to. So, ultimately its impossible to tell. Now, tell me who the author of the fight likes better, and ill tell you who wins.
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Posted 5/31/12 , edited 6/1/12

stareye_pink wrote:

Please note that VS threads are not allowed. You can turn this into a Poll instead.


Gurl, you forgot to lock it! :P

For the OP, please use the link below which has some fellow Cr rules.

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