[2012~JDrama] Vision Koroshi ga Mieru Onna
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Posted 5/31/12 , edited 7/5/12


TV Show: Vision - The Woman Who Can See Murder (literal title)
Romaji: Vision - Koroshi Ga Mieru Onna
Japanese: VISION 殺しが見える女
Director: Kazunari Hoshino
Writer: Joji Iida
Network: NTV
Release Date: July 5, 2012 --
Runtime: Thursdays 23:58
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan


Detective Kazuma Asano (Nobuaki Kaneko) faces times off from work due to a specific case. He then meets model Rena Kurusu (Yu Yamada), who possess a special vision ability. They then pair up to solve difficult cases together.


Yu Yamada - Rena Kurusu
Nobuaki Kaneko - Kazuma Asano
Masanobu Katsumura - Koki Kiyosue
Toshihiro Yashiba - Yoshio Sakisaka
Kotou Lorena - Maria Asakura
Mina Asakura - Yukino Takami
Akihito Yoshiie - Daisuke Akiyama
Yasunori Abe - Keigo Tamada

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Posted 7/6/12 , edited 7/6/12
Quietly this seems to be a summer simulcast on Crunchyroll! Episode one on in a few hours. If there was an announcement I must have missed it. Cool, now I can keep my all access membership


Edit yep, I missed it: http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-768064/new-summer-drama-titles-vision
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Posted 7/20/12 , edited 7/20/12
Why the extra week to wait for episode three???
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