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Posted 6/1/12 , edited 6/1/12
This is where everyone will be making suggestion about our next theme. We will be asking for theme suggestions only in here, other suggestions not related to theme, can go to the comments section. Anyways, we change theme every month, if we miss a month, is when we have to obey our members, by letting them request as many as they want and whenever they want.
So, anyways, everytime when we have a theme that we are going to do, instead of the mods doing it all the time; we'll have members participate too. Well of course, you'll be disqualified if you have a friend make it or a online editing software instead of an actual program (GIMP, PAINT, SAI, PHOTOSHOP, ect).
If we ever ask what did you use to make that wonderful art, then just tell us. You don't have to if one of us are being rude, just report them to the Kuruma, and I'll have a talk with this person.
Oh yes, this is not going to be a poll, too much topic for that kind of thing, so I'll just put down some "Themes" and you just vote by posting. While you post, don't put "bitch don't fucken vote for that crap" we will not tolerate any cussing just because the theme you want is not winning.


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