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The streets of the city, which are usually lit up, from dusk till dawn. The city never sleeps.
Massive crowds sweep through the city during the morning, afternoon, and evening hours. Hotels, schools, business buildings, cafes, and shops are abundant.

Anything can happen on these brightly lit streets. Talent scouts prowl the streets, in search of the next generation's era of Japanese Pop stars. Salarymen commute from their jobs on the subway. Teenage girls squeal at the new clothes in store displays. Gangs wreak havoc at night. Students scuttle to school in the early morning.

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Mika emerges from a dark town car. She sits down on a bench just outside of school, and watches the students as they file past and into the gates of the academy. A few minutes before the chatter dies down, and a last few stray students rush to class. Mika stands and starts toward the shopping district. She is sure the town car that had dropped her off is long gone by now. She sees no point in learning from such dry pages when she can witness her lessons first hand.
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Silence had spread across the room vastly as the substitute walked into the room. By then nari was thinking of how she may escape from this what seems to be boring day. So the minute it hit lunch she decided to go to the nurse’s office. The head nurse was easily tricked and so Nari got what she wanted. After she got dismissed from school and after a few minutes went by she had remembered that she needed to pick up some things from the shopping district and so on headed off.
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Despite the academy's uniform, Mika some how mixes into the crowd. She makes her way over to An Out Of The Way Café, which so happens to be the name, with the option to dine alfresco, choosing a seat with the perfect view of pedestrians, yet just a little hidden. Setting her school bag on a chair, and pulls out todays paper. Mika skims the articles, notices its a little light on pictures. She looks up to notice a waiter coming toward her, with a polite smile, pen and paper in hand. 'Coffee' She says. Not giving him the chance to ask. She turns the page to the crossword. She didn't have time for small talk with him today...
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