Was there ever a new season?
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Posted 6/1/12 , edited 6/2/12
For anyone that hasnt seen the last episodes of D.grey man dont read this

I watched every episode about a year or less ago.. and The demon guy always talked about rasing stage for the final act or w/e but never did?
Anyone know was there a season that finished off D.grey man Series?

They where just about to find the main characters teacher was the last episode i think =[ such a drop off.
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Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/15/12
If you're talking about episode 103, then there's been a lot of talk about it. I would suggest you read the manga, since it's farther along and makes you look forward to the next season.

I believe that since the manga is still going that means it might be quite a while before the next season is released. If you can read Kanji, then I would suggest you keeps tabs on http://www.dgray-man.com/index2.html for more information about the series.
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Posted 7/28/12 , edited 7/28/12
Finding the main characters teacher? Sounds like you only watched the first 50 episodes. There was another couple seasons that went to 103, but you'll still probably find yourself disappointed as in cliff hanger and no more series. But you can always just read the manga afterwards. But if you're looking for a conclusion in the anime, you won't find one.
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