[2012 JDrama] Going My Home
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Title: ゴーイング マイ ホーム
Title (romaji): Going My Home
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Family
Episodes: TBA
Viewership rating: TBA
Broadcast network: Fuji TV / KTV
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-09 start
Air time: Tuesday 22:00
Theme song: Yotsuba no Clover by Makihara Noriyuki


An enigmatic beauty (Miyazaki Aoi) meets a salaryman in his 40s (Abe Hiroshi) through of some incident. The way she appeared on the scene and her true identity are shrouded in mystery. But she is the one who manipulates and provides the salaryman with clues as he tries to search for something associated with his family


Abe Hiroshi as Tsuboi Ryota
Yamaguchi Tomoko as Tsuboi Sae
Miyazaki Aoi as Shimojima Naho
YOU as Ito Takiko
Yasuda Ken as Ito Kenji
Arai Hirofumi as Sanada Shun
Bakarhythm (バカリズム) as Kobayashi Satoru
Natsuyagi Isao as Tsuboi Eisuke
Abe Sadao as Tokunaga Taro
Yoshiyuki Kazuko as Tsuboi Toshiko
Nishida Toshiyuki as Torii Osamu
Makita Aju (蒔田彩珠) as Tsuboi Moe
Lily as Tsuji Tokiko

Yamaguchi Tomoko to make her return in October 2012

Yamaguchi Tomoko will make her return to regular dramas since her last lead role in "Long Vacation" 16 years ago. She will be partnering Abe Hiroshi in FujiTV's Thursday 10pm autumn drama starting in October for which the title has yet to be decided. Abe will play a salaryman in his 40s who tries his very best for his family but always ends up with hillarious consequences while Yamaguchi plays his wife.
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Posted 6/22/12 , edited 6/23/12
Abe Hiroshi, Yamaguchi Tomoko, To Perform As A Married Couple In Fall Drama Series

Abe Hiroshi is to star in an upcoming fall drama series for Fuji Television in which he will play the part of a family man and company employee in his forties. Assuming the role of his wife, and making her return to drama serials after a sixteen year hiatus following the airing of the immensely popular title "Long Vacation," will be Yamaguchi Tomoko. This being the two performers first ever drama appearance together, anticipation will be building as to what sort of couple they will act out as.

Highly regarded both nationally and internationally director Koreeda Hirokazu will be overseeing the project in what will be his third collaboration with Abe Hiroshi. In addition to directing, he will scripting the series from an original story. His first try at both directing and scripting a complete drama series entirely himself.

Now 47 year-old Yamaguchi, who was often referred to in the nineties as "The Queen of Drama Serials" or "The Ratings Queen" commented, "When I first read an outline of the script, I thought 'This is interesting! I want to see it soon!'" She added, "I love productions that are full of hopes and dreams, so I'm happy to be able to participate in this one."

The as yet untitled series is scheduled to begin airing in October, Tuesday nights at 22:00.
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Posted 7/9/12 , edited 7/9/12
Miyazaki Aoi, Abe Hiroshi & Yamaguchi Tomoko to co-star in new drama this fall

On July 10th, it was announced that Miyazaki Aoi, Abe Hiroshi, and Yamaguchi Tomoko will be starring in an upcoming Fuji TV fall drama whose title has yet to be announced.

This drama is certainly going to be on everyone’s minds after today’s headlines, since it features three huge and amazing stars. While Abe is still familiar among drama viewers, Miyazaki hasn’t been appearing in a commercial network drama since ‘Shiawase no Shippo‘ (TBS) in 2002. Her last starring role on TV in general was in the 2008 taiga drama ‘Atsuhime‘ on the public network NHK. Yamaguchi’s last serial drama appearance even dates back to ‘Long Vacation‘ (Fuji TV) in 1996.

The directing and the script will be handled by world renowned movie director Koreeda Hirokazu (‘Kiseki’, ‘Air Doll’).

The story of this fall drama will revolve around a 40-year-old company employee (Abe) and his wife (Yamaguchi). Together they face various all too familiar family problems which are said to make viewers both cry and laugh together with the characters. This home drama atmosphere will be spiced up by a mysterious beauty (Miyazaki) whom the protagonist happens to meet one day. For some reason she’s begins to probe into matters related to his family, manipulates him without his knowledge and sometimes blurts out some crucial hints that will help solving the puzzle that she is.

Not much else is known about this drama yet, but the producer described Miyazaki’s role as follows: “She’s a puzzling, beautiful and strong woman who doesn’t seem to be affected by the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle at all. Her beauty is both refined and graceful. When I was talking with director Koreeda about the casting of this role, we only were able to think of Miyazaki.”

Miyazaki herself commented, “The characters in Koreeda’s works are always so full of live. He’s a fantastic director and I’m happy to be a part of his new project.”

She continued, “It makes me nervous to film together with two such big seniors. I’ll treasure the time we’ll be able to live together as part of this drama and will make sure to enjoy the months of filming ahead of us.”

Abe is looking forward to it as well. He said, “Miyazaki’s acting is very refined and I can’t wait to work together with her.”

Fuji TV is planning to air this drama every Tuesday at 10:00 pm. The first episode is scheduled to be broadcast sometime in October. More details such as the drama’s title are most liked going to be revealed within the coming weeks.
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Posted 9/14/12 , edited 9/14/12
Abe Hiroshi and Yamaguchi Tomoko discuss Director Koreeda Hirokazu and ‘Going My Home’

Back in July, it was announced that Abe Hiroshi, Yamaguchi Tomoko, and Miyazaki Aoi are starring in an upcoming fall family drama, which has recently been given the title ‘Going My Home‘ (Fuji TV).

Yamaguchi hasn’t appeared in dramas for 16 years, and Miyazaki’s last appearance in a non-satellite drama was also more than a decade ago. Moreover, the drama’s original story, script, and direction is handled by famed director Koreeda Hirokazu (‘Kiseki’, ‘Air Doll’).

Abe and Yamaguchi recently gave an interview and discussed the director as well as their thoughts about the drama.

Abe commented, “What kind of drama would someone like Director Koreeda want to create? He and I have actually talked about this many times prior to the filming. He’s seeking to entertain by showing things that aren’t like what they seem. I couldn’t really imagine what he meant, but it sure sounded interesting. As a director, he always thinks about the actors first. He’s attentively listening to every idea you have and always makes time for you if you need to discuss something with him. As an actor, you can just follow him and never lose your way.”

He added, “So, I think there is no need for me to prepare for the role (laughs), since the director is doing all the work for me. I find the way he’s working interesting, as he naturally makes the territory for each role.”

He continued, “The script was written really well, so I think it would be good if I just stick with how I feel at the time. If I try too hard to work on the character, I end up straining my attention, so it’s better to take it naturally. When you create something and put all your energy into it, you might be able to create something you can be proud of in the future and not only at the moment when it’s done. I think this is going to become a very well thought out drama, while also overthrowing the unspoken agreement and rules of drama productions.”

Yamaguchi seems to agree with most of his points: “When I first received the offer, I read the script, and was impressed how fun it was. I was raised as a child sitting in front of the TV and watching countless family dramas, and I have to say: I’m dying to watch this drama. And even moreso, I want to participate in it. The pure pleasure to really be able to participate in this defies any logic. This drama is so interesting, even I myself can’t wait to watch it on TV!”

She added, “I’m allowed to tackle this drama without having to worry about anything. Whenever I happen to worry about something, I can always consult the director, and he always gives me an answer right away. That’s the kind of director he is.”

They also revealed their impressions of one another. Abe said, “Yamaguchi is probably more manly than most men. The woman she’s portraying couldn’t be a nicer and more loving person, which is exactly how she’s in real life.” She returned the favor, and replied, “I’m falling for him every time I meet him! I truly love him!” The actor became all bashful after her comment.

‘Going My Home’ is Koreeda’s first drama project and features a very deep, refreshing story that depicts the humor, warmth, and grieving heart of each character. Koreeda wrote the script and is handling the directing alone. He already surprised the staff by using a real mansion instead of a studio set to film the scenes set at the home of the protagonist’s family. It made it more difficult to film, but he wanted those home scenes to feel as real as possible. Moreover, he was able to cast an exceptional ensemble of actors, and with the great story, it’s one of the top candidates to become the drama everyone is going to talk about during the fall season.

Abe and actor Nishida Toshiyuki recently filmed a teaser for the drama. This unique teaser is set inside the dental clinic of Nishida’s character. In addition to their script, they both are said to have had a lot of fun making up stuff that fit the setting. Check it out below!

Fuji TV will air the first episode, which will have an extended runtime of two hours, on October 9th.
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Posted 9/21/12 , edited 9/22/12
Makihara Noriyuki to provide the theme song for ‘Going My Home’

On September 20, it was announced that singer-songwriter Makihara Noriyuki is going to provide the theme song for the upcoming Fuji TV drama ‘Going My Home‘, starring Abe Hiroshi.

The track is titled “Yotsuba no Clover” (‘Four-Leaf Clover’) and will be Makihara’s first drama tie-in since “GREEN DAYS” became the theme song for ‘Ushi ni Negai wo Love & Farm‘ (Fuji TV) in 2007.

‘Going My Home’ is a family drama written and directed by movie director Koreeda Hirokazu. Abe is playing a 45-year-old employee at a CM company named ‘Tsuboi Ryota’, who is suddenly facing a family crisis.

Makihara received a personal love call from Director Koreeda just before his trip to Ireland, which actually turned out to be great timing. Ireland is known as a spiritual country and as it happens, the protagonist ‘Ryota’ also strongly believes in the existence of ‘things invisible to the naked eye’ such as ghosts and fairies.

He commented, “It felt like a perfect match between my trip to Ireland and the offer. There was no way I could refuse it. In fact, it made me even more excited to go to Ireland and research about those things.” He also explained that many parts of the lyrics perfectly match with the script, although he didn’t read it beforehand. “I got goosebumps when I saw this. It’s like some invisible force guided me through the process.”

“Yotsuba no Clover” is a soothing ballad accompanied by tin whistles, a fiddle, an accordion, and other folk instruments.

Makihara added, “In order for this song to become the song it is, I didn’t include anything unnecessary. I tried to free myself from all obligations and simply let the inspiration take over when creating this song.”

Abe himself already praised the song and said that it perfectly matches and expresses the tone of the drama.
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Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/23/12
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Posted 9/27/12 , edited 9/27/12
Production press conference of "Going My Home"

The production press conference of FujiTV autumn drama "Going My Home" was held on 27 September which was attended by cast members Yamaguchi Tomoko, Abe Hiroshi, Miyazaki Aoi, YOU, Nishida Toshiyuki and the director Koreeda Hirokazu. This drama which is due to begin its run on 9 October, also marks Yamaguchi's return to the drama scene for the first time in 16 years since her 1996 hit "Long Vacation". It is also the first time that she is working with all the actors in the cast lineup.

Abe Hiroshi plays the role of Tsuboi Ryota who is a 45-year-old salaryman while Yamaguchi plays his wife. When his father Eisuke collapses due to a sudden illness, Ryota then finds out about Eisuke's attempt to find a small-sized living being named Kuuna and decides to help his father fulfill his dream. In the process, he ends up dragging along other people into this including his wife, his father's childhood friend played by Nishida, his elder sister played by YOU and a mysterious young lady played by Miyazaki Aoi. Director Koreeda will also have a role within the story.

The first episode will be shown at 10pm on 9 October and will be a 2-hour SP.
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Posted 9/28/12 , edited 9/28/12
More pics from the press conference event

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Going My Home CM


45-year-old salaryman: Let’s begin the preview.
Client: That’s a bit hard to read.
Junior at work: Are you overexerting yourself, senior?
45-year-old salaryman: Why no. I feel happy everyday.

Popular food stylist wife: I’m counting on you during times like this.
Daughter: It’s not like one goes to school because one’s happy.
45-year-old salaryman: That’s true.

Always caught in the middle at work and at home

Popular food stylist wife: You’re weak.
45-year-old salaryman: Don’t say I’m weak.

A big but weak man

Mother: Because he’s of no use.

45-year-old salaryman: Huh? Dad?
Mother: They said he has to have complete bed rest for a while.

A mysterious woman appears at his father’s hospital room

Mysterious woman: Hello

Mysterious woman: He said that he saw it as a child.
45-year-old salaryman: Kuna? I’ve been searching for it. Oh, why am I doing this?
Mother: He wasn’t hiding.
Sister: A half sister?!

A strange, rather incomprehensible story

Dentist: I was the one who killed.
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