Moving On?
Posted 6/3/12 , edited 6/3/12
Moving On

It's funny, isn't it? How you meet someone, and don't even think of how much of an effect their life can have on you. That's the funny thing about meeting new people, you never know how they would want to fit in your life. So you guess. You guess that they'll be there for the fun times, the sad times, the times when you needed someone. Anyone. And suddenly, your prayer is granted; and there he was. The one who got away.

It's sad, really sad. The saddest part of this funny cycle is the memories keep you company, they keep you pondering "why do I have these memories?" "Are they really worth it?" "They make me sick... take them away." But this mental battle you have inside of you, it 's for a reason. The memories once made you happy, right? So why would you want them to disappear? It's your brain that debates such things, but your hearts feelings never truly go away. It's the mind that gets angry, but the heart still cares. So the question to ask is; do you truly ever, ever move on? Or does your heart just simply stop caring because it can't take anymore regret, pain? No. Yes. Maybe. You make up reasons to love someone with your brain, correct? It's your heart that responds to this persons every action. The way they kiss you, hug you, stare at you, effects your heart more than you may think. Your mind starts to reach for more, it wants more from this person. This person piques your interest. What do you do now? A relationship sounds right. You start holding hands now, kissing in front of the patio, meeting the parents, having dinner and a movie. And where does this all lead to? Love and marriage. But the sad thing is, you can imagine any of this with anyone in your state of mind. You can image you two getting married, the vows, the incredible kiss of love, the honeymoon. It's all in your head, because you know your silly fantasy will never come true. But, if you truly believe you're meant with a certain person, go on and believe. Imagine all the wonderful things you can. Imagine it all to come true one day, until you can't take anymore imagining, grasp it. Make it your reality. Fight for your feelings. So, back to the question at hand. If in any case, the only solution is moving on. Do you? Think about it, do you?

Think about this scenario for a moment. 10 years from now, you see them walking across the street with their spouse. They have two beautiful children holding Daddy and Mommy's hands. They seem like a relatively happy family. Now, imagine this. When they walk past you, and you look back, this person in the past that made you imagine such happy things, are the feelings still there? You're probably looking over your shoulder, looking at them so happily. You're happy for them. Or, you can continue to be bittersweet and angry because that isn't your happy love life. That person, you still constantly think about. Love, in essence, can transform us completely. We may now feel a rush of happiness because that person that once made you so happy, is now busy making someone else happy. This mere thought, this fact, can turn you into an ugly person. An ugly heart. So, do you move on? That seems like the smartest choice, doesn't it? Carry yourself with the lessons this person from the past taught you, carry them with you, within your knowledgeable heart. And soon, you shall be happy, too.

Does that special persons' presence make you smile like a goof no matter what? Does every love song remind you of them? Why does this feeling have to be so bittersweet? Why can't we just be happy and with this person? Love conquers all, doesn't it? So why can't we just be together. Sometimes, you have to realize the things in front of you. Start using your brain instead of your heart. Sometimes, the wrong people lead us to the right one, finally, at last! But if you ever find yourself looking back on a past love interest. Beware. This is the most dangerous part of a lost love. You're left with the memories, the feelings he/she once used to give you. But you have to think about the future, no matter how hard you're looking back in the past. You have to. You just have to make your heart love again.
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