An important classical anime and its creator that was one of the most important yet underrated contributors to anime
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Posted 6/3/12 , edited 6/4/12
Cyborg 009 was the first anime that utilized that superhero team/shounen fighting team format that would later be popularized with Saint Seiya, DBZ, and other shows. Would it be safe to say that this title is the most important shounen fighting team ever made, as it was the one started this trope?

A nice review of Shotaro Ishinomori is at

Also, from his WikiPedia article:
"Cyborg 009, created in 1963, became the first superpowered hero team created in Japan, featuring nine cybernetic warriors. That same year, Kazumasa Hirai and Jiro Kuwata created Japan's first android superhero, 8 Man (which predated Ishinomori's Kikaider by nine years). The success of the tokusatsu superhero TV series Kamen Rider, produced by Toei Company Ltd. in 1971, led to the birth of the "Transforming" (henshin) superhero (human-sized superheroes who transform by doing a pose, and use martial arts to fight henchmen and the weekly monster), and resulted in many sequel shows to this day. Ishinomori then created many similar superhero dramas, which were once again all produced by Toei or in Sarutobi Ecchan's case Toei Animation, including Android Kikaider, Henshin Ninja Arashi, Inazuman, Robotto Keiji, Himitsu Sentai Gorenger (the first Super Sentai series), Kaiketsu Zubat, Akumaizer 3, Sarutobi Ecchan, the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series and countless others. He even created popular children's shows such as Hoshi no Ko Chobin (Chobin, Child of the Stars, 1974, a co-production with Studio Zero which was a major success on Italian television), and Ganbare!! Robokon.

Ishinomori's art is quite reminiscent of that of his mentor, Osamu Tezuka. The true story of his first meeting with Tezuka was illustrated in a short four-page tale drawn up as supplementary material for the 1970s Astro Boy manga reprints. Around 1955, Ishinomori submitted work to a contest seeking new talent in the magazine, Manga Shōnen. Tezuka was impressed by his drawings and asked Ishinomori to help him with Astro Boy. In the American release, this story can be seen in Volume 15, along with Ishinomori's earliest work on the "Electro" story arc."

He was only about 15 when he started working as an assistant to Tezuka himself, the very man that pioneered the aspects of modern manga/anime.

Posted 6/3/12 , edited 6/4/12
I do recall the more recent Cyborg 009 anime, and how it was a hack job unworthy of the efforts the crew put into it.
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