Posted 6/4/12 , edited 6/4/12
Ask your questions and the mods and I will answer!!! xx
Thank you!! x
Posted 6/4/12 , edited 6/5/12
Do you know when the contest ends?
Posted 6/5/12 , edited 6/5/12
Ummm, I think it will end shortly after I upload my art, which is taking a long time!! But I want the mods to judge, me just approving!! x
Posted 6/5/12 , edited 6/5/12
The contest finishes on the 8TH OF JUNE !!!! x
Posted 6/5/12 , edited 6/5/12
This ones for Lyn-chi!!! Mods are short for moderators and they watch everyone to see if they are doing stuff that we don't think is cool... I guess!!!
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