A farewell to David Lodge's role as Kenpachi and Jiraiya (he's not dead but quit)
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Posted 6/4/12 , edited 6/4/12
For people that watch Bleach and Shippuden dubbed like me, David Lodge has departed from doing Kenpachi and Pervy Sage because Viz wasn't paying him enough.

At http://www.bleachanime.org/forums/showthread.php?t=84293&page=2, forum member AizenLoyalist1991 mentioned:
"Im a major fan of the dub and many other dubs.Yes it is to bad that the real guy left and that is fine,many of the voice actors I like and follow through twitter complain about paychecks all the time. I can agree that he is mad about not getting enough money, but how much money was he getting in the first place to begin with?

If he was really upset about it then he should find another job. But besides that atleast the new kenpachi is trying his best to sound like the original and that is fine with me.

And in general I could care less about the japanese version cus when I listen to it, I swear I can copy it by talking giberish and makeing my voice deep

I like that so far most of the original cast is still there,and im really happy about that,Who cares if urahara got changed. Just sound like a hippy,california surfer and you have the role."

At http://www.fandompost.com/oldforums/showthread.php?10287-Rumor-Report-Voice-Actor-David-Lodge-Leaving-Properties-licensed-by-Viz-Media, forum member JacksonHoltorp mentions:

"Well I would assume he'll at least finishing voicing Jiraiya in Naruto: Shippuden because if you know what happens he'll definitely voice the character as long as possible.

Bleach as far as I know is a non-union project. That's why some aliases are thrown in and the ending credits don't have specific character association listed much to the frustration of many fans.

Naruto on the other hand is a union project.

Some VAs can work on both depending if they use an alias and get away with it (if caught I heard can receive fines or lose SAG/AFTRA benefits).

I know someone else mentioned it before but some VAs have "fi-core status".

They're not associated with a union so they don't get any of the benefits and I also assume aren't part of any contact list for job opportunities.

They can work union jobs but they have to do all the leg work themselves; nobody to hold your hand.

If you have a lot of contacts (industry networking) you can manage to still work union jobs and non-union jobs.

He's been working on Bleach for a few years now so I don't see why pay would be a huge concern now.

According to Kyle Hebert [For those that don't know, Kyle is Ganju and Aizen in Bleach and Kiba in Shippuden. While he is also known Kamina in Gurren Lagann, it's obvious he is most noted for the Narrator and Teen Gohan in FuniMation's dub of DBZ.]all L.A. voice actors (for anime) get paid about $60/hour and are guaranteed 2 hours of pay. (Even if you have a 5 minute session you still get the $120)

Sounds great but that's only if you're constantly in the booth which most aren't, hence why many VAs have part-time jobs or pursue better paying work (commercials, video games, pre-lay cartoons, on-camera TV gigs).

Or for some anime dub VAs, become voice directors or script writers. Pay per hour is lower but the work is more steady.

FYI it's about $200/hour for a video game. And I heard for cartoons they are guaranteed at least a 4 hour session/worth of pay.

Anime doesn't pay the bills and rarely does. Looks great on a resume though and helps you build a fanbase.

This can pay off if they attend conventions regularly. Some VAs don't charge a convention fee but the standard rate for a convention fee for a voice actor is $1000

(20 conventions/year x $1000 = $20,000; must be great to be Vic Mignogna huh? )

Obviously the fee for international guests (e.g. Japanese seiyuu or directors) costs more and then the con staff also have to pay for a translator & someone accompanying them at all times and the flight tickets & hotel/motel expenses.

Anyways $60/hour is the hourly pay for anime in L.A. (it's about $50 in Texas). I don't think there are any English dub anime voice actors who get paid above scale regardless of experience or popularity.

Anime dubbing is basically "small potatoes".

Even in CGI movies a voice actor veteran probably barely gets paid more than scale yet studios have no problems writing huge checks for Hollywood actors, most who have less voice acting experience & range.

The truth hurts. That's why anyone who wants to be a VA has to REALLY want it and be prepared for a tough road.

That's why VAs always give the advice "be an actor first, if you happen to end up in voice acting that's great but don't limit your options".

I've gotten off topic but if it is a pay issue I don't think it's likely to be fixed.

I don't know if he's strictly union or has fi-core status but for all we know David Lodge had other commitments which prevented him from working on Bleach (what would you choose, high paying video game or low paying anime?) or maybe he had to avoid non-union jobs for a while; if he was strictly a union VA and got into some problems for working on a non-union project which went against union rules.

I enjoyed his work on Bleach so I hope he returns even if it seems unlikely at the moment.

Hope he finished recording Jiraiya before all this happened. Would suck to have a recast before a major character arc."

That being said, why is so much dubbing in Cali non-union? I don't understand the reason why there is union and non-union or right to work with dubbing.
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Posted 6/4/12 , edited 5/2/16
Most english voice actors are talentless hacks. I'm not surprised they get paid so little money. Comparing them to Hollywood actors is absurd. Not only given the difference in level of skill, but also the amount of revenue produced by anime compared to a major Hollywood blockbuster. I tried watching Bleach when it first aired on cartoon network. I lasted about 5 episodes before I couldn't take it anymore.
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