Post Reply Naruto Shippuden Episode 256 – Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces! Review / Thoughts
Posted 6/5/12 , edited 6/5/12

Yes yes I know, this review of Shippuden episode 256 is extremely late. Unfortunately I have been unable to come online much the past few days, but better late than never I guess!

It has been a few days since I actually watched this, so I won’t go in to giving any sort of recap as I just don’t remember all the details that happened. Instead, I shall just give my own thoughts on it as a whole.

Content wise this fit quite a lot in, we got to see the Shinobi alliance recieve their new headbands as well as seeing who the squads are and who they will be led by. We also got to see the impressive arsenal of Edo Tensei warriors Kabuto has gathered for the war, plus seeing how the kidnapped Yamato is being used.

So yes, all of that was fit in to one 23 minute episode which surprised me. It did seem a bit more epic in the Manga in my opinion, but the Anime did a decent enough job too. It was amazing seeing just who Kabuto had been able to gather, and with people like the 5 Kage of old, The 7 Jinchuriki, and the former Akatsuki members (to name just some), the side of Kabuto and Tobi is looking extremely strong about now, especially considering they also have an army of about 100,000 powered up Zetsus to use.

The one(s) I am perhaps happiest to see are Haku and Zabuza. I can imagine the happiness a lot of people must have felt when they were revealed to have been revived, as I remember well reading this in the Manga and how brilliant it seemed, and also just how many people were happy to see them return. Obviously like we saw with Deidara previously, they will all be under the control of Kabuto, but the mere fact we are getting to see some of these characters for the first time in who knows how long (or for the first time in general in some cases), means the war is going to be very exciting.

Even though it still wasn’t my favourite episode, just because of the awesome reveal of the Edo Tensei and the Shinobi Alliance members I have to say it was a pretty good episode overall. A lot was revealed, and as I said, I am sure some of the Edo Tensei summons have people very happy and excited to see what is to come next.

One last little minor niggle I have is the way Tobi/Madara’s mask keeps being drawn. It just looks so unnatural and rubbish, especially compared to the Manga. I remember someone commenting that it looked like in the Anime the mask had just been drawn on by someone using Paint, and I find it pretty hard to argue with that to be honest.

*Here’s a picture of how it should be, taken from the Manga*

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