So Long and Thanks for all the Fish
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Posted 6/5/12 , edited 6/5/12
I've had 3 awesome years of premium membership to support anime but I have to say so long.

But this is in all honesty a slight moan. When I first took out my membership it was for that warm fuzzy feeling as my small membership money was helping the anime industry as well as admittedly simulcasts and only CR could offer me that. But I feel now that novelty has worn off as most the anime's I do want to watch are either region locked OR not even on here at all.

Being a U.K resident I'm not even sure who you are competing with for licenses over here as before netflix (which was only released earlier this year over here) there was no way of getting an anime fix without illegal download as all the old channels that did do any form of anime disappeared from SKY's (cable/satellite supplier) list of channels.

Almost finally, the ways in which I can access the select few anime's I can watch hasn't really evolved past a mobile app which if I'm not mistaken I was able to do anyway with the wap site. I know maybe you don't have the capital and if not I apologies for what probably seems like a bashing for something you cant help, but c'mon give me an xbox or ps3 app.

Finally to an anime I loved.... Fairytale, I was without net for a few months after moving home and came back to find I cant view the back catalog. that was the point I knew I wasn't going to renew as I wasn't even mad, it was something I wasn't even surprised about if I'm at all honest.

All the best with the future hopefully some day I'll be drawn back in
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abayo. :]
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Why haven't I gotten any fish? What fish? Salmon? Tuna? I want salmon and tuna.

Anything else .. bah. Who needs em? White fleshed fish. Piss yellow. God knows what others .. squid? Cripes.

I'll stick with salmon and tuna.

Sayonara, comrade!
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Don't let the door hit you where yo momma split you.
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