Uncommon reasons for fascinations?
Posted 6/5/12 , edited 6/5/12
For examples o say you like a really popular video game for a reason most never mention or an uncommon love for the story of a game instead of gameplay.
Liking a new movie for its jokes that reference ANCIENT flicks
You see something in an image that most would feel blank towards, but makes you really happy to see etc

I have one, but feel odd about sharing it.
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I really love and collect anime and gaming music soundtracks even though I've never played the actual games or seen the anime shows themselves.
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I always loved walking from one tip of a continent to another, literally at walking speed, in World of Warcraft. It was always something I liked to do each time I leveled up a character. It can take hours.
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Well, I guess I will share an odd fascination after all; when I see certain girl anime characters or girl people in my personal life in certain ways and detail, I feel very calm and docile, like... a baby being shushed by it's mother, so really, fictional being pics of some girls or close friends can be the best medicine for feeling bad.

(Yes, I typed feeling like a baby being held, odd but quite wonderful)
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