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Talk about anything in the literature world.
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Books smell guud...
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Did you know it's possible to get high on the smell of books?
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I like the smell of an old paperback, that hasn't been opened for a while...
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That's the smell of a type of fungus that grows in old books.
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If one doesn't clean their belly button it is sure to collect fungus...

Westerns are the best for the fungus... Perhaps because not all that many people read them...
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The Great Gatsby is being made into a motion picture. There was a previous film in black and white.
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The last time I read a book was probably three years ago rofl.
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I read!!!

I just found the subreddit for books the other day...
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There was a box full of older books in the back room, and one VHS. Half were children books and half were romance... I picked out a small stack and brought it into the front. The first book I opened, While England Sleeps, obviously had not been opened in a years. Dust from the first few pages made its way into my nose and made me sneeze.

I love the smell of older books that have been neglected. I buried my face in the book and breathed in through my nose, I felt younger. I smelled my Mother as I remembered her. I smelled Summer. All the visions danced lightly and slowly through my head.

Lets see if the book is as good as it smells.

The VHS was a Loony Toons Thing.
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What a great find
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ERMARGOURD... Whats it about....
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What.... How do you even pronounce that? o.0
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Er- Mar- Gourd.

As far as I can tell before I fall asleep, it's about a gay writer.
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