Totoro: Children's Movie?
Posted 6/7/12 , edited 6/7/12

I have recently been enlisted by my church pastor to start running a children's night service since my pastor knows that I like anime.

Normally I only watch adult anime like Haruhi or Naruto but my pastor thinks that all 'cartoons' are for kids or something.

Do you think it will be okay if I show Totoro? I've never seen it before but I do know that there's a bear in it. Is it a scary bear that will frighten the children or is Totoro like winnie-the-pooh?

Thanks and may god be with you all!
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Posted 6/7/12 , edited 6/7/12
Well I actually saw the film a couple of times and is one of my favorites!
It's about a young family that moves into a new house that's filled with friendly spirits. It's not scary at all unless a random kid doesn't like a big fluffy creature. It's rated G or PG but it's a fun film to look at with children and I'm sure they will love it! May God bless!
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Posted 6/11/12 , edited 6/11/12
Its a very child friendly film not not a scary spirit in it at all the little soot spirits are cute
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It's a good family film with good morals about appreciating nature and family.

It's one of two ghibli films i'd want kids to see the other being Kiki's Delivery Service but with the latter containing the subject of Witches it might not be one some Christian churches are comfortable with. So Totoro is the better choice.
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 6/14/12
... Of course... one of the most well loved childrens film of all time!
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