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Hello~~ Welcome to Hoshizora !
Hoshizora means Starry Sky so you could also call this Starry Sky Shop :3
This shop is owned by the awesome iSilentScream but call her Scaytie!
Hoshizora is mostly for your avatar needs, but soon will add more stocks.
Happy shopping everyone!


☆Do not claim the graphic as your own.
☆Respect my copyright
☆This is a first-come-first-serve service
☆Do not edit my graphics in any way, without my permission.
☆Be patient in getting your order.
☆Pay for the order with proof.

☆●How to order☆●

☆Choose from the stocks below
☆Quote the post after this.
☆Fill up the form
☆Pay for the product.


Choose one (pay per stock)

☆Upload 5 pictures
☆Spam GB 3 times
☆Invite 5 buddies
☆Post in forum (any) 2 times

☆● S t o c k s ☆●


☆● R E A D ☆●

What's the big news, you may ask??
Well Hoshizora ~Starry Sky Shop~ is under going a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG renovation!
Everything will be renewed, from the look to the stocks~~
And I am planning on improving the services by offering two for ones,\
I know.. shocking right!?!?!? X33

But this will take longer than you think it would,
because my school year is starting !!

I will try my best tho,
you could at least believe that desu OwO

~ Shop Owner

☆● What to expect? ☆●

These are NOT guaranteed to be done! XD
Blame my laziness desu.

☆Forum make over~ ;; the whole shop will be sooo pretty OwO
☆Sweet deals such as Two for Ones ;; Oh yeah ! ><;;
☆Shop Credit Cards ;; OMFG for realzz?
☆More stocks ;; Weee more to choose from
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Quote to Order

Stock number:
Text in avii:
Any changes (change picture, design, psd colors, font, etc):
Payment proof (screenshot or link):
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iSilentScream wrote:

Quote to Order

Stock number:1
Text in avii:mel-chan
Any changes (change picture, design, psd colors, font, etc):plz change the pic to
Payment proof (screenshot or link):

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thanks for shopping :DD
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iSilentScream wrote:

thanks for shopping :DD

welcome! its so cute!
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