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Posted 6/8/12 , edited 6/8/12
Country of Origin:
Appearance: (Human and Henshin)
Animal DNA: You have to meet up with one of the Mews, or Kishu before you can get the Para Para
Weapon: (Can only be used in your Warrior form)
Attack: Your weapon has a special attack that deals damage. (Equivalent of the ribbon attacks)
Skill: If you had a special talent before you were given your Powers state so, or if your new powers gave you the ability. (i.e.: acrobatics, juggler. This is opional.)

Name: Shintaro Shinosuke
Age: 15
Country of Origin: Japan
Human Appearance: Minus the claws and hood. Add a long Ponytail a quarter of the way down his back.
Henshin: Same except he's in a red one peice uniform. With white accents.
Animal DNA: Scorpion
Weapon: He weilds crimson wrist blades, called "Crimson Slayers". They're slightly curved like scorpions. His ponytail also holds a hidden barb that he uses for short range and distractions. (Hidden like Ichigo's cat ears)
Attack: Crimson Poison Strike (The blades glows crimson as lasers extend from the Blades that follow the path of his strike cutting into the opponent.)
Skill: He has enhanced strength when transformed thanks to a scorpion's ability to lift more than its own weight.
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