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Posted 6/8/12 , edited 6/8/12
SO.. I was wondering.
what kinda dramas do you guys watch?
Whats your favorite Drama?
Do you watch it 24/7?or how long?

i usually watch korean dramas, japanese dramas, and taiwanese. sometimes thai.
my favorite drama.. hmm this is hard but i have to say Personal Taste.
I only watch drama 24/7 when i first start a new drama. after that i just usually sleep in till i find a new drama
Posted 6/8/12 , edited 6/8/12
I don't watch Korean drama. Can't tell apart faces and names. Faces, well, speak for themselves. And names are always a combination of Liang Xung or Xiang Lung. The only 2 Chinese names I can tell apart are Jet Li and Jackie Chan.
Posted 6/8/12 , edited 6/8/12
I watch Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas. I only watch a Japanese drama if I hear it's really good or if I am a fan of the screenwriter. I don't check Taiwanese dramas until they're almost done. I've seen too many Taiwanese dramas go off the deep end in the second half. I don't feel comfortable diving into them blindly anymore. I only feel comfortable following k-dramas weekly. I follow Korean screenwriters. I sometimes follow actors to dramas too. If a drama doesn't appeal to me on paper but bloggers are raving about it (example Queen In Hyun's Man), I'll check it out. I don't think there is a need to check out every drama yourself.

I'll watch any well written Korean drama as long as it isn't a procedural one (Vampire Prosecutor, Ten, etc- no interest any of those). I like Japanese friendship dramas (with young adults, not teenagers) and dark human dramas. I like Taiwanese slice of life dramas and melodramas.

My favorite Japanese drama is Hana Yori Dango. My favorite Taiwanese dramas are It Started with Kiss, They Kiss Again, Mars, The Fierce Wife and Fated to Love You. My favorite Korean drama is Golden Bride.

I use to marathon dramas. I can't do that any more though. These days I find it too emotionally draining.
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Posted 6/8/12 , edited 6/9/12
I'm pretty new to the drama scene so I haven't determined what kind of stories I like most. I try to watch Japanese and Taiwanese dramas but it's really Korean dramas that I like the most. For all dramas, I read through the synopsis and comments of netizens if's already completed. Sometimes if the drama blogs I'm following are raving about it, I try to check it out as well. For Korean dramas, I also tend to get hooked when I've seen an actor I like in the cast. I've still to determine the good directors and screenwriters. I only watch Taiwanese when it's recommended to me by a friend, who solely watches Taiwanese dramas. But then again, I also wait for comments to double check because there are several factors as to why I'm hesitant. First, I don't like the sound of Chinese. It's a bit rough on my ears. Second, the cinematography is terrible. Finally, so much tropes and cliches that annoy me. For Japanese, I have to see whether it actually gets subbed or not. From the three countries, this has the least subbers. I guess most would prefer anime compared to Jodorama.

I like supernatural things or any story that has a different twist. I noticed I get hooked when it's a revenge story.

My favorite drama (not in terms of quality, but of subjective value) are Princess Hours, Save Your Last Dance, East of Eden and Ojakgyo Brothers.

I marathon dramas during vacations but when there's school. I keep up with 2-4 currently airing Korean dramas.

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Posted 6/8/12 , edited 6/9/12
japanese dramas...the story is short and simple..the romance is sweet and not complicated..

my favorite dramas this year are:
Mirai Nikki

Papa wa Idol

shiritsu Bakaleya koukou

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