Tired of Underaged Gamers?
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Posted 6/8/12 , edited 6/8/12
Hey everyone!

Being the enthusiastc Gamer I am I couldn't help but notice all of the "children" Playing online on Xbox 360 and PS3, by children I mean people(s) under the age of 17+
for me it has gotten so bad recently that I have decided to drop online gaming on the PS3 and Xbox 360 all together (except for single player games and exclusives) that being said I am switching to PC.

So I Want to know everybody else's opinion on kids playing games that are not age appropriate ( i.e. Call of Duty, BattleField etc)
My personal opinion on this is kids who play games not age appropriate have neglectful guardians, even if they have there parents permission PSN and Xbox Live clearly state in terms of aggrement that online gameplay for M rated games cannot be played by children even with parental consent
Posted 6/8/12 , edited 6/8/12
I don't see this topic going to happy places.

In no way were my parents "neglectful" and I played "Mature" games before I was 18.

Edit: Switching to PC won't save you either, There are just as many under aged people on those games!

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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12
I get what you're saying, but plenty of good, attentive parents are capable of assessing whether or not their kids are of a mind to handle mature content. The ratings put out by the ESRB in the U.S. are guidelines, not law. Keep in mind that there may also be confirmation bias at play. Are there a ton of mic-abusing preteens littering online play? Of course, but who is to say that many of the quiet, respectful players aren't in that same age group?
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Posted 6/17/12 , edited 6/17/12
No matter what you are playing a game on , you will always find 12 year olds playing M rated games. Their parents buy it for them and they play it. So, there is no way to stop this and it ends up being something you just have to accept
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