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Tell us about yourself. [A brief summery of your life, and yourself]

If there there weren't any sponges in the ocean, how deep would it be?.

☞Favorite story.

☞Favorite subject in school.

☞What Internet site do you spend most of your time.

Slip in or into a dream?

Correct the following sentences...

✏the elephant wasnt to good at foot races

✏me and jane saw a platypus eat his food

✏jake doesnt want to go to his parents he is going to stay home

✏charles died of a broken heart we all mourned at his funeral

✏cant eat tried to eat and is gonna try to nap...

✏so who can give a good fade? Tryna gitta patch faded up with some sort of design but yu gotta knw what yu doin kuz my hair means the world to me so yu gotta have skills plus ill pay yu! Hmu doe!!!

✏Dnt look like im goin tuh sleep so ima jst kick it nd listen tuh my dood yelar, he always mkez me feel better...

✏gunna b a nice night to chill wit some homies/fam and have a few....inbox me if your down

Write a 5 paragraph essay on any topic of your choosing.
3 body paragraphs.

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