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I'm going to ask you guys how you feel about the following. Let's get a nice discussion going about this

Lately, I've noticed that I've matured into a somewhat intimidating guy. Despite my jovial personality (I don't feel that I have any legitimate aggressive traits) I have recently discovered that I can 'scare' people--mostly women. I don't ever actually commit any crimes or physically initiate anything, but just by being big and following people they will quicken their pace, pull out their phones, etc.

I feel a pretty legitimate positive force when I'm scaring people like this. The only thing I can think of is that I've been deriving some sort of pleasure knowing that I have suddenly grown into this 'power'.

I have for some time in the past generally associated traits like this with what I would group as other 'rapist/psycho-like traits'. But now that I've experienced it myself I can say that it must be unrelated.

There's alot of rhetoric saying that 'rape isn't about sex, it's about being powerful'. But I'm 100% certain that this would never escalate into rape.

Considering this situation, do you guys think my conclusion is accurate? Or should I maybe try to nip this in the bud before it grows out of control and I do some how turn into some sort of aggressive monster? Something about this feeling gives me such a high-like mentality that I do fear it may spiral out of control quickly and I would never want to devolve into some kind of criminal.

If I seek psychological help I will really be condemning myself / admitting that I feel flawed--so I want to be damn sure before I decide on anything. Thoughts?
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Hmmm, I've always scared people being the 135lb 6 foot 3 inch skeleton that I am. Coupled with my long hair and usual dress, people usually go out of their way to not walk near me when I'm out. In high school, the few friends I made all said they thought "you look like you could commit the next columbine shooting" before they knew me. Did it make me feel powerful? No, but I was happy because people left me alone and wouldn't mess with me because of my appearance. That's still the case today. Until people get to know me, they assume I'm off kilter thanks to my appearance. I am off kilter I'm sure, but not in the way they think XD I actually look this way on purpose because I found it keeps those who judge by appearances away, and it's always nice to shock people that I'm pursuing a doctorate and can hold a conversation.

If you're turning into like "ahaha I can go do whatever I want and people FEAR ME!!!!!!" I would say you should be wary of turning into a megalomaniac. If it's like what I described in the above paragraph, I would says you should be fine. Feeling "power" from having other people afraid of you is somewhat natural I would suppose, but it does need to be kept in check or else it can boil over into something a lot more serious.
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I have to laugh because people do this in certain places just because I'm black. If you don't act on that urge then you should be fine. But if you feel it's an issue then talk to a counselor. It doesn't have to mean that you're flawed or anything like that.
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To me this sounds really, really creepy. People can tell when they're being followed and it's not a pleasent feeling. You say it would never escalate into rape but how is the person your following meant to know that?

You should probably cut it out before you get yourself into trouble.
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"Do unto others as you would have them do to you."

It may very well be amusing that with your [sudden growth spurt I guess?], you find yourself able to intimidate the littler people around you. But consider that you may just as easily be intimidated by someone who is bigger than you.

"Summon bigger fish."

So you've discovered that you have a new-found talent--the ability to influence people's emotions. I would suggest putting it to good use by making your large presence a friendly one that is able to calm people and make them feel special--a simple smile would do--but the choice is yours to make. What I'm saying is that instead of marveling simply at the influence you have, reflect instead on what you can do with this ability, and how you can put it to good use.

Seriously though, be nice. Following people simply to make them feel threatened is not nice.
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