Who's patiently waiting for the Dark Knight Rises
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Posted 6/11/12 , edited 6/11/12
So I've seen the Avengers and I consider it a great movie. There's some nice humor and comic relief, especially with the Hulk. However, I've been a crazy Batman fan ever since I was born. I've been reading the comics, watching the cartoons, movies, etc... I mean come on who's not going to love a superhero with no superpowers. And he kicks ass (pardon my language)

So the Dark Knight rises is only 5 or 6 weeks away from release. So how are you guys coping with the wait before the release. I've been re-watching the trailers and TV Spots to keep me hyped up

I'm planning on watching the Amazing Spiderman too.

So what are your thoughts on the Dark Knight Rises

Will it beat the Avengers, Titanic, or even Avatar?!?!?!
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Posted 6/16/12 , edited 6/16/12
I'm patiently waiting for the Dark Knight Rises! I've liked this series better than the previous Batman franchise, except for the first one with Michael Keaton. That one was great and I liked it probably as much as I like the current series. But I love Christian Bale in the role, and the overall grittier style.

I'm coping by drowning my sorrows into oblivion with other movies and shows...because there's never enough time for all of it!
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Posted 6/20/12 , edited 6/20/12
I'm really looking forward to this. Though I don't care for Bane, in Nolan's hands I think this may turn out to be a good choice for the final movie in this trilogy.

As for beating Avengers, it might be close. "The Dark Knight" was extremely successful, but that was partly due to the notoriety gained from Heath Ledger's death; plus he did an amazing job as The Joker. Since this series is a proven commodity, I expect a lot of people will return to see this conclusion. But I really don't know if that will be enough to put it ahead of Avengers.
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Posted 6/20/12 , edited 6/21/12
Nolan's version of Batman is my fave, the other being tim burton's version.
It may give the avengers a run for its money, we'll just have to see.
Posted 6/23/12 , edited 6/24/12
i bet i'd suck arses, same goes to the new spiderman movie -.-
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Posted 7/9/12 , edited 7/9/12
As a Batman fan, I can't wait! I've been looking forward to this new Batman movie for quite some time.

I thought that it was going to be out toward the end of the year, but when I went to see Prometheus on its' first day, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had a July premiere. I've really got to pay more attention to the film industry... ha, well, regardless, can't wait for the Dark Knight Rises!
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Posted 11/29/12 , edited 11/29/12
Locked because OP made a new thread dedicated to Dark Knight itself afterwards
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