Geta (traditional Japanese sandal) in Anime
Posted 6/11/12 , edited 6/11/12
Today I saw an elderly gentleman walking around Mita (area of Minato, Tokyo) in traditional wooden geta sandals.

Some of you may have noticed these in popular series' like 'Samurai Champloo', or the film 'Grave of the Fireflies'.

A geta sandal is a single block of wood with two large wooden 'teeth' that protrude from the bottom and raise the sandal approximately 2 inches or so off the ground.

Traditionally they are worn with kimino or yukata because the increased height prevents the bottom of the expensive garment from getting muddy.

What are your thoughts on geta in anime? Favorite iteration you've come across? Personally I enjoy the sound of geta during matsuri scenes in anime. The sound of wood striking ground is very calming and traditionally Japanese.

I wouldn't mind owning a nice pair of geta.

Posted 6/11/12 , edited 6/11/12
They kinda suck for all practical reasons though. Other than maybe as an improvised weapon. Or a paper weight.
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Don't know if I'd ever own a pair, but has some rubber soled geta. FYI
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OP nuked. Feel free to recreate.

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