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Turks please leave Konstantinoupoli
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Posted 6/12/12 , edited 6/13/12

nanuq wrote:

templej wrote:

Am I the only one who is upset that Turkey still exists?

The Turks have a long history of war crimes and aggressive expansionism. To this day the vile kebab Turk refuses to cede the lands of Constantinople and Ionia to Greece. Turks smell and infest Europe with their Islamic hate crimes. Turks please leave Constantinople go back to Egypt or Germany. The United Nations, NATO, and European Union should team up to destroy the vile Turks so the Greeks can have their gem city back.

If you help us take back Constantinople we will be able to pay back the loans!

Eleftheria i Thanatos!!! FOR GREECE!!!

Sweetheart, I don't think that relying on NATO, UN, and EU is of any good. It's like asking the Devil to do the dirt job for ya. But you see, he might agree, but after he's done what he was supposed to do, he'll come collect your soul. And then there goes your freedom, your life. It will be all in vain. Don't forget that the Germans are ruling the EU. And NATO is being controlled by the warmongering USians. Best would be to develop that power from among yourself instead of relying on warmongering vultures that let people believe that it's all for the good of humanity, collateral damage that is..

The hell are you both talking about? I don't know whats more retarded, the OP or your reply. How is asking NATO, UN or EU like asking the Devil for help? But more importantly, what idiot would think they would "team up" on one of their own members? Germans ruling the EU? The US controlling NATO? Warmongering? Tell me more.
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