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Post your ideas about scenes the characters can roleplay in. Or you can suggest an anime.

Picture (if possible):
Any inhuman inhabitants:
Location (it can be in space, on any planet, etc.):
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Hey, people are going to make their characters different ages, so lets make a Junior High & High School and well and the Seiyo Elementary. Since you're the creator, I'll let you choose the names of the schools.

But besides that.....
Lets make a Beach thread!
Description: Let's go to the beach, each~ Lets go get away~!

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okay that's fine! And you can help me with the names.
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Oops, I mistakened this group for a Shugo Chara group!
How about we make anime referneces and make a Seiyo Elementary (Shugo Chara reference), Raira Academy(Durarara reference), idk about the Junior High name.
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thats fine:)
we'll make a thread just for your chara characters if you are doing shugo chara and the others too
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