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Posted 6/12/12 , edited 6/12/12
Since the poll reached 10 votes, its time to add Fan Forums to the group, i will be making some of the popular series and then i will start making other Forums for those animes whose been asked by some members to be added (PM me to ask to add a Fan Forum of your favorite anime).

Here its a all Naruto forum, give your opinions, ideas, thoughts, anything. Ex. Who should end up with who, who is the best character, etc.
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Naruto is the bomb............and Hinata is made for him,can't wait to see what happens after the war more twists and a little romance hmmm (hint hint).
Posted 9/16/12 , edited 9/16/12
as much as i really support narutoxhinata, its really hard for me to see naruto getting any romantic stuff
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