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Post Reply ☆-Step 4-☆: -Create Your Zanpakuto/Doll/Spirit Weapon/etc..-
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Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/19/12
Character's Name: Stelios Carras
Rank: Espada 4
Zanpakuto's Name: Nemesis
Describe Sealed Form: A regular katana with a spartan sword-like hilt

Release Command for Resurreccion: Outlast.
Describe Resurreccion Form:

His physical looks does not change much, these blades at controlled by the handles held in his hands.

Powers Gained in Resurrecion:

Skill 1: Divine Judgment: Throws one blade up in the air and uses it to conduct lightning which then transfers through his body and out through the other blade, firing a bolt of lighting at his enemy.

Skill 2: Lightning Sanctuary: Using the conductive property of his blades, he draws green lightning to him with his blades swung in a "X" motion. Usable for attack and defense.

Skill 3: Nemesis Charge: Swings his blades into the ground and rips then back up, causing a wave-like lightning attack to go for his enemy.

Release Command for Segunda Etapa: Curse the Infidels Blades of Moros

Describe Segunda Etapa Form:

His physical look changes slightly, blue streak run down his chest, he dons shoulder guards and tribal markings appear on his back.
Powers Gained In Segunda Etapa:

Skill 1: Ruthless: Using his blade, he pulls his enemies closer in order to land a better hit.

Skill 2: Juggernaut: Negates all status reduction and environmental effects.

Skill 3 Frenzy: Follows one swing of one of his blades with another extremely hard to dodge one.

Skill 4: Moro's Rage: Causes a seismic shock, accompanied by lance-like thunder bolts, to travel out from his point of attack. If any of the thunder bolts connect, another 2 vertical thunder bolts, one from above and one below, will strike the opponent.

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"Releasing control art restriction systems, 3. 2. 1. Approval of situation A recognized. Commencing the cromwell invocation. Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent."

Character's Name:
Alucard Ovren

Vizard of Loyalty

Zanpakuto's Name:
鉄乙女の神 Tetsu Otome no Kami (God of Iron Maidens)

Zanpakuto's Sex:

Zanpakuto Type:

Describe the Sealed form:
A 25 inch gladius that sits horizontally at the base of his spine. Mainly resting in a brown leather sheath it has two straps that wrap around the tsuba of the gladius and snaps onto the body of the sheath so the blade does not fall out. The hilt of the blade is a dark blue-green wrapping in a snake skin like material. The tsuba is a weathered bronze as well as the butt of the sword.

Shikai Release Command:
そしてあなたにこの光景の神に感謝します! 鉄乙女の神.

Hado to sofuto to katan sei no ryouhou,
ima mo , migi , rikai suru
soshiteanatanikono koukei no kami ni kanshashi masu! Tetsu Otome no Kami.

(Both hard and soft and malleable.
Understand now well and right,
And thank you God of this sight! God of Iron Maidens.)

Describe the Shikai Form:
A slightly longer blade at 38 inches the handle is around 17 inches while the blade is around 21 inches. Along the thin blade is an almost celtic design. The hilt has two small blades pointing out each side and 2 stretching up the blade ever so slightly. The handle is long and is a solid piece of iron with the butt looking similar to its sealed form.

Powers Gained in Shikai:
The power that the God of Iron Maidens gains is mainly to become malleable and stretch seemingly infinite distances. when it does it resembles an Urumi. A thin metal sword that is used more like a whip.

Seal of Iron
"Why are you hiding? You call yourself a real warrior? You make me sick."

The seal of Iron is an ability that is caused when a target is injured by God of Iron Maidens. When cut or stabbed a symbol will appear over the wound. This allows Alucard to know the exact position of whoever wears this seal at all times, make it nearly impossible to sneak up on him after they have been struck.

"Monster? I like that."

As stated early the main technique of the God of Iron maidens sword is to stretch into a more whip like form. When it does this Alucard has complete control over it able to attack from a distance and up close.

Dance of the Maiden
"Shunpo, Sonido, Run... Do Something!"

Once a target has been marked with the Iron seal God of Iron Maidens becomes substantially more dangerous because of this ability. Using its power to stretch and become malleable, Alucard can stab forward in any direction and the blade will literally search out the seal. The blade will turn in impossible directions to reach the heart of the target. This makes its incredibly difficult to dodge.


Physical Manifestation of Zanpakuto:

Zanpakuto's World:
A vile world filled with death and war. Bodies on pikes fill the horizon as far the eye can see with The god of Iron Maidens resting at the center on his twisted throne.
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Name: Aki Uranasake

Title: Vizard of Benevolence

Zanpukto's name: Otakebi Nami ((Roaring Wave))

Zanpukto's sex: Female

Zanpukto type: Water/melee

Sealed state: It is a simple katana with a blue wrapping around the handle

Command: Sail upon the waves into the tempting seas. Ride the endless cascade

Form: The blade splits into two swords. They look like Kyoraku's zanpukto

Abilities: It allows me to control and create water from the air.


biribiri touza (ripping current): I swing my blade(s) down and send a crescent blast of water at my target. The attack is strong enough to cut objects in half just by pure force alone.

taki yari (waterfall spear): I send 5 spears of water to pierce my target. The spears can fuse into a bigger spear for more power.

uzumaki nankan (whirlpool barrier): creates a barrier of of water that spins around me like a whirlpool.

Bankai: Matsudai Otakebi Nami ((Forever Roaring Wave))

Command: Rebirth from the seas

Bankai Form:

By spinning the weapon around it collects the water in the air and stores it in the blades. This makes the attacks almost instantaneous . It can still control and create water from the water in the air.

Mizu doragon (water dragon): a huge serpent like dragon is creates from water that is sent to crash against my target or devour them. It can also be used as a shield to protect me from attacks.

Se kyanonbo-ru (torrent cannonball): It creates a very large ball of pressurized water that is shot at a very high speed and when it makes contact with it's target, it will explode with tremendous force. It can also create multiple tiny balls of pressurized water, but they are weaker, but faster to prepare.

uzumake sentou (whirlpool spire): While spinning my weapon around, I use the moisture I gathered to create a spire that looks like an inverted whirlpool. The spire then can be used to pierce my target and the force of getting hit by it it is insane, even if blocking it. However, the trade off is that I cannot collect water from the air and cannot create water from the air.

Se shotto (torrent shot): A ball of pressurized water is formed from my blades and when I shoot it, a torrent of water is shot out. The blast of water has enough force to crush many big and heavy objects.


Inner world:

Vasto Lord Form: Looks similar to Ichigo's except that his mask is still a skull covering most of his head with a Mohawk and he has green tufts of hair/fur on his wrists, ankles, and collar bone. His skin turns chalk white and a hollow hole forms on his chest. His jacket flies off and his sleeveless vest zips open to reveal the hollow hole. There are black markings on his chest that look like ripples. His hair also grows out to his waist. The whites in his eyes turn black and his eyes change into a very dark green.

Vasto Lord State: After training with Shin for such a long time, he began to gain more access to his hollow powers along and he tried to master the new found power. He soon gained complete control of this form, but it makes him act much more colder and ruthless, but he is able to maintain his humanity and mind. It enhances him in every single way that makes him a beast to be dealt with. This is his ace in the hole and his last resort when he has to fight against a strong enemy.


Diablo Cero (devil zero): A cero that is either charged by my hand, spikes, or sword. It has a dark green color with black rings surrounding it. The attack has such a high amount of power that anything around it, even if it is not touching it, crumbles from the attack. When it is shot, the rings expand and follow the beam. If you are hit by the move, you would be severely damaged if not dead as the explosion looks like one of Ulquiorra's lances when they explode. This is his strongest attack.

Heaven Tearing Wing: It is a regular downward slash, but it has so much power behind it that it sends a shock wave that can break a bone or knock the wind out of someone even if they aren't hit by it.

Black Crescent Moon Cero: It is a stronger version of Crescent Moon Cero. It has more range, speed, and power. It can tear down massive physical constructs if used at full power.

Afterimages: His Hoho has increased to such a level that he can make after images of himself.
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Okay for deletion.
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--Arrancar Zanpakuto Application Form--
Character's Name: Billy Ereki
Rank: Espada #3
Zanpakuto's Name: El Mariatchi Del Oscuridad(The Mariatchi of Darkness)
Describe Sealed Form: In its unreleased state his Zanpakuto takes the form of a red electric guitar with the name Jenny painted on the side, this guitar was originally Billy's from when he was alive and came with him when he became a ghost being converted into spirit particles when he first entered Hueco Mundo, making it a part of him. When he became an Arrancar he sealed his power inside it making it his zanpakuto. While in its unreleased state the Guitar can send out shockwaves of sound capable of knocking targets back a few feet.

Release Command for Resurreccion: "Play Them Away"
Describe Resurreccion Form: Billy himself doesn't change much other than his white outfit turning red, the real change is in his guitar. While in this form the shockwaves it releases are more powerful.
Released Form Guitar

Powers Gained in Resurrecion:
1.Song of Summons:Rock of the Groupies: When he plays a certain song on his guitar he summons Harpy girls with feathered wing-like arms, Along with large wings on their backs,bird-like legs and green eyes. They are some of Billy's fans and fawn over him, though they could fight for him Billy normally just has them watch. When they do fight they either use weapons they already have, their talons, or they let out sonic screams that can make a crack in concrete. In terms of strength all the harpies are about as strong as a 6th seat shinigami.
2.Song of Protection-Billy uses his guitar to produce sound waves in order to create a defensive barrier around himself, this barrier can be strong enough to deflect large objects or bullets. He can also use this song to defend against other sound based attacks by releasing his own sound waves on the opposite frequency of the opposing sound to cancel it out. Think somthing similar to the Harpists blocking in Kung Fu Hustle.
3.Symphony For the Devil:One of Billy's most lethal techniques. The technique is initiated when Billy gathers and focuses his reiatsu into the powerful sound-generating apparatus located in his hands(Guitar) visibly and dramatically distorting the air around it with sound and energy. he can also preform this technique with his mouth. The discharged attack is so powerful that it effortlessly cleaves through the ground and any other physical obstruction, along with violently superheating the air in its path and blowing through even thick stone or metal walls.
red]--TOP 4 ESPADA ONLY (remove from spoiler if applying)--
Release Command for Segunda Etapa: "Flying through the eternal Night of Hueco Mundo I am the "Devorador del Muerte"("Devourer of Death")
Describe Segunda Etapa Form: Unlike most Arrancar Billy has sealed the bulk of his true form inside his Segunda Etapa:"Devorador del Muerte"("Devourer of Death"). The name is reference to his true form a Large Humanoid Condor a bird which literally eats death. When he enters this form he is suddenly draped in a deep blood red & black mantle looking similar to a bird on him, then shortly after the mantle bursts out turning into multiple feathers and Billy is in his true form. He gains a red body suit with armor on his arms and legs which end in claws, also Large metalic wings(can cover his whole body) that bend in three sections. Billy's wings are quite strange, he is able to move and rotate them in a manner similar to how a person can move their arms, he can also harden his feathers shooting them out like daggers or using the wings themselves as swords. Another strange feature of the armor and wings is the black circles and lines in a few places they allow Billy to release soundwaves from his body. Due to being able to release these soundwaves he can move at the speed of sound.
Powers Gained In Segunda Etapa:
1.Sound Shock-The attack itself relies upon the principle of utilizing sound waves throughout the immediate vicinity, albeit taken to such extremes that these waves actually solidify into various individual and compacted musical notes.The compression that this sound undergoes during this process is such that, when the notes begin to collapse, the resulting sound pressure is enough to produce significant shock waves, which contain sufficient concussive force that they can even damage concrete.
2.Sonic Wave- By directing his soundwaves and reiatsu at one point, he makes a visible red wave which can cut a target, this wave vibrates making it's cutting power is like an electric saw. Also when this technique hits stone even Sekiseki stone(A stone used in the Soul Society which absorbs spiritual presure) the vibrations reduces it to sand.
*Sonic Cannon- By utilzing the same methods of his "Sonic Wave" on a bigger scale by using his wings and hands to gather the energy. Once gathered he compresses it and then fires the energy similar to a Cero.
3.The Ultimate Spear:Beautiful Dead: Billy flies at the target or high into the air above them.He then covers himself with his wings and Reiatsu forming a large pointed cylinder of dense reiatsu. This cylinder vibrates at super high speed, so when he comes down on the target it can pulverize them or greatly damaging them. It can easily peirce most Barriers and Sheilds.
4.The Ultimate Sheild:Crimson Casket:Billy covers himself with his wings and reiatsu forming a perfect cube of dense reiatsu. The cube vibrates at super high speeds in a similar manner to a quincy's "Seele Scheinder" but instead breaking apart reiatsu atks that touch it reducing the damage they can do, though the damage is reduced Billy is still pushed back. It also makes it hard for physical atks to make real contact.
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"My arrows of justice pierce the soul.My bow pride protects the helpless"

Character's Name:
Rinx Katin


Spirit Weapons Name:
Rachsüchtig Gerechtigkeit(Vengeful Justice)

Spirit Weapon Description:

When the bow is formed it looks like an ancient bow with blue wrappings around it.there are diamond shapes in the wood about a inch or two away from the blue wrappings in the middle of the bow.In the diamonds there are blue sapphires gems, and there are spikes on both sides.To fire arrows he creates a string of reishi and the sapphires glow bright and a circle appears in front of the bow and numerous arrows fly out.

Spirit Weapon Type:

Heilig Pfeil (Holy Arrow) Type:
Rapid Fire

Special Techniques:-limit 4-
"Just try and run away"
Homing-Pfeil: By locking on to a person reiatsu the arrows will follow the person everywhere until the hit them or a physical or kido type object.

"Don't try my justice"
großes Rauschen(Great Blast):By charging up reishi he has collected in the circle he fires off so many arrows it looks like a blast.

"Don't get wrapped up"
angekettet Angriff(Chained attack):I fire arrows that have stings that look like chains attached to each one of them that if the arrows hits they will wrap around the enemy.

"Can you block this"
Maulwurf Pfeil(Mole arrow):I lock onto my enemies reiatsu and i fire my arrows into the ground my arrows travel under ground and pop up and attack my enemies from under them

Vollstandig Name:
Winkel der Gerechtigkeit(Angle of justice)

Vollstandig Description:
I get dark robes with some angelic runes on the shoulder and a dark hood that covers me face.i have a claymore which i can wield in one hand.My bow is now hiding inside of the robe that i summon my reaching inside the left sleeve of the robe.

Vollstandig Abilities:Limit 4
"My arrows are my only protection"
Pfeil Wand(Arrow Wall):I charge reishi and spin rapidly around while holding the bow string creating streaks of reishi when i release the string arrows fly off in every direction blocking physical and kido type up to level 55 attacks from the streaks i create.

"You can't stop my pride"
Stolz Schrägstrich(Pride Slash):I charge reishi on my blade and slash at the enemy.The slashes create arcs of reishi to attack the enemies that are extremely sharp.

"My pride's quite bright isn't it"
König helle Blitz(Bright king flash):I charge reishi onto my bow itself for 2 post and charge it until it glows i then pull back the string and i fire arrows off a bright flash of light blinding my opponents temporarily for their next post.

"My justice will rain"
Sturm der Gerechtigkeit(storm of justice):I gather reishi into my claymore and then use my bow to fire it into the air and it disappears.After a few seconds claymores start raining from the sky covered by reishi to increase the power of the cutting power.this attack effects a large area(25 meters) though the claymores can not hit me.This is my strongest attack and very hard to dodge and block
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Character's Name: Shinji Kyoraku

Rank: 8th Squad Captain

Zanpakuto's Name: Jieichou

Zanpakuto's Sex: Male

Zanpakuto Type: Melee

Describe the Sealed form: Sealed for of my sword is just a standard wakizashi.

Shikai Release Command: Mamorinuku (To Protect till the End)

Describe the Shikai Form: Well simply put Shinji takes his sword and says it's release and placese the sword on his forearm. Part of the blade transforms itself into a gantlet on Shinji's arm and Shinji is able to rip the rest of the sword from the Gantlet giving him his sword. It's form is a Double edged Bustard Sword and Shield Combination.

Powers Gained in Shikai: In Shikai form I am able to increase the length of my sword and sharpness of it and enhancing the detractive power of it by reducing the size of my shelled…..I'm also able to increase the size of the shield and its density to be able to take a heavy hit by reducing the size of the sword.

Kedakai Zenesuto (Sublime Strike) Shinji strikes twice with his sword, By doing so it creating a cross shaped spiritual Pressure attack.

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28 / M / Just a kamen ride...
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28 / M / Just a kamen ride...
Posted 6/19/12 , edited 6/19/12

ok on a forserials note, i have a problem with the first bankai form, you have 2 techniques that basically allow you to do a full fight then just regenerate basically like its nothing.

Shunko i think it needs to last less time if you are able to go into your other bankai form afterwards or if you want to keep the 20 posts then you revert to a sealed form and cant fight anymore.

And a touch of ice, idk its one of those that can be abused very easily so i will be watching it very closely... when you say it can recharge his spiritual power are we talking enough to get off 1 or 2 more attacks or basically when he entered bankai?
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Posted 6/19/12 , edited 6/19/12

Well, the shunko was including an opponents posts, so 10 for haruto and 10 for the opponent. if you prefer i can cut it down to ten posts, 5 for haruto and 5 for the opponent.

With the recharge of spiritual power this is including the fact he is in mid battle. even just without being in a fight he would only be able to recharge a maximum of half his power. when you include damage and general attacks, most of the time hes only going to be able to recharge for an attack or two. Thats why it forces Kazuki to leave the fight.

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28 / M / Just a kamen ride...
Posted 6/19/12 , edited 6/19/12

OK I like that, can you just make that a little clearer in your application
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Posted 6/19/12 , edited 6/19/12

Sure thing, ill change that immediately.
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Posted 6/19/12 , edited 6/19/12

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28 / M / Just a kamen ride...
Posted 6/19/12 , edited 6/19/12

myteogre wrote:

ok thats much better approved
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Pictures Later, I'll edit later...

Jonathan DeLoom
Rank: Vizored of Honesty 
Zanpakuto's Name: Tsuin ro-tasu 
Zanpakuto's Sex: Male and Female  
Zanpakuto Type: Melee and Kido and Cero Reversal, Kido and Cero Cancelation 
Describe the Sealed form: Constant Release 
Shikai Release Command: Constant Release 

Describe the Shikai Form: Being in constant release, two rapiers are at my right hip. When I unsheathe them. They glow just slightly once they're drawn.  
Powers Gained in Shikai: 
1st- the hado must be at or below 63, Raikoho,when a Hadō or a Cero comes at me, I can point a rapier at it, as the attack is funnel into that rapier. I can then either, release the attack back at it. It cannot become stronger then what it was at, when it was fired. 
2nd- I twist my wrist, as the tip of the blade glows. If an attack hits it, it absorbs it and dissipates the attack. Protects up to Soren Sokatsui, everything higher, can penetrate it, but weakens it.
3rd- I can cover my blades in reiatsu, this can create a blade, that increases the cutting distance. /purple]
Bankai Release Command: Absorb and Destroy,  
Describe the Bankai Form: No one knows about it
Powers Gained in Bankai: No one knows about it

Physical Manifestation of Zanpakuto: A man wearing a black cloak, that has a symbol on the back meaning absorb. And his twin, who wears a cloak that says Destroy. The hollow hole for the man is on the right hand, while his sister's is on the left. 
Zanpakuto's World:
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Violette Chevalier (Violet Knight)

Claire De Luca's Zanpakutou

Zanpakuto's Gender


Zanpakuto Type



Shikai Release Command

Riposte, Violette Chevalier!

Powers Gained in Shikai

- Speed and agility greatly increased.

- Blade moves 10 times as fast as normal. Blade maneuvers and attacks are just a blur to the naked eye.

- For each blow received physically, she can parry it and immediately strike back. Riposte.

- Her Sonido and Shunpo are twice as effective

- Lunge will cause her to surge forward with the blade tip pointed directly at the opponent. Upon impact, there will be a burst of reiryoku in the impact area. This ability is about as powerful as a Hado 63 Raikoho.


Bankai Release Command

"Au sommet de ces monts coronnés de bois sombres,
Le crépuscule encor jette un dernier rayon ;
Et le char vaporeux de la reine des ombres
Monte, et blanchit déjà les bords de l’horizon.

Powers gained in Bankai

Her armor forms around her. All the power in the Bankai is condensed in this new look, very similar to the concept of Ichigo's Bankai. She is the Ultimate Duelist.

The Ultimate Duelist- Her speed and agility is unparalleled. Due to this, she is able to avoid many attacks by being so nimble.

Omnislash- She fades in and out of the world of reality. Each time she fades in she strikes a blow with her rapier and immediately fades out so you only see glimpses of her appearing and disappearing. This enables her to strike continuously without taking any hits. Lasts 10 seconds.

Final Riposte- This grants her the ability to parry an attack and retaliate immediately, making the counter attack twice as powerful as the original attack. Be careful on what moves you use on her, she will return it twice-fold. She cannot Final Riposte kidou abilities, but is able to use it on zanpakutou based attacks.

Bladestorm- 6 Phantom blades appear around her. They fight as if each of them has a skilled wielder.

Reflecting Slash- She slashes away a Kidou ability sent at her. Will be less effective on Kidou over level 85.

Physical Manifestation

Zanpakutou World

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