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Posted 6/12/12 , edited 6/12/12
Thinking of making a RolePlay group. Please fill out the form. You CANNOT use the characters from the actual anime. Kings Chair - Not taken
Queens Chair - Not taken
Jacks Chair - Not taken
Aces Chair - Not taken
Jokers Chair - Alanabelle (alanajunjoux3)

Name -
Age -
Gender -
Appearance(Picture) -
Shugo Chara(s) *picture(s)* -
Transformation(Picture(s)) -
Your Story(About yourself) -

Alanabelle's character ;
Name- Alanabelle Junjou
Age - 15
Gender - Female

Shugo Chara(s) -


Transformation -

Your Story -
Well,you could say I'm a normal 15 year old. I'm a neko and wolf. I have a dream my parents didn't want me to do since I was only 13 because they got divorced. They were too depressed and sad to help me follow my dreams. I couldn't go outside to see the sunlight. My "friends" ask me what am I? They called me a monster. They called me mean and scary. I wasn't mean or scary at all. My sisters would back me up but they would get hurt. So would Melissa and Kyla. They would get hurt because of me. I was the one in charge of all the pain I caused for my family and friends. I ran away and cut my wrist. When I came back home,my was never like this. I looked at the smashed picture frames and went upstairs to investigate. I went to my mother and father's room and saw... I saw dad,mom. Dead. They probably were talking until...they killed them. (Keeping it short )
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