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Posted 6/12/12 , edited 6/19/12
The New Gotei 13: The Return - RULES & GUIDELINES
Created on 6/12/2012
UPDATED on 6/18/2012

"As I taught you before, there is no mercy for he who obstructs justice." - Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Basic Rules

No God-Modding of any sort. Do this repeatedly and you will be removed from the group. If you catch anyone doing this, ask them to stop. If they continue, report them to either myself or any of the Group Moderators.

Be courteous and respectful to others. Not everyone is on the same level of role-playing skill. Help out those people when needed.

No alternate, separate, or secret accounts. Keep it simple guys.

You are allowed to have as MANY characters you think you can handle. Just be sure to use them all. The same character is not allowed to be in more the one place at the same time. The only exception is if that character is participating in a Event, or an Arc.

This is a QUOTE group, please quote who you're talking to. And when you do, put the quoted info in a spoiler or delete it. We don't want to take up space with just over-quoted information.

In RP battles, the way we measure time is as such: One (1) of YOUR thread post is considered ONE (1) MINUTE. For example, if an ability takes 5 minutes to cast, then you will have to post 5 times after stating your character is casting it in your first post, meaning your first post doesn't count. Oh and no....posting multiple times in a row during a battle will not count. It's: Your post, then your opponents, your post, then your opponents, and so on and so on.

NEW!! Once your Character is Approve You may start Posting/Role Playing. You can NOT get into any battles until your Your Zanpakuto/Fullbring/Spirit Weapon/etc.. is Approved.

Most importantly HAVE FUN!

Rp Guild lines

Romance - Violence

If you plan for your character to have a crush on another character, it would probably be a good idea to talk to the owner/creator to make sure that this is okay, just to be on the safe side. We really don't care if a character is straight, gay, or bisexual. Romance is GREATLY encouraged, It creates Drama and Plots. BUT as soon as the clothes start coming off, or hands start wandering in places we would really prefer not to read about, please censor yourselves, and do a timeskip to after the "Nasty" is done. Same for violence; This is a Bleach Based Rp so there is a TON of Fighting, Violence and some Gore. So it is ok to be graphic but lets get to the that point where is getting retarded.


Cursing is A OK. I mean cursing is a good way of portraying angry emotions your character are having. And it does happened within the Manga and Anime of Bleach. Tho, We don't want see every other word in every one of your posts is "fuck." There are just some words you don't use, no matter what the situation is. If you're unsure if a certain word can be used or not, just ask me, the Creator, or a Mod, and We tell you if it's acceptable or not.


Be courteous to your fellow roleplayers. If you get upset with another person, try to sort it out in a mature manner. If you can't resolve things peacefully, then come to me, and we'll try to work things out together. Do not just cry, whine, complain, insult or threaten people, and then leave. I have seen this, and I do not want it to happen in my RP.

Also don't ignore posts. Do your best to read over everything, even if it takes a while. Don't worry, we're patient people, we can wait. This isn't a race. Don't skip people without asking them whether or not it's all right first. We don't want to leave anyone behind just because you got impatient, and decided it wouldn't hurt to continue on without that person. However, if someone doesn't post for an unusually long time, and you've been waiting on them this whole time, come to me about it, and we'll figure out what the story is.

If you're dissatisfied or get bored with this RP, or suddenly gotten busy, and you want out, please PLEASE notify me, the creator, or a Mod. Post it on the wall do SOMETHING. I can't stress this enough. It makes things run much more smoothly, instead of waiting and wondering for two months for a no-show, We won't take offense to your leaving. I'm pretty sure we all been there, We understand. So with that said if you do play "Ghost" and your playing "Ghost" for a while (for like a month) and you have NOT said a thing then We will assume you left and kill off your character in cold blood.


Just as in the Basic rules. You may have as many Character you think you can handle but please realize YOU MUST use them all. I honestly recommend like 5 or 6 but you may have how many you wish. They are many different races in the Bleach Universe. Down below is a list of each Race in the Bleach Universe

  • Human/High-Spec Humans
  • Shinigami
  • Visored
  • Arrancar
  • Quincy
  • Bount
  • Fullbring
  • Togabito

As you can see there are quite a lot of Races to pick from. Each Race is explained in more depth in the Bleach Powers & Technique Thread. PLEASE refine from making GODLY or unbeatable characters please!. I understand everyone wants to be powerful but use some sense. Remember Ichigo was not always the most powerful in Bleach.

Once you have made your character. Let a Mod know so you can get approved and start on your 2nd Step.

Note:I or a Mod has the right to add or change any rules. There may be more rules add later so keep an eye on this thread. It all depends on how active this place is.

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