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Posted 6/17/12 , edited 6/23/12
Miguel Lorenzo
"They woke me up for some lame ass punk? What a pain in the ass."

Miguel Lorenzo has lime green hair that is short at the back but gradually gets longer as it comes to the front; sometimes it covers up his eyes. He has matching light green eyes and brows. He wears a almost standard Arrancar uniform much to his dismay, but his jacket is modified to be sleeveless, exposing his bare, toned arms. His belt is slightly larger than the usual Arrancar belt. His pants have been modified to have pockets so he can place his hands in. Miguel's shoes are the standard Arrancar shoes. His "accessories" on his ear and tongue are actually part of him. On his ears are a line of piercings but are actually his mask fragments. They cusp both of his ears with what seem to be miniature spinal disks that link with small bits of cartilage, trail down a few inches from the earlobe, and end in black pearls just a bit larger than marbles. The tongue piercing resemble a black pearl-like bead but this is actually his zanpakuto because they contain his Hollow powers. His number is located on the left side of his chest and his hollow hole it where his bellybutton should be.





Hair Color
Lime Green

Eye Color
Light Green

Spiritual Pressure Color
Neon Green


Miguel is full of sarcasm and laziness. He spends his free time is spent on sleeping, complaining, or woefully battling enemies of Las Noches just so he can get back to bed. He has a bad mouth and he's not above insulting superiors with it. Despite this seemingly uncaring attitude, every Arrancar below his rank knows not to mess with him or else, that apathetic attitude becomes something to be feared and not messed with. Should that happen, however rare the event may be, very few stand a chance of coming out unharmed. During battle, Miguel sticks to his roots of personality, sarcastic, uncaring, and cockiness. He doesn't fight with his zanpakuto, more like he can't because its in his mouth as a tongue piercing, so he fights with his body. He remains entirely uncaring until his life becomes threatened, where he would activate his Resurreccion so the battle doesn't become too much of a bother. When dealing with others of his kind, Miguel displays a completely nonchalant view of the Espada ranking. He communicates with sarcasm and lazy wit which can often gets on others' nerves; Miguel simply doesn't care if it does.

Background History
Miguel's aspect of death is apathy. The earliest that Miguel can remember of his past is him in the Hueco Mundo desert while in Vasto Lorde form sleeping in his hideout; but it didn't really pinpoint exactly when that is because he always does as any chance he gets. Everything before then is a complete blank to him. He doesn't even recall his Adjuchas form. But does he care, no he doesn't.
One day while he was taking one of his routine naps, a swarm of Adjuchas-level and few other Vasto Lorde hollows who decided that they wanted to become Vasto Lorde. They targeted Miguel for several reason: consuming him would help them evolve, and the fact they simply didn't like his apathetic, sarcastic attitude. It was a poor choice, Miguel should not be interrupted in his sleep. He woke up and fought them, taking every single one of them, one by one by himself, and then later consumed each of them to increase his power. He became well-known throughout Hueco Mundo for his constant ambushes and power increases. All these random attacks honed his skills in fighting off enemies in great numbers with little effort. However, during an ambush, his mask was damaged in the process. It annoyed him to the extent of just removing it from his face. This caused him to evolve from Vasto Lorde to Arrancar. Miguels power skyrockets upon this transformation and it struck intense fear in the "hearts" of other hollows. No one messed with him anymore and the rest was history. Now that he's an Arrancar, he's became even more powerful than before, maybe even stronger than the original Espadas.

Unique Techniques

Because Miguel doesn't actually have a blade, he is unimpressive with Zanjutsu. He makes up for it with his master Hakuda skills so he commonly resorts to fist fighting in order to survive. His style is very close to the kicks seen in Tae Kwan Do. He relies on his blinding speed to avoid attacks in favor of blocking them with an open arm. His Pesquisa is the level one might expect from someone of his rank but actually he levels it down from his true level so he doesn't attract attention while he sleeps. His true spiritual pressure would most likely crush hollows in the presence of it.

Caz Cero (Zero Grip)
AKA Cero Point Blank. This is Miguel's own utilization of Cero. Miguel would rush at the target(s) and grab onto to them with a vice grip. Once he has them in his hold, he would fire a green-coloured Cero from that hand to hit them point blank for massive damage. It can be used with one or two hands.

Cero Doble (Double Zero)

A variation of Cero, that works by swallowing an opponent's Cero and returning it back to the user along with their own Cero, making it more powerful. Miguel only uses this when an Arrancar dares to fight back at him.

Cero Oscuras (Dark Zero)

Is a black Cero used by Miguel only in his Resurreccion form. The Cero Oscuras' range is vast, and its attack power is massive. It is powerful enough to shatter Ichigo Kurosaki's entire Hollow mask and critically injure him in the process. It is strong enough to destroy half of the dome over Las Noches. The superior Cero Oscuras is far greater than an average Cero.

Immense Monstruous Strength
Despite his weaker-looking physical stature, Miguel contains strength beyond most people and even some Arracar can imagine. Since he mainly fights in CQC and with master Hakuda skills, this makes him extremely deadly and dangerous in the prospect of battle. His lazy attitude and personality is the reason why he hasn't gone around breaking things because doesn't want to use so much strength for something insignificant therefore he only uses a fraction.

Sonido Acelerado (Accelerated Sound)
Miguel is a master of Sonido but because he is moves so much faster than the regular sonido, he created the Sonido Acelerado. It is an incredibly faster version of Sonido, Sonido on an entirely different level. Miguel would move fast that not even some Arrancar with the keenest vision can see his movement. Miguel can move so quickly that, should he put enough effort into it, air and dirt can ignite behind him as he moves. This version of Sonido adds to Hakuda skills for an added "punch". It cannot be matched or mimicked by anyone, his speed is unrivalled by no other in Las Noches and Hueco Mundo. He is the fastest out of all the Espada.
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Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
Character's Name: Haruto Gambai Miginora
Race: (Shinigami)
Age: He looks to be in his mid twenties. In soul society years he is approximately 800, in human years, 23
Division: 11
Rank: Captain
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 150
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Green
Spiritual Pressure Color: Green
Personality:  He is very slow to anger, unless someone knows what buttons to push on him. Fiercely loyal, he considers his friends worth dying for, and worth killing for if the situation is deemed necessary. He is logical in everything he does, and is often surprised by other peoples illogical actions and thought processes. He has a strange dislike of people who are informal or rude, especially when dealing with rank or royalty. If someone angers him and he has done a mental calculation judging himself against them, if he has come to the realization he could win or would win, he will attack if provoked enough. When he is alone with his friends he is often loud and boisterous, having a secret fear that if he isn't, no one will like him or stay his friend.

Background History: As a human, Haruto grew up in a poor section of Karakura Town. Often comparable to the worst sections of Rukongai, he spent much of his youth fighting over scrap pieces of food and clean water. His father died just after he was born, and his mother died a few years after giving birth to Haruto, unable to support both herself and him. Now an orphan, he took care of himself, fighting the other children of the streets for anything unwanted. He lived this way until he was about 16, when an old man witnessed Haruto kill another orphan without realizing he had taken the boys life. Seeing him kill the other boy without even noticing his death, the old man took Haruto under his wing, along with a young man named Strife. The old man would make Strife and Haruto fight each other using hand to hand combat. The prize he offered nightly would be a three course meal for the winner while the loser only got enough food to regain his strength and stamina for the next nights fight. Haruto proved to be better than Strife, though that was no indication of skill. The old man never gave them any real advice in technique, often letting them work it out for themselves. After several years, the old man warned both Strife and Haruto that he would be moving soon, and only bringing one of them with him. He promised that whichever one it was, they would never be hungry again, never go without a necessity of life, living like a king till they died. To all intensive purposes, it appeared that Haruto would be the one chosen, hardly ever losing against Strife as the days drifted toward the moving day. On the night before the move, Strife and Haruto went down to the river. Over the years they had formed a strange bond of rivalry and bitter friendship. Unfortunately Strife resented Haruto for his winnings, as well as his almost guaranteed spot with the old man. Using a knife he had made from discarded debris, Strife stabbed Haruto until he was dead, dumping his body in the river. Luckily a shinigami was nearby and he passed Haruto on to Rukongai, into the 21st section of the Northern area.

Haruto awoke in Rukongai, learning quickly that he had died, and subsequently found himself here, where he began a life much like his life in the world of the living, the only difference being his ability to improve his life here. As time seems slowed down in the Soul Society, so Haruto spent the next 750 years working hard, making a home for himself and attaining a job as a local cook. He was able to use his past life's experiences to be an accurate judge of flavor in foods. He grew bored with his life as a chef though, and cast his eyes to Seireitei, eventually gaining enough money to pay for admission into the Shinō Academy.

He passed the academy tests barely squeaking by in kidō, and standard scores in all other areas. His idol is Yoruichi Shuhōin, so he trains vigorously in both Hakuda and Hohō. He was accepted as the Captain of the eleventh division through standard testing and advancement.

Physical Description: He keeps his hair in the same fashion as ex-captain Aizen, parted in the middle and slightly raised. Though he has facial hair, and he is usually kinda scruffy, he will never be caught with any hair growing on his upper lip; he hates mustaches. He wears glasses, though his eyesight isn't really that bad, they are more for style than use. Other than the front of his hair, the rest is shaggy as well, so he keeps it a little tidier with the use of a hairband; making a short ponytail. 
The clothes he usually wears match his disinterest in fashion, consisting of anything and everything.
Unique Techniques: Harutos zanpakutos manifest themselves in the form of two wolves, one black, and one white. He has achieved a few techniques that show this animal side of him.

Double Shunpo: If both of his hands are empty he can vibrate them as if they were his feet, increasing his speed. He cannot perform this technique if either of his hands are incapacitated, or if he is holding either of his zanpakutos.

Whirling Fang: During his double Shunpo mode, he can charge up his arms or legs with reiatsu and spin, deflecting some types of projectile attacks. When holding his zanpakutos in his mouth he turns this into an attack, becoming a whirling tornado of blades.

Utsusemi: It allows for a movement at great speed leaving an afterimage behind. The afterimage may even appear to have taken damage. This is not an offense ability.

Raiōken: A hakuda technique involving a series of ultra-high-speed punches delivered using both arms.

Kazaguruma: A technique where one throws their body up into the air, making a shearing movement with the legs to get one leg in front of the other without holding on to the ground. The move can either be done backwards or sideways. When the move is done with one leg high over the head to deliver a devastating kick to an opponent sending them flying away with tremendous force.
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Character's Name: Girase Kinsane (Nickname: Jagger-Wulf)
"You do not wish to fight? Then you shall never know what it is to truly live. The aspect of destruction is what makes me feel alive!"
Race: Arrancar
Number: original 23, now: Espada #6, Aspect of Destruction.
Rank: Espada
Hole placement: right at heart, Number placement: right under my hole.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair Color: Ice Blue
Eye Color: Shining Green
Spiritual Pressure Color: Blood red with silver and gold flowing through it.
Personality: laid back, likes to fight, hates sitting down and talking, actions speak louder than words. loves to have fun, wants to get stronger, and stronger
Background History: was a human waiting for his friend, was killed by a thug for his money, watched the guy searching his dead pockets, and became so furious that he transformed into a hollow right there by forming his mask and not the rest of his body and killed and ate the man who killed him, continued from there, and the more he ate the more his hollow body formed, until he elevated to menos, the to adhuchas, was made an arrancar in between adhuchas and vasto lordes, but still gained power, does not know whether or not he is at vasto lordes or not, but assumes it because he shrank to his current height and is now very powerful, and could be as low as 4, but wants six.
Physical Description: thin build, tall, lanky, strong, but doesn't look it, has part of his hollow mask on his left eyebrow and above the left eye and left part of the forehead

Unique Techniques:
#1: Flecha Cero(Arrow cero, or arrow zero), Forms a cero into an arrow and throws it, and can make them quick with less power, stronger than bala, faster than cero
#2: cero Corte, (Cero Blade) Forms a cero into a sword to fight with, so I can fight dual weapons.
#3: Hierro, modo mejorado(Iron Skin, mode enhanced) enhances my normal hierro to close to Noitora.
#4: Diablo Bala (Demon Bullet), enhances the bala, and gives it more power, but same speed.
#5: Cero Artillero(Cero Cannon) fires a huge cero blast, 10-20 X the strength but drains more energy.
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Name: Houmari Torada(Nickname: Squad 13's Fireball.)
"Fate in my left hand, Destiny in my right, I have the power to control where the dice will fall, where the wheel will stop, and I shall decide where you die! I cannot lose!"
Race: Shinigami
Age: 400 looks 30
Division: 13, Lieutenant
Hair: Iridescent green
Eyes: Iridescent yellow
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight/build: thin, and lanky, but muscular, about 165 lbs.
Reiatsu color: Dark green with golden and silver stripes flowing throughout, but randomly
Personality: Fun loving, caring, slightly lazy, prankster, has a deep respect for nature, and animals. Likes snakes, and science, but battle more. He is very headstrong, and likes to boast, but can usually tell when it is not the right time and place. Likes a challenge, is never afraid to step up, and take charge.
History: I was a semi-noble when I was growing up, I was happy, and lived in comfort, on the outskirts of the soul society in my families mansion, with my parents and my elder brother and younger sister, when one day a hollow attacked us on a picnic, where it slaughtered my family, all except me and my sister, who was laid into a coma after she took a blow for me, and from the shock. After the hollow struck my sister down I exploded and attacked it hitting it with my fists until I cracked the mask and it fled into the recesses of hueco mundo. For a long time all I could do was sit next to my sister in the hospital and wait for her to wake, she never did, and still hasn’t, but I eventually went back to my home and stayed there sulking in my misery, until one day a man with long silver hair came to visit me, because he had to take down the report of what had happened. He was kind and delicate, and cheered me up a bit and told me that I should do something with my life,and when I asked him what he did, he told me he was a member of the 13 court guard squads, I thanked him and he left. I eventually decided that instead of sulking I should go and do something, so I went into town and signed up for the academy, there was no record of my family’s history as Shinigami, so they needed to test me, to my surprise, and their’s I proved to have a great deal of spiritual pressure and great aptitude with the sword and good skills with hakuda, but very little for kido. I joined the academy and passed with flying colors in everything, except for kido. I joined as a squad-less, and unranked soldier, until, one day, I found the silver haired man, I later found his name was Juoshiro Ukitake, captain of squad 13. I thanked him for his kind words and assurances, and he asked me if I wanted to join his squad, I told him that it would be an honor, but I was not sure, if I wanted to serve in any particular squad yet, so I told him I would think about it, he told me that that was okay, and he would hold a place for me, and I thanked him. I later joined squad 13 and rose to the level of lieutenant.. I still visit my sister at least once a week, and I am still looking for a way to review her. He considers Girase Kinsane to be his mortal enemy
Physical description: lanky, muscular, fit, thin

Unique Techniques:
#1: Kaizo Kido
Kurorai-(Black Lightning)
Chant: Unknown
Effect: Shoots a black lightning bolt at the target
#2: Kaizo Kido
Jigokurai-(Hell Lightning)
Chant: Unknown
Effect: Shoots a black lightning bolt that is covered in red, with a gold center
#3: Hado Loricatus: allows me to enchant my fists with low to medium level hado spells
#4: Kotsudo(Way of the fist) # 1 Hagane Sukin(steel Skin)
Chant: Protect
Effect: covers the skin in a protective layer of steel that can be maintained in a battle for a fair amount of time but consumes a fair amount of reiatsu in turn.
#5: reiatsu separation/merge; having two Zanpakutou he can separate the reiatsu to more effectively use it in combat, and use the techniques more effectively and more versatility, and he can also fuse them to make himself stronger for a short while, using both in perfectly synchronize it to make it stronger.
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/22/12
Aki Uranasake
"I don't want to fight. You'll just die."
I cannot stress this enough, this is the closest I could get with his facial appearance. Please use the description I typed up instead of this picture.

Aki has shoulder length purple hair with a parted bang that covers his left eye. He has grey eyes that always seem to be cold as ice. He usually has a cold expression on his face. He wears a black jacket with tuffs of white fur at the collar and at his cuffs. The jacket is always open, revealing a white, sleeveless turtle neck with a zipper that is always zipped up. He wears jeans with a chain hanging around his pocket, which is actually a locket that used to belong to a beloved one. The jeans are wore down and loose, but not so loose that it is showing his butt. Just loose and easy to move in. He also wears black and red running shoes. His arms are covered with tattoos, though they look like music notes on a music sheet.



Appears to be in her early 20s

Vizard of Benevolence

Height: 6'5

Weight:179 lbs

Hair Color: purple

Eye Color: silver

Spiritual Pressure Color: A dark green so dark that it is almost black

Preferred fighting style: Kido and zanjutsu. This is to a mastery level. His shunpo is at expert level, fast enough to keep up with others. His hakudo is so bad that he nearly failed the academy because of it.

Despite his cold expression, he is a very warm and a big hearted guy. He hates fighting to the death because there is always loss on both sides of the battle field. When he enters a death battle, he becomes cold and brutal to the point he seems much more brutal. He hates the feeling "love" and I mean the romantic sense of it because his fiance was killed by the Soul Society. He doesn't hold a grudge against them anymore because it was the previous generation and you can't blame the new guys. He likes to fight for sport though because it's fun when there isn't a life and death situation.


He used to be a captain back in the Soul Society and he was going to get married. He was having a wonderful life as he was well respected and loved by many. Then one day, his wife was attacked by a hollow and the she was turned into a hollow attacking everything and whatever living thing was wounded would turn into a hollow. The Soul Society put her down despite Aki's pleads and he was full with grief and rage. He began to hate everything and everyone, even himself. His hate, anger, and sorrow then manifested into an inner hollow. It took control of him and after a long battle with his inner hollow, he gained half of its power, but he was exiled from the Soul Society. He took refuge in the human world as he secluded himself in the mountains so when he lost control, he wouldn't hurt anyone. He then became legend of a horrible beast that soon attracted Shin to see the monster. He soon found Aki and Aki tried to attack him, but Aki was defeated and reverted back to normal. They soon befriended each other after telling each others life story and he taught Aki how to use his powers. After learning how to control his inner hollow he was offered to join Shin's organization and he accepted, having a place to belong to.

Hollow Mask:

It looks like a skull mask that covers most of his head. It has spikes shooting out in a straight line looking like a Mohawk. It has a little area in the back to let his hair flow out.

Unique techniques:

Hagane Kyo ((steel cry)): Steel cry is the zanjutsu equivalent to Shunko. Aki only invented 3 moves because it was to difficult to invent these moves. Most of the moves are zanjutsu fused with hado techniques though except one. These are the moves listen below!

Dead Eye Cero :when holding his swords in the shape of a cross while he charges a cero if he pulls the sword that is horizontal back it will turn the cero into an arrow. When he releases the cero, it is shot like an arrow, going at a fast speed, but sacrificing range for precision.

Crescent Moon Cero: By charging a cero on the tip of his sword, if he swings the blade it will turn the cero into a getsuga tenshou like attack.

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