Best Browser Online MMO?
Posted 6/12/12 , edited 6/13/12
I need help on finding one to play,
I've played DDtank and liked that one a lot.
Any others worth playing?
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Posted 6/12/12 , edited 6/13/12
WARGAMES 2.0 is a completely free, multiplayer strategy war game,
played with thousands of real players on the web using your browser.

Create a country, and run every aspect of it: Army, economy,
taxes, super-weapons, espionage, country relations and diplomacy.
Fight other nations for conquest of land, form alliances and conquer the world!

I've been playing it for years......And honestly i can't stop lol my referral link we will both get bonuses if you use this one
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Posted 6/16/12 , edited 6/16/12
Runescape would be the best one I can think of. Bear in mind that it's soul-crushingly addictive if you let it get its claws into. More than World of Warcraft could ever hope to be.

I've played both. I speak from first hand experience!
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Posted 9/29/12 , edited 9/29/12
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