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30 / M
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 2/22/13
Here to stay, bro
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24 / M / Somewhere Far, So...
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 7/4/12
Name: Houmari Torada
Age: 400 looks 30
Hair: Iridescent green
Eyes: Iridescent yellow
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight/build: thin, and lanky, but muscular, about 165 lbs.
Reiatsu color: Dark green with golden and silver stripes flowing throughout, but randomly
Has a pet raven named Morrigan, after one of the three Celtic raven goddesses of battle
Dress, normal Shihakusho, a strange hood that covers my hair and my golden eyes, since they are strange for my family, as is being a shinigami.

Personality: Fun loving, caring, slightly lazy, prankster, has a deep respect for nature, and animals. Likes snakes, and science, but battle more. He is very headstrong, and likes to boast, but can usually tell when it is not the right time and place. Likes a challenge, is never afraid to step up, and take charge.
Zanpakutou: Matsuro-Tenbun(Fate-Destiny)- The sword splits into two and add a black and gold gauntlet, and a White and silver gauntlet, a Gold belt, and the swords become a gold one with a black hilt, and a silver with a white hilt.
Call: Decide his fate, seal his destiny, Change their Fate, Save their Destiny, Matsuro-Tenbun

Shikai abilities:
1.) Hagane Sukin(Steel Skin)- covers my body in a layer of reiatsu that is silver in color that acts as a barrier against blades, but not kido(Hardest to control for me, and used in extreme situations, due to it taking lots of reiatsu. First skill I learned, and my Zanpakutou’s way of testing me, in order to see if I was capable to use their powers.)
2.) Matsu-geki(Fate Strike) A slash that cancels out low level hado and bakudo, but is sometimes unsuccessful, due to my inexperience with it.
3.) Tenbun-Geki(Destiny Strike) A slash that cancels out It allows you to negate small level to level even to your own attacks that are kido based, such as blasts of ice, or, for example, Getsuga-Tenshou type attacks, but like Matsu-Geki, it has a varying success rate
4.) KinGin-Chikara(Gold-Silver-Force) Heightens my strength and speed for a short time, and stops my wounds from bleeding for a short time, and dulls any pain I feel.(Easy to use, but very dangerous if I am on my own, because I might go beyond the point that I could recover from it, and might die from my injuries, because of the lack of pain.)
5.) KinGin-Higure-Geshokku-Keimakari(Gold Silver Twilight Moonlight Dawnlight) Increases the blades attack power, aka my hakuda, zanjutsu, and strength(Just achieved in battle, do not know name yet.and cannot use freely, is dangerous to use because of inability to control it.)

Speed: 112(+30 for kgc)
strength: 122(+30 for kgc)
Durability: 115(+30 for Hagane Sukin)
Reflexes: 120
Shunpo: 100
Hado: 10
Bakudo: 10
Hakuda: 130
Zanjutsu: 140
Spirit pressure: 138
Stamina: 121
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Posted 6/13/12 , edited 8/2/12
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Posted 6/13/12 , edited 8/2/12
Name-- Hasayo Takage
Age-- looks 17, actual unknown yet relatively young
Height-- 5' 11"
Build-- Agile, slightly athletic
Hair-- Red
Eyes-- Emerald green

Personality-- Calm, kind, caring, strong willed. I am Hasayo Takage. As a prince I'll bare the burdens, I'll fight without any acknowledgement that I might lose. To show my kingdom all will work out, to ignite a flame that will heal any heart, I am defined by my past life and the events of this one. I...will protect everyone!
Reiatsu color-- White and orange
Zanpaktou-- Shiroijakin Mikoto(White Fire Prince): A kusunagi, red sheath and hilt, a white line through both
Shikai-- Spark to Life and Stop the Rain, Shiroijakin Mikoto!
Able to produce and control white and red flames.
Zanpaktou Spirit--

Haretsu(Explosion)- Erupts a pillar of white and red flames where directed
•Haretsu Spear- Erupts a thin spear like pillar of flames at the opponent
•Haretsu Grand Spear- Larger and stronger version of Haretsu spear
•Haretsu: Inferno Maiden Formation- Creates multiple Haretsu spawn points around the opponent and erupts small spear like pillars of flame inward in an attempt to pierce the opponent
•Haretsu Grand Downfall- Erupts 10 large pillars of flame in reverse from the sky down upon the opponent resulting in a large explosion
Flare Image- Users body is engulfed in white and red flames creates a body of fire that fights as controlled
Toriga Kaen(Trigger Blaze)- Removing the scarf made of flames from around the neck the it wraps around the users arm creating a cannon with a roaring lions head that fires a powerful condensed fire blast

Strength: 188
Speed: 175
Durability: 128
Reflexes: 155
Shunpo: 133
Hado: 144
Bakudo: 107
Hakuda: 117
Zanjutsu: 148
Spiritual Pressure: 162
Stamina: 139
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21 / M / Dream Land
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 10/6/12
Name:Rokku Herupu
Age :50 Looks to be around 20
Height: 5'4"
Build:very agile and thin
Eyes: Crimson
Reiatsu color:White with pale green hues

Zanpakuto : Ishi no Oni(Stone ogre)

Unsealed form is a tanto

Shikai: Rock an roll,Ishi no Oni
Turns into a very large sword that i can swing easily

Shikai spirit:

1:Sand pit:I create quick sand(Waist deep)To slow my enemies down.(Does no damage)

2:Ogre rock:i cover me or my allies in rock to protect them from damage(+30 stamina and durability)

3:Stone point:I cause stalagmites to come up and attack

4:Jagged rocks::I cover my allies weapons in a thin sharp layer rocks combined with my reiatsu increasing their strength by 30 and makes their attacks stronger and sharper.

5:Rock movement:Cover's my allies in feet in rocks combined with my reiatsu to increase their speed by 30 while also making their kicks more powerful.

(When using skills 4 and 5 together, my reiatsu and speed are decreased by half because i have to concentrate and when it goes away my states go to normal but i lose the reiatsu used to keep them up)

Bankai: Rock this world, Monosugoi Mitsukai(Earth-shattering Angel)

Sword i gain in bankai,This is a very clear crystal blade made from a diamond like material making it hard to see in some light.

1:Demon's Crystal:???

My Stats After Time Skip:

Strength 140
Speed 160(80 When skills 4 and 5 are activated)
Durability 120
Reflexes 165
Hoho 160
Hado 10
Bakudo 10
Zanjutsu 250
Hakuda 30
Reiatsu 185(92.5 When skill 4 and 5 are activated)
Stamina 120

Personality:He is a very outspoken person who likes to speak whats on his mind but is not loud or obnoxious and protects his friends.He hates People who get on his and his friends nerves. Likes reading and out doors and likes making friends.
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25 / M
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 9/20/12
Name: Bain Tomomari
Age: real age is unknown but looks about 23-25

Height: 6 foot even
Weight: 225 lbs
Personality: calm and collected, slightly lazy, loves the out doors. He is a little hesitant to be friends with people due to him being a wanderer since he was a kid, but once he gets to know you he is a loyal and trust-worthy man. He is also a man of honor and tries to go by a code of honor (though his might be different than others)
Reiastu color: pure white

Zanpakuto: Maebure/Zenchou ((Harbinger))

Call: Defend your Honor
sealed state: the sword in the appearance picture. he does not have a sheath instead he has a strap around the hilt and he uses that to carry over is shoulder or on his back

this zanpakuto is a little comes to two names and the ability differs between the two
When called maebure

When called zenchou

Shikai abilities:
1) When using the maebure sword: increases my strength and durability by 25
2) Backlash: every 5 post i would be able to steal the targets kinetic energy through contact and increases my strength and spiritual pressure by 15 point for two turns.
1) When using the zenchou sword: increase my speed and stamina by 25
2)Backlash: every 5 post i would be able to steal the targets kinetic energy through contact and increases my speed and spiritual pressure by 15 point for two turns.

Bankai: Mokushiroku-teki Zenchou (Apocalyptic Harbinger)

Bankai ability: My bankai has 4 stages each with its own ability that can only be used in that stage
Stage 1 War: when this stage is used it Increases my strength. +40 Strength and speed +20
Stage 2 unachieved
Stage 3 unachieved
Stage 4 unachieved

shikai spirit

Bankai Spirit

Speed: 150
strength: 200
Durability: 200
Reflexes: 150
Shunpo: 110
Hado: 10
Bakudo: 10
Hakuda: 20
Zanjutsu: 200
Spirit pressure: 190
Stamina: 165
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Posted 6/13/12 , edited 7/1/12

Name: Yuuki Himemiya (Lit. meaning "Snow Princess")
Age: Looks to be around 19
Squad: 6
Rank: 3rd Seat
Height: 5'9''
Build: Thin and very Agile.
Reiatsu Colour: White
Favorite Quote/Song Line: "The deep sleeping moon's light connects my prayers and memoires!"

Personality: Very calm and collected in most situations, wary to trust new people, will protect her friends with her life. Loves to take it easy once in a while but rarely gets the chance to. Her calm and emtionless face may often to be seen as arrogance. Loves music (singing and dancing, pretty good at it too) and poetry. Also do not piss her off she will freeze you to death.
Zanpakuto: Reitō no hana (Frozen blossom)
Sealed State:

Shikai Release Command: Dance In The Frozen Wind (Toketsu-fu no dansu)
Shikai: Once the release command is spoken the blade slowly disappears in front of Yuuki's face and forms into snowflakes around Yuuki the ground around her will also freeze. Once the blade has fully disappeared the snowflakes will form into a wave of snow/ice on Yuuki's command. When Yuuki uses her hands to control the wave the speed of it increases by +15. Note: Once the wave/part of the wave turns to ice it takes 3 turns (3 posts) to return to it's normal form.

Frozen Launch - Yuuki with gather some of her reaitsu and her shikai, then aiming she launches it towards the target much like an avalanche.

Frozen Spike - Yuuki gathers her shikai quickly splitting some of the shikai into spiked shards nearly a normal sword size. She then launches them at the target from as many directions as possible, they freeze on contact with anything around them.

Strength: 60
Speed: 150
Durability: 100
Reflexes: 130
Hoho: 130
Hado: 110
Bakudo: 110
Zanjutsu: 20
Hakuda: 20
Reiatsu: 170
Stamina: 100
Kido Learned:
Hado #1 Sho
Hado #4 Byakurai (Most used Hado)
Hado #11 Tsuzuri Raiden
Hado #31 Shakkaho
Hado #33 Soukatsui
Bakudo Learned:
Bakudo #1 Sai
Bakudo #4 Hainawa
Bakudo #8 Seki
Bakudo #9 Geki
Bakudo #21 Sekienton
Bakudo #26 Kyakku
Bakudo #30 Shitotsu Sansen
Bakudo #37 Tsuriboshi
Bakudo #39 Enkosen
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28 / M / Michigan
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 10/2/12
Sota Izunin

Age: unknown but looks 23
Height: 6'1
weight: 190


: Carefree and easygoing who is rarely serious even when the situation calls for it. Loves to laugh and play pranks or joke around and loves to help out those in need. Absolutely loves playing pranksb]

Hobbies: playing the flute, pranks, flirting, playing even more pranks and again pranks and god damn pranks! MOTHERF***ING PRANKS!!!!

Zanpakuto: Sealed state is a simple katana with a devilish imp design along the sheath and the tsubasa is a swirl of blossom petals.

: Shift and alter the realm of normality JUURYOKU ( Gravity)

Reiastu color
: Emerald Green

(gloves are on both hands)


Shift: Touching an object with either hand will allow the user to manipulate the gravity by 2x the objects weight by either increasing or lowering the gravity. The left hand involves lowering and the right hand involves increasing the gravity.

Pull: Each gloves form two vollyeball sized spheres that can pull and change the course of certain attacks or can pull the opponent closer to the user. However, if shift is in effect the glove being used to work shift can not summon the spheres.

Crush: By manipulating the spheres around the opponent using the gravity from the spheres to slowly crush the opponent. Though it is weak gravity, thus making it that a decent attack or strong burst of reiastu can blast them away.

Center: A skill that afteer touching the opponent once can alter the person's center of gravity. While in effect the person would have a hard time keeping his balance and reflexes lowered by -15 reflexes. It would have a sort of dizziness effect that lasts for 4 minutes or 4 posts.

Shift X: Unlike shift it works on his own body and can alter up to three different body parts. Mainly used to weaken damage done to his body or to amp his attack a little.

Depending on how shift and shift x are used the stats are for both the user and the target

Strenght stat +15, but -15 to speed when gravity is raised

Strenght stat -15, but +15 to speed when gravity is lowered

Center: Reflexes -15 along with a small dizziness effect

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Bankai Command: Shift and alter the realm of normality and destroy with the almighty force Juuryoku Gekiha Kokudo (gravity crushing realm)



Impact: Charging up one of the gloves to slowly increase the size of the area it can effect to increase the area or decrese it. If increased then those within the gravity manipulation will get pushed down along with the ground, but the further from him the weaker it is so instead of simply a flatten area it would be more like a half hemisphere type of crater. Only spot unaffected is the spot he is. Making it so the closer you are to him the worse it is. Long as the glove is charging he can't use it for anything else until released. The left glove will cause gravity in the area to lower and right glove will increase the gravity depending on how long they gloves charged for. Each post they charge the gravity goes up by one and overall max is 100x gravity.

Compression: like impact but it affects a small area, but that one spot will have gravity greatly increased or decreased that could crush the targeted person if charged long enough. This skill is more meant for a single spot and luring or tricking the opponent and this skill can only work with close to medium range. if the opponent is too far or moving too fast at the time can be avoided.

Gravity film: placing a sort of film around his body to allow him to freely effect his own gravity and can shift parts of his body to lower or increase gravity for different types of combo. It can expand, but if so he is unable to move in order to keep it up as it acts like a barrier, though those inside can move. In barrier form the gravity within is kept normal and any outside alteration to gravitational shifting will not effect those within the barrier.

Zennou Kone (almighty pull): Using the left glove while the person is close enough can pull the person to his hand. The person can resist, but takes good resistance and strenght or other methods. The closer the person is when activated the stronger the pull will be making it harder to resist.

Hitojini Nigiri (deathgrip): After placing his right hand on the opponent's body. Can form a small sphere within that will begin to crush the person from the inside. Like an implosion, however, this only works if he can keep his grip firmly on the body. If removed from the spot for even a few seconds and it will be cancled. Having to start over and depending on the person's reiastu the longer the body's resistance is to the attack. If complete the enemy will have his innards and bones crushed and destroyed. If the hand is moved from the spot for even a few seconds thsi skill will be canceled and be forced to start over.

Ultimate Skill:
Kyuuten Zennou Kone (heavens almighty pull) : only half as strong as in the video as it uses the four volleyball spheres in one greatly compressed and throws up into the sky that causes a powerful gravitational pull pulling the ground and all those around towards it. Slowly crushing those either by the pressure of gravity or by the huge debris. At captain level it will reach the same size and power as in the video. After using this skill regardless of what state he is in or whether he goes right to using it will drain all his reiastu for using it along with gravity film to protect against the gravity pull uses up all his reiastu.

Bankai Spirit:


Strength 165

Speed: 140

Durability: 150

Reflexes: 130

Shunpo: 55

Hado: 10

Bakudo: 10

Hakuda: 175

Zanjutsu: 15

Reiatsu: 145

Stamina: 125

Stat's after time skip:

Strength 215

Speed: 240

Durability: 205

Reflexes: 185

Shunpo: 0

Hado: 0

Bakudo: 0

Hakuda: 205

Zanjutsu: 0

Reiatsu: 240

Stamina: 195

Posted 6/13/12 , edited 10/2/12
Tetsuya Tamaka
Age: 200 years old, but looks like he is 21
Height: 5'12
Weight: 170 lbs
Built: Lean, but muscular
Hair: Pure black
Eyes: Red
Reaitsu color: dark purple
What he looks like

Appearace: He wears a customized top that has a hood, sleeveless and it is down to his knees, but it is always open. He wears a white t-shirt and his pants look more like trousers. He also wears white sneaker like shoes. He wears his lieutenant badge around his left shoulder and he wears a wedding ring on his right hand. He also has three scars on his left cheek.

Personality: The biggest flirt you will ever meet in your life. If he gets the chance to flirt with any pretty girl, he will jump on it! He can be sarcastic and a little sadistic at times. Despite that, he is actually a nice guy and can be pleasant to be around. He loves to have a good time with people and he has a love for cats and is good at making tea. ((XD)) Although he hates people who look down on others and he will go as far as dying to protect the people he cares about. He will get frustrated with people, but he will never get truly angry unless you really do something to piss him off. He also loves watching movies and will occasionally make quotes. He usually isn't shy with anything especially girls, but when he gets emotionally attached to a girl he will become shyer. He isn't a flirt anymore since he is married.

Hobbies: Making tea, drawing, and playing either the guitar, piano, or violin. And who can forget flirting?

Zanpukto: hagane taiga ((steel river))

sealed: a regular katana

command: melt


It turns my zanpukto into liquid steel that can be manipulated and solidified.

Bukishifuto (weapon shift): The liquid transforms into any weapon.

Ryuuchou Kujo (flowing destruction): it creates a whip like flail. The handle is made out of solid steel as the middle of it is made out of liquid steel and the end is made out solid steel that looks like a flail. The middle part can extend or shorten. When it is being spun around it increases my speed and strength by 20 points

Kasui satsu (spike kill): solid spikes that can be either shoot or if it is a puddle it can be shot out of it, but it is actually just growing at a very fast speed and then solidifies in an instant. It can be fused with other moves, for greater effectiveness.

Mu Busou Toku: (six armed shield): a shield of solid steel with six arms. The six arms can extend and make a second layer of a shield in case of a powerful attack.

Gin Baindo (silver bind): liquid steel flies at an enemy and solidifies into chains when it wraps around their body or body parts.

Hagane Sao (Steel Rod): By gathering the liquid on to his hand or foot, he can send a unusually big rod of steal at someone with extreme force; enough to smash a hole in a tree.

Haotoken (Buzz Sword): It turns into a paddle with a rounded tip and spikes on its side. The spike rotate at a high speed and it then acts like a chain saw.

It can also take on a regular katana form.

Bankai: Bachiatari Hagane Taiga (Cursed Steel River)

Form: a huge quantity of black and dark purple liquid. The liquid can be manipulated and when in bankai. It can be more flexible when solid if he wants it to be unlike it's shikai form and there is a high quantity of the liquid.

Kurosukin (black skin ): The liquid form over his skin and forms a protective flexible layer of black skin like armor that has a dragon scales design. This adds 60 points to durability and 20 to strength.

Kurai hogosha (dark guardian): creates a giant guardian with a sword and shield that I manipulate. The weapons can also change too and this can be used as a defense.

Strength: 255

Speed: 140

Durability: 270

Reflexes: 140

Kuro Hagane Ryu (black steal dragon): The liquid turns into a giant dragon that can fly around and fight. If I put my reaitsu into it, it will charge and shoot a beam.
Strength: 250

Speed: 180

Durability: 290

reflexes: 150

Hyaku kage katana (hundred shadow blade): the liquid forms into many swords that can be used as a defense and offense. The blades hover around him and can spin around him to tear his opponents apart, can be shot at, or can be used like regular swords. They can fuse together making the blade more powerful, but heavier and makes him slower.

After Time Skip:

My stats:

Strength 200

Speed: 235

Durability: 190

Reflexes: 179

Shunpo: 30

Hado: 10

Bakudo: 10

Hakuda: 10

Zanjutsu: 250

Reiatsu: 215

Stamina: 155

He is also an expert at using a whip


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28 / M / Where you are not
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 8/17/12
If I died today, who would be at my funeral?
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25 / M
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 9/4/12
Name: Kiba Inugami
Height: 141 cm
Age: Looks 15
Hair: Short black hair with a red streak going down the middle. During the time skip his hair got longer and he now keeps it in a small ponytail.

Personality: Kiba is somewhat of a loner. He enjoys his privacy and doesn't mind being by himself. He is a serious person most of the time but has some love for fighting. He does his best to protect everything he cares about and is very nice deep down. He is sensitive of his height. Eyes go from black to yellow when angry.

Zanpakuto: Kenjin ((Sword Deity))



Zanpakuto Spirit:

Command: Bring down!

Kenjin has the ability to transform its blade into a reiatsu sword increasing its power. By pouring in more reiatsu he can increase its range and power significantly.


Harō ((Halo)): Kiba spins making a ring of reiatsu that shoots out and expands in all direction slicing in half all those that surround him.

Seishin no haru ((Spirit Spring)): Kiba stabs his sword into the ground and a powerful blast of reiatsu shoot up from under the enemy.

Sutorētoransu ((Straight Lance)): Kiba focuses the reiatsu blade's energy to the tip of the sword and fire it as a powerful beam.

Fu~yūrī ((Fury)): An advance form of Halo. Kiba slashes all around him leaving streaks of reiatsu. They then shoot out cutting everything around him.

Sōru· mirā ((Soul Mirror)): Kiba holds the sword in front of him in a vertical direction. He then begins to twirl the sword in front of him creating a barrier of reiatsu. ((Can be done every 6 posts))

Supairarusōdo ((Spiral Spirit Sword)): In its reiatsu form the reiatsu spins like a drill and he thrusts it at his opponent with the spinning giving the attack a significant boost in power. He can also pour more reiatsu into the blade as it spins in order to extend its reach which causes an reiatsu tornado.

Stats: Strength 180
Speed 250
Durability 170
Reflexes 165
Hoho 135
Hado 0
Bakudo 0
Zanjutsu 205
Hakuda 0
Reiatsu 205
Stamina 150

Bankai: Kōkina Nōburu Kenjin ((Exalted Noble Sword Deity))

Bankai spirit:


Kyūjōshō ((Soaring)): Kiba releases a burst of reiatsu from the blade that propels him at incredible speed in the opposite direction that the blade is pointing similar to a jet.

Size Manipulation: Kiba is able to alter the size of his bankai. Making it as big or as small as he wants. The bigger his bankai the more destructive his power is but the more reiatsu he uses up. The smaller the bankai the less power but it uses up less reiatsu.

Seishin no haru ((Spirit Spring)): Kiba stabs his sword into the ground and a powerful blast of reiatsu shoot up from under the enemy. In bankai the attack is more powerful and destroys a wider area.

Sutorētoransu ((Straight Lance)): Kiba focuses the reiatsu blade's energy to the tip of the sword and fire it as a powerful beam. In bankai the blast is much larger, wider and more destructive.

Deddomanzu· reivu ((Dead Man's Rave)): Kiba sends a barrage of multiple blasts of reiatsu at the opponent. The blast home in and track the target. They resemble the heads of dead spirits hence the name.

Ken no meiyo: Kōrudosuchīru no seishin o ((Honor of the Sword: Spirit of Cold Steel)): Kiba's reiatsu sword changes into a steel katana and becomes Tetsu no Tamashī no Kenjin ((Iron Soul Sword Deity)). ((30+ Strength, speed and durability. Kiba cannot use any skills in this state.))

Ken no meiyo: Oni raito ((Honor of the sword: Oni's Light)): Kenjin becomes Onitama no Kenjin ((Demon Soul Sword Deity)) . A large Oni Samurai Helmet. It is used as a shield and is very durable. It can't really be used for anything other then defense but it can fire a Sutorētoransu ((Straight Lance)) from its mouth.

Gurīdo no kyōfu: Muchi no fuzai ((Horror of Greed: Absence of Ignorance)): If the reiatsu of the blade is absorbed by anyone else besides Kiba they will lose power equal to the amount they would have gained.

Ultimate Technique:

Nanairo: Bakkania no bureizu ((7 Colors: Buccaneer's Blaze)): Kiba pours all of his reiatsu into his bankai resulting in a massive sword emitting a large amount power that flies high into the sky. Kiba then swings his sword sending a large blast at the enemy. The reiatsu changes color resembling a rainbow hence the name.

Non-Zanpakuto Techniques:

Mūnraito no shiryoku ((Moonlite Sight)): Kiba's yellow eyes increases his reflexes +30.

Urufuhauru ((Wolf's Howl)): Kiba releases a powerful roar sending a powerful sound blast at his opponent. When it makes contact it can mess with sight, hearing and give a painful headache.
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24 / M
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 8/2/12
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 4/16/13
Hiroki Kuro

Age: 15

Height: 5'9

Weight: 129

Reaitsu color: blue


Personality: A nice guy and a loving older brother.

Zanpukto: Sabaku Mikoto ((Desert Prince))

Command: Roar upon the desert kingdom

Form: Two blue and gold gloves with golden ankhs with a red jewel in the center on each glove.

Ability: To control and create sand.

Fukrikui (dying land): By placing his gloved hand on to an object, he absorbs all of the moisture and turns into sand or dry it out. When using it on the ground or object, it only has a few feet radius.

Suna choppa (sand chopper): He sends a large arc of sand that is able to cut.

Sunaarashi (sandstorm): he sends a gust of sand at his opponent, the sand is able to leave cuts all over a body, but not cut limbs.

Sunaarashi dangan (sandstorm bullet): He sends a flurry of baseball sized compressed sand bullets.

Sabakunami: (desert wave) He sends a small wave of sand at his opponent.

Sabakushintai (desert movement): creates limbs out of sand for him to manipulate. Both good for offense and defense.

Sabakuhana: (desert flower): Harden, highly compacted sand shoots out of the ground in the form of spikes around him. It resembles a flower.
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27 / M / On my House? XD
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 6/20/12
Name:Shifumi Benihana
Likes:Ramen,Sake, Onigiri, Sweets
Dislikes:Cockroach, Evil
Personality: Sweet, Childish, to those who know her well. Cold and arrogance to those she don't know

Zanpakuto: Umi No Nejibana. An ordinary tanto with Blue hilt
Shikai Phrase: Call Forth the wave
Shikai Form:looked like kaien shiba nejibana

Shikai Skills:

- Hysteria :Shifumi jump above then rushed down Slamming her Trident to the ground Creating a Wide Pond That engulfing 10feet Radius With a Neverending side and bottom, A Power full Seal was place above the pond, Making anyone inside the pond can't go Even shufumi, Except she Deactivate the skill. While possesing Nejibana Shifumi And the opponent/anyone can breathe but has -20 speed while inside the under water and increasing her aptitude she move around freely. but for the opponent that trapped inside the pond Won't be able to move freely due to the Strain Gravity.
( -20 speed for anyone +20 speed to fumi. When the opponent got hit inside the water flowing water effect increased - more speed to the enemy )

-KyoukaSuigetsu: Capable of Creating Clones from water that have half stat/Capabilities from the cloned person.Requirement the Targeted person Must be wet, can create up to 10 clones per battle

-Flowing Water: the water flows around the trident and When clasing/ hit an object a Burst of water would blasted to the opponent, Pushing them back with the power of the water blast. Also reducing their movement speed by -10 points because they're drenched and clothes are heavy when wet

Status: to be added later

Zanpakuto Spirit: Genbu


Strength 150
Speed 140
Durability 140
Reflexes 130
Hoho 50
Hado 10
Bakudo 10
Zanjutsu 150
Hakuda 30
Reiatsu 160
Stamina 130
Average 100

Shikai Stats:

Strength :160
Speed: 150
Durability :150
Reflexes: 140
Hoho: 60
Hado: 20
Bakudo; 20
Zanjutsu: 160
Hakuda: 40
Reiatsu: 170
Stamina: 140
Average :110
Signature picture:

21854 cr points
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Posted 6/13/12 , edited 7/28/12
Name: Shoske Saito
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Black
Eye: Gray
Build: Lean but muscular
Reiatsu Color: Black when non shikai. When shikai, it's black with an golden outer glow

Personalitly: He's somewhat quiet and shy. He does not speak often, unless spoken too. However, around his friends he can be somewhat loud. He also likes to drink alot of sake, some call him an alcoholic but he argues that by saying alcoholics go to meetings. He is nice and friendly. He can be sarcastic at times. He also enjoys having a spar every now and then. When he drinks, his personality becomes the opposite of his usual shy personality by becoming out going, talking to random people and sometimes loud


Zanpakuto: Seikiyume ( Stellar Dream )

Sealed State: Regular katana. The blade has an exquisite design on it. The hilt is black while the guard is golden.

Command: Look up into the astral abyss

Shikai: A black staff with a golden design telling a tale on it. On one end of the staff is a golden sharpened circle, it not being filled in and the staff going half way through the circle. On the other end are two flat black blades making an x formation, then pointing downwards and almost meeting at one point, giving it a spear like shape. Each end of the staff can spin to enhance it's power.

Shikai Skills:
Neither skill has a command or name.
1st: His staff is covered in a black, reiatsu glow, giving if a spear shape. The circle end is gone and just a staff end is left in its place. Enhances the staff and allows control of it to a certain extent

2nd: His staff is covered in a golden glow, the circle end glowing brightly. The spear end is gone and just a staff end is left in its place. It allows me to shoot destructo disc like attacks.

Bankai: Not achieved

Strength 160
Speed 175
Durability 80
Reflexes 105
Hoho 50
Hado 10
Bakudo 10
Zanjutsu 180
Hakuda 30
Reiatsu 170
Stamina 80
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