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Character Profiles

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The Classy Avian
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Posted 6/14/12 , edited 6/17/12
Name: Arashi Soichi
Height: 6'3
Build: Very tall, yet lanky.
Eyes: Grey/Blue
Appearance: Usually VERY long hair (up to back of knees) is tied up in Samurai style bun, and the rest of the hair is braided. small, growing Pencil moustache, friendly yet rigid face, and the skin of a man of the outdoors.
Zanpakuto: Kyūjōshō Tsuru soaring vine
Unsealed the hilt is wrapped with thick red leather-like cloth, and the blade short and sharp. The release, Soar and grab Kyūjōshō Tsuru, splits the hilts in 2 so there are 2 blades, and the blades are now 2 mechanical looking hands.
A rope comes out of each hilt to the appropiate mechanical hand, and they are thick metal chords, and can extend and retract impossile distances. The hands can grab on command, and can pull Shoichi towards it, or pull the thing towards Shoichi.
Skill 1: The chords can be manipulated, can extend to up to 100m so far, and the movements of the chord can be very accurate, so far that it can twist around someone and wrap them up, and go through obstacle courses, but the movements are only as good as the users reflexes.
Skill 2: The hands at the end of the chords can be made to grab, and move as well as a normal hand, delivering punches, picking up things, etc. The strength of attacks with this is equal to his fighting stats of his zanjutsu plus melee zanpakuto bonus to strength and attack speed. Also, sharp claws can protrude from the fingers of the hands to attack.
Skill 3: Melee type zanpakuto, meaning 20% of zanjutsu stat is applied to strength and speed of the weapon.

Strength: 95
Speed: 120
Durability: 90
Hado: 75
Bakudo: 65
Zanjutsu: 140
Hakuda: 95
Reiatsu: 95
Stamina: 95

Personality: calm, logical, and down to earth, and has grown very independent, expressing himself with art and music.
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23 / M
Posted 6/14/12 , edited 6/14/12
Name: Yamashita Kinji
Age: 24
Height: 5'11
Hair: Curly Brown with the occasional grey hair
Eye: Common Brown eyes
Build: Very average in appearance
Reiatsu Color: Warm Forest Green

Personality: Rather friendly but can be very sarcastic. Takes a defensive approach to most everything, except when the well being of others is at stake. Always acts as a stalwart guardian to those he holds close. Never the one to land the first blow but surely the first to strike back. In some situations can be seen as far too willing to take the pain of others.

Zanpakuto: Kaori Uta

Sealed State: Plain katana with a green cloth wrapped tightly around the hilt.

Shikai: Let them whimper Kaori Uta.

Kaori Uta encases my entire right arm in a sort of dark metal with flexible points at my wrist, elbow, and shoulder.The fingers of my right hand are locked into a fist shape. Extending out from the top of my hand is a one foot blade with the word "Vengeance" inscribed on it. The green cloth that once was wrapped around the hilt of my katana is now tied firmly to my arm.

Shikai Skill/Effect: When damaged Kaori Uta enacts its "Vengeance" and buffs my stats depending on the current state of health I am in. 25% percent under normal condition stats increase by 15, 50% under normal condition stats increase by 30, 75% under normal condition stats increase by 40. These stat increases do not stack the total bonus changes at each level. For example if I drop to 50% normal condition my stat bonus is now plus 30. The original bonus does not carry over it simply changes.

Bankai: Not Achieved

Strength 140
Speed 130
Durability 130
Reflexes 130
Bakudo 10
Hado 10
Zanjutsu 170
Hakuda 40
Hoho 30
Reiatsu 160
Stamina 130

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Posted 6/14/12 , edited 6/14/12
Name: Raion Kusaragi
Age:91(looks 15)
height: 5,1
Hair: black hair (above my ears it points up like cat ears)
eye: green
build : healthy teen body
Reiastsu color: orange,yellow

Appearence: Has cat two cat ears made out of his hair, skin color is tannish brown. Is unfortuantly fairly short and hates that fact, I have a state called nyan mode(usually on for comic relief, i say NYAN NYAN alot and thats how you tell) ,my eyes become slits, i lose my eye brows, my hair ears can move and my mouth turns to look like this :3 cat mouth.

Personality: Naive yet Kind hates being called a child,just made it out of the reaper academy (just barely). ends or begins must of his sentences with nyan, always ready to help his friends(believes anyone can be a friend) or commanding officers(doesnt like authority figures, in that rebel stage of life YEAH)
(Kiba is my step-brother)

Zanpakuto: Burst Fenikkusu

Fenikkusu is able to turn into a phoenix but if it is mostly to scare or get some distance, if defeated (which can easily be done, a simple cut would do it) it would turn to ash and the blade would slowly turn back into my sword, I can also make flames of different shapes and colors as attacks. I can also make it explode into flames
but this causes the same ash affects.

(not there japanese translations)
1)Hane o honō ((flaming feathers)) (the basic fire ball attack)
2)Jōshō tori ((rising bird)) (phoenix is coming)
3)Bakuhatsu no tsubasa ((Exploding wings)) (exploding sword attack)

Bankai: can but doesnt have the courage to learn it
Stats: to be edited
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Posted 6/14/12 , edited 8/2/12
Name: 誘い迷う Izanai Mayou
Age: unknown; looks 21
Height: 5'4
Eye: Red
Hair: Black
Reiatsu: Red

Personality: Calm, collective, intelligent, not one to make friends. A person that the lower Shinigami fear. Reason for joining Gotei 13 is unknown.
Zanpakuto: 魔が差すMagasasu
Command: 魅す魔が差す! Bakasu, Magasasu!
Sealed state:



Shikai Skills: Can enchant any arrow with Kido or vice verse.
1. 先進兵器 Senshinheiki- Kido enchanted on arrow is increased by 10% (only can enchant 3 arrows per shot)

Bankai: Not Achieved
Strength: 115
Speed: 100
Durability: 100
Reflexes: 125
Hado: 165
Bakudo: 165
Zanjutsu: 110
Hakuda: 100
Hoho: 100
Reiatsu: 165
Stamina: 110
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24 / M / ✘The Dead End✘
Posted 6/17/12 , edited 8/2/12
Name: Kurisa Zetsubō
Age: 180 (looks about 19)
Height: 5'11
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blueish black
Reiatsu colour: Green
Squad 9, 3rd seat

Appearance after 8 month time skip:

Appearance with Scythe on his back: (Note: He does NOT have the captains coat)

Personality: Not to bothered about most things, Kinda friendly, Likes reading, likes working out sometimes, likes to drink a bit but only as a social thing not to get drunk

Zanpakuto Name: Shi no akumu (Death's Nightmare)
Release Command: (No release command as it's in constant Shikai release)
Shikai Type: Wind

Shikai Appearance: It has the appearance of a scythe

Shikai Skills:

1. Wind Slash: A simple slash of his scythe and a razor sharp slash of wind is sent towards the opponent which can cut very deep (almost like a wind getsuga tensho)

2. Un-named: He spins his scythe above his head to cause a tornado that glows white with his reiatsu and this let's him turn it into many sharp razor like blades that fly at the opponent(s) (not permanent as it needs to be approved)

3. Also Un-named: He can make an extremely fast current of wind spin around his left or right arm making it a dangerous weapon or a way to slow down someone's attack on those parts of the body (basically it's like a small tornado or something spinning around my arm which kinda acts like a temporary blade but it takes a few seconds to prepare) (not permanent as it needs to be approved)

4. He can send a high pressured blast of wind straight out of his palm but it requires a few seconds to charge

Bankai: Not yet achieved

Strength: 180
Speed: 155
Durability: 140
Reflexes: 145
Hoho: 120
Hado: 40
Bakudo: 10
Zanjutsu: 160
Hakuda: 115
Reiatsu: 190
Stamina: 140

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22 / F
Posted 6/17/12 , edited 6/17/12
Name: Kazama Shigure
Height: 5'11''

Shikai:Grow, smash and shatter, Sugishin! ( Heart of Sugi )

Form: A whip that splits to 5 at the end.

Shikai skills

General Wood properties: Much harder than normal wood, since her Reiatsu flows inside it. She can feel Reiatsu around wood/trees she has created. Wood isn't incinerated instantly when faced with fire, unless it's the fire of a Zanpakuto of a Captain and some effort is put into the attack. If that's not the case, the wood is completely incinerated in 3 posts.

1 Birth of a Forest

She can turn parts of her body, or her whip to very hard, flexible and fast wood and trees of various kinds.The wood/trees vary in density, weight, width and shape.

2 Sprout

She can summon very durable, flexible and fast moving wooden poles or sturdy trees from the ground. ( Shaped like in Naruto )

3 Thirsty Branches

The wood can absorb the targets' Reiatsu on contact and transfer it to her. They can also absorb a small amount from Reiatsu relatively close to them, but not as quickly as if they touch the targeted opponent/attack.

Bankai: Not achieved

Strength 40
Speed 140
Reflexes 130
Durability 90
Shunpo 50
Hado 170
Bakudo 170
Zanjutsu 30
Hakuda 30
Reiatsu 180
Stamina 70

Don't look :D

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Posted 6/19/12 , edited 8/2/12
Haku Tamaka
The Moment we Lose Hope.
Life will shut down and fall apart
Darkness will finally conquer and the light will die out.


Category: Shinigami
Rank: Lieutenant
Squad: One
90 lbs.
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Hollow Yellow
Spiritual Pressure Color:
Dark green.
: 654 years of age but looks the age of a 21 year old human girl

Haku is pure innocent and good. She will fight for Soul Society with every ounce of strength that she has, She cares for her friends deeply and can be a very shy person when it comes to love even though she coming out of her shell of shyness she still blushes quite easily. She is Dedicated to serving her Squad to the ends of time if need be and she is willing to die for Soul Society.
Background History
Haku died in France Paris in 1993 at the age of ten years old. Her mother was Japanese as her Father was French. After appearing in Rukongai she was giving a spirit and lived with them till she was around fifteen years of age. To the human world that is several hundreds of years. While her spirit father was farming and spirit mother was doing the Garden a Hollow attacked their home killing her entire Spirit Family she was the last one let alive on the brink of death and in the clucthes of a hollows mouth she was saved by a Shinigami known as Tetsuya Tamaka. After she graduated The Shinigami Acadmey and joined a squad she madea friend about Tetysua who she grew close to only then did she find out he was the one to save her. Haku is now a Lietaunt to the Captain Commander and is now Married to Tetsuya and is very happily. She has left her Zanpakuto as she afraid to use it from her past events, yet she always talks to her blade once every two days to keep a bound ship with her Zanpauto spirit. she now wears a weighted Haori to help train her body to go faster without it as well to make her enemy think she slower than she really is.

(Place image here soon)


Strength 100
Speed 200 (150 when wearing her Weighted Haori )
Durability 100
Reflexes 130
Hoho 100
Hado 190
Bakudo 10
Zanjutsu 10
Hakuda 250
Reiatsu 180
Stamina 100

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28 / M / On my House? XD
Posted 6/22/12 , edited 7/30/12
Name: Kirito
Age: 14 going to 15 (after time skip)
Build: Small & Slender 9but bit tall and bit muscular after time skip)
Heigh: 151 (after time skip)
Weigh:45 (after time skip)
Reiatsu color: Transparant-Blue

Story: the only son from a shinigami couple, after spending a while in the academy he took the test trial that force him to follow the hardship.for 8 months he strugled then finally he graduated after 1 years at the academy.

Reason of graduated: Extraordinary dumb, But have tremendous stamina like ox, and high reiatsu From the 8th months trial that he passed.

Soon to be zanpakuto: HoshiZora (Night and starry sky)

shikai form:

Shikai skills:


Punishment Phase:

for one black sword that kirito held he gain + 25 durability, but if he wield two at the same time it only increasing 10 so + 35 durability. Each time kirito were attacked or attacking his opponent, either he parry or get his his durability increased + 5 per attack

Forgiveness Phase:

For one black sword that kirito held he gain +25 speed, same effect as the black sword if kirito wield two at same time

Any attack from the white sword, will be healed in instant on the next turn. Can be used to Heal the stabbed person wound significantly but draining the wielder reiatsu drasticaly.

(Active )

Wheel of fate: The user Spin his blade around him self, Causing short ranged reiatsu wave to Unleashed. when in contact with the enemy reiatsu/ kido based attacks it can Propel their attacks away. For meele combat it need the perfect timing to prepel the enemy attack then counter it with a thrust.

Card reel: Kirito can draw a card from the zanpakuto hilt, Then entered in the Card reel next on the tsuba

-Ryuen the god hand:

Upon Activation Kirito Durability and Reiatsu would increased significant'ly, it will last for 5 post after that kirito were knocked out cold. Hospitalised for one weeks.

*Per post increase. Durability: + 25, 50, 75, 100, Unlimited
Reiatsu: + 25,50,75,100, unlimited


Father: Kanzo Yuki, Shinigami (Temporary Resigned)

Mother: Mizuki, Shinigami (Temporary Resigned)



Speed: 200

Durability: -275

Reflexes: -180

Shunpo: -100

Hado: -0

Bakudo: -0

Hakuda: -70

Zanjutsu: -250

Reiatsu: -325

Stamina: -325
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25 / M
Posted 6/23/12 , edited 8/2/12
Name: Tsuna Takahashi
Height: 5"13
Build: Muscular yet slender
Eyes: Purple
Reiatsu: Silver

Zanpakuto: Aka ni nagareru ((Flowing Red.))



Akaryū no ken ((Red dragon fist)): The dragon enters Tsuna fist and delivers a powerful punch.

Reddodoragonsupia ((Red Dragon Spears)): The dragon multiples into 3 and hardens becoming red sharp spears. Tsuna then throws them at the enemy.

Reddo· doragonkisu ((Red Dragon Kiss)): The dragon enters tsuna's body giving him a temporary power boost. ((5 posts. 30+ plus to each stat))

Reddo doragon no oshioki ((Red Dragon Punishment.)): The dragon separates into 3 and they all attack the enemy. They form an orb around the enemy and explode.

Bankai: Akaoni no ikari o nagareru ((Flowing Red Demon's Wrath))

Maō no ken ((Demon King Fist)): The gauntlets glow a bright red and he throws a very powerful punch at the opponent.

Maō no junjo ((Order of the Demon King)): Increases power and defense by 40+


Strength: 190
Speed: 185
Durability: 170
Reflexes: 165
Shunpo: 120
Hado: 0
Bakudo: 0
Hakuda: 200
Zanjutsu: 30
Reiatsu: 150
Stamina: 130

Personality: A calm and gentle spirit the exact opposite of his father. Unlike his father he has no hate towards the other noble families and despises his father because of his cruel ways.
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Posted 6/28/12 , edited 8/9/12

Name: Shi Takahashi
Age: 170 years old, but looks like she 17
Height: 5'6
Weight: 115 lbs
Built: Skinny/
Hair: main is black and sides are blond
Eyes: Purple
Reaitsu color: silver with dark purple hues.
What she looks:

Personality: she is quite the tom boy, she loves to arm wrestle and play dirty just like any other boy. she loves pranking, sharing jokes and drinking games. she enjoys laughing and eating spicey food till her mouth is to hot to handle any more she out going and the first to do anything. she takes action quickly and when she meets some one she doesn't like talking to them with words she enjoys talking through fighting first to truly understand who the person is. when it comes to how her father is with people she really doesn't care its not her business. she rather enjoy the postive things about life and not mess with her father she also enjoys chilling with her brother a good amount of time.

Zanpukto: Touketsu Rando Shintei (Frozen Land Ultimate Truth.)
just imagine the hilt being a bit longer o,o


command: shock and Awe!

Shikai Spirits:


The sword controls ice as the short blade controls Lighting. her lighting is able to flow through ice just like water making her have the ability to mix her zanpakuto moves together.

hrimosphere (Ice Giant trap): stabbing the sword in the ground will cause in a twenty foot radius everything within it will be frozen depending on how powerful their Reiatsu if their Reiatsu is so powerful it will only freeze their legs or feet.

Hiire Ittou (First Lighting Blade): When slamming the short blade into the ground will cause lighting to go through the ground. she can also shoot the lighting in a blast type fashion just by aiming the tip at a person.

shokkuseori-Kansei (Shock Therapy Trap): After doing the Hrimosphere move she will take the blade out and slam the other blade into the ground using the Hiire ittiou to cause Lighting to course through their body more powerful than just the normal Hiire Ittou attack.

Koukotso Bu-mu (Hard Bone Boom): when she lands a direct hit on some one with her knuckle part of her trench Knife Zanpakuto will shoot a shock of lighting into the part of the body and will give off enough force to send some one flying. increase Strength 100%+ 40

Buriza-do Kizu (Blizzard Cut): slashing her blade at the enemy will close a arc that resembles a blizzard anything in the arcs path will be frozen solid. intil the arc hits a person or object directly the ice will gone on till it does directly hit some thing.

Dageki Shatter (Shock and Shatter): After using Buriza-do Kizu and freezing a the enemy she will rush and slam the knuckle against the ice causing the lighting blast into the ice causing an explosion of electricity.

Bankai: Tadashii Saku Shookingu ( Truthful to Bloom Shocking ) Touketsu Shuushi Kaika Hitohana (Frozen stop Blooming Flower)

Bankai Images:

Bankai Skills:

For Touketsu Suushi Kaika Hoitohana

1. Touketsu Youiku (Frozen Up Bringing) slamming the tip of the javelin into the ground she can blast frozen essence that can freeze an enemy solid from the blast shooting up from the ground. underneath the person will be a bright blue circle that is as big as a ten foot radius.

2. Josetsusha (Snow Plow) cutting a white line on the ground and thrusting her javelin forward will summon a giant wave of snow. the snow is quite compact and very heavy making it easy to be trapped with underneath.

3. Uiningushotto (Winning Shot) Throwing the Javelin at her Enemy with all her strenght causing it go fly at a high speed, once the tip hits the person a large ice explosion will appear trapping the person in side. twenty feet behind them is a small hole and ten fight in front of them is another one, the person will be trapped in the middle, from their shoulders to their spread out arms will be trapped in thick ice as from their waist down will be the same leaving their Torso and head fine. the ice is special as it amplifies ay Reiatsu Blast attacks by 30+ of the person Reiatsu at the full power of the attack. the stronger version of the attack will shoot out the back of the ice trap showing just how powerful the attack has become but it can only withstand being used once after that it is quite easy to shatter. to use it you must slam your weapon into an ice circle in the front of it which is big enough for two attacks from two different people. People with the same Reiatsu as Shi is able to attempt to break free within time and people with much higher Reiatsu could break free easily.

For Tadashii Saku Shookingu

1. Tentou Kasui (Lighting Spike) Opening her palm she can fire very small and tiny needles of Lighting that can shock and cut the enemy.

2. Genshihou Koukotso Bu-mu (Atomic Cannon Hard Bone Boom) A stronger Version of her Shikai Koukotso Bu-mu the punch is \her strongest punch, the amount of damage it deals out to the person is quite serve, but using it to much can cause serve damage to the users arm.

3. Seidenki Fuka Bakuha (Pulse Electricity Blast. ) Opening her palm as a dark yellow ball will form, before it fires it will send out a pulse of Electricity that will cause hairs to stand on their ends and goose bumps to appear on the body, the closer you are to her the more powerful the pulse is, the blast will fire off like a Cero but this has lighting rings around it, the further the blast goes the bigger it grows and the bigger the rings get.-

For Both Final Attacks Combined from Tadashii Saku Shookingu and :

Oiuchi Shimekukuri (Final Blow Devastating End): Using her Seidenki Fuka Bakuha with her Uiningushotto. This is her Final and Strongest attack.

Nifuda Oiuchi Shimekukuri (Tag Final Bow Devastating End): Using her Seidenki Fuka Bakuha with ehr Uiningushotto along with some one else using their final attack causing a Tag team of her attack.

Inner World:

Bankai Spirit:


Strength 260

Speed: 110

Durability: 120

Reflexes: 140

Shunpo: 10

Hado: 10

Bakudo: 10

Hakuda: 140

Zanjutsu: 180

Reiatsu: 260

Stamina: 125

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F / hell
Posted 6/30/12 , edited 7/1/12
Name: Nanasa Eam
Height: 5’4
Build: slim yet flexable
Eyes: green on top yellow on bottom
Reiatsu color: blue with white hues

Zanpakuto :judgement
zanpakuto spirit:
Command:Judgement send the god and devil a message now open heaven and hell messanger
1.A black mist covers them and takes away oxegen(but lowers her power and health)
2.Butterflys sings songs and mutiply her self
Unsealed form :a black shef with whit flowers
Shikai: awaken spirit
spirit is a hairpin that wen command to open it turns into a staf thats gold with a one foot blade
command:its time for judgement so open the doors of heaven and hell
shikai spirirt form:

1.IT SINGS A SONG THAT causes the person to fall asleep into a dream for only 1 minute (command"heaven")

2 .A chain that looks like wings that attackes the person by one command"Hell"
Bankai: Not achieved ( The name will be names Aika(love song) )


Strength 100
Speed 90
Durability 100
Reflexes 100
Hoho 30
Hado 10
Bakudo 10
Zanjutsu 10
Hakuda 40
Reiatsu 100
Stamina 100

Personality: Shy,cute,smart,bookwarm,singer,rude,secretive.and deadly
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42 / M
Posted 7/2/12 , edited 7/5/12
Name: Asa
Height: 5’11
Eyes: Blue-green
Reiatsu color: Blue-Green


Speed 160
Strength 140
Durability 120
Reflexes 160
Shunpo 70
Hado 10
Bakudo 10
Zanjutsu 130
Hakuda 10
Reiatsu 210
Stamina 100

Shikai: Name: ??

Constant release, the weapon is invisible.

Skill 1: Bounded Field of the Wind King

The sword is covered by a barrier made of wind. The barrier is made up of multiple layers of wind compressed into super-high pressure air with a massive amount of Reiatsu, which distorts the refraction of light and renders what is inside completely invisible. It is rather simple in execution, but it proves tremendously effective in hand-to-hand combat. The barrier isn't a vacuum, so the air constantly whirling around the blade is essentially a weapon. It increases the damage and cutting power of an attack, and the amount of Reiatsu released from each strike is high enough that it is visible to the eye. It also provides for an increased accuracy and defense against opponents unfamiliar with the nature of his weapon, as it is difficult for the opponents to parry lunges and thrusts from Asa. They cannot discern the length, width, reach, or trajectory of the blade, or even the fact that it is even a blade until they actually make contact with the weapon, which leaves them constantly on guard due to having to rely solely on Asa’s movement to decipher his attacks. They are confused both offensively and defensively, only allowing them to approximate the movements of the strikes and keep outside of his range to avoid being easily struck down.

Effects: Makes the weapon invisible. +40 Strength for blows and occasional pushing back.. Can be used to parry incoming Reiatsu based attacks if possible, producing wind around the weapon..

Skill 2: Hammer of the Wind King

Can be used when part of the air surrounding his weapon is released. Acting like a hammer made out of wind, it creates a gale made out of super high pressure condensed air. It can also be used to accelerate his own body towards his opponent. When used like this, the charge is done with a Speed 230. Useable up to 5 times during a battle.

Skill 3: Armed with Valor

A knight’s armor covers Asa, providing extra durability without hindering his movements. Exceptionally strong against Reiatsu based attacks. +30 Durability and +30 more if it’s against a Reiatsu based attack.

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22 / M
Posted 7/4/12 , edited 7/17/12
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Posted 7/6/12 , edited 11/2/12
Name: Foresuto Takahashi
Age: 310 years old, but looks like he is 30
Height: 5'11
Weight: 155 lbs
Built: Lean, but muscular
Eyes: Purple
Reaitsu color: Silver with Dark Blue Hues
What he looks like:

Personality: his is quite calm and collected. his has good will and protects people he has never met. he is up front about everything he will never hide the truth and will never lie. he does has a shy part to him when it comes to women. the only time he could ever show anger is if one of his friends are hurt. He will get revenge for his friends no matter what or if some one kills an innocent that will also boil him up.

Zanpakuto: Koroshi Taiyo (Slaying Sun)


command: Shatter


Bu-mu Genshiou (Boom Atomic Cannon): Aiming his staff at a person on either side of it he will fire a bullet at the person. the bullet glows a dark blue with a huge aura of Silver. once using this he must pump out the old bullet and let the other one appear which takes 30 seconds. (Aka two posts) if some ones Reiatsu is not atleast half as much as him or higher the bullet will tear through them, anyone Reiatsu who is higher than half of his will only get hit by it and sent flying. one the person body hits some thing hard enough the bullet tip will explode with Reiatsu.

Se-Kiri (Torrent Drill): spinning his Staff rapidly in front of him, Reiatsu will pour out of both ends of the staff and meet up at the middle. once ready he will let go of the staff as it fires a torrent drill at the person filled with his Reiatsu. the tip of the drill is dull meaning its a blunt attack but if the person Reiatsu is less than half of Foresuto the person could be ripped apart.

Enko (Arc): both tips will shoot out arcs of Reiatsu when he swings that end of the staff. he can fire this arcs for three posts before needing to pump out the double headed bullet and let it refill which takes two post.

Akuma-Shinpan (Devil Judgment.): Slamming his staff into the ground he will fire the bullet into the ground causing a eight foot Radius around him to explode up with Reiatsu. 3 feet Radius around him will not be hit with the explosion. the explosion blast will go up atleast 20 feet into the air.

Bankai: Jigoku no Kusari Koroshi Taiyo (Hells Chain Slaying Sun)

Details: The blades of his bankai can either stay as a scythe or go straight making a normal two sides blade.


Itoguruma (Spinning Wheel): spinning his bankai above his head will form a torrent of black with purple outline, around my weapon making a disc of a torrent. Once he slash my weapon it will fire either a charged disc or Several at the person sharp enough to cut through any one who is weaker than me, it is very similar to the discs that Ichigo's full bring fired out.

Shinigami Kira ( Death God Slice): This move is exactly the same as Ichigo's bankai move just the difference of the move is the red is Purple. If he makes the blades on his bankai straight and spins his bankai he can fire a massive amount of small black with an outline of purple arc at a person.

Tenbatsu (Wrath of God) : Making the blades of his bankai go straight he will stab my blade into the ground. twenty foot radius all around me will form a purple circle and than will blast into the air. the only safe zone is either out of the radius or being exactly above him.

ba-geningupawa-(Black Power): Snapping his bankai in half will force his zanpakuto into its sealed state yet this move puts him into a mode such as Shunko.

My stats:

Strength 700

Speed: 900

Durability: 1000

Reflexes: 1000

Shunpo: 1000

Hado: 1000

Bakudo: 0

Hakuda: 800

Zanjutsu: 1000

Reiatsu: 1000

Stamina: 900

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42 / M
Posted 7/6/12 , edited 7/6/12
Name: Lee Ichigeki
Age: 210, looks 21
Height: 6’ 1
Eyes: Brown
Reiatsu Colour: Blue


Shikai: Move as one, Mushin.

2 gloves with enhanced knuckles and fingertips. They are very light and durable, as they are Zanpakuto, and the material does not allow electricity or heat to run through it. They connect, through the skin with the nerves and Reiatsu channels and they allow unique awareness of one’s body. Improved motor control, finer movements and excellent Reiatsu control, enabling blending one’s body and Reiatsu are all effects of this connection.


Melee type Zanpakuto, meaning 20% of Hakuda stat is applied to Strength and Speed of the weapon (punches).


Economy of Motion: Using no wasted movements is a gift and a skill that requires years of practice. Subtle yet makes a big difference. When defending/blocking/dodging, Lee has +15 Speed.

Reflexive Exhalation: Letting a small breath when exerting or receiving force is fundamental for martial arts, and if done correctly and timely, it also makes a difference. When used along an attack, it provides +10 Speed and Strength. When used when receiving a hit to the body, it increases Durability by 20.

Effective Angle: While blocking, if one uses his body at a correct angle, he can withstand more force. It takes an experienced martial artist to implement this to the finest degree. When blocking/defending, Lee has +15 Strength.

Speed 150+20%Hakuda(40)=190
Strength 130+20%Hakuda(40)=170
Durability 140
Reflexes 170
Shunpo 10
Hado 10
Bakudo 10
Zanjutsu 10
Hakuda 180
Reiatsu 180
Stamina 130

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