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Posted 9/29/12 , edited 10/10/12
Kaide Domosuka
Age: 130 but looks 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs

Reaitsu color: Gold
Personality: Fun loving and energetic. He's easy to get along with and once you get to know him, he is a kind, trustworthy person he is a little pessimistic

Zanpukto: Souzouryoku (Creative Power)

command: Manifest

Ability: I my shikai allows me to create objects from my imagination
1) Living though: I conjure up a creature that can fight with me or in my place (the creature is as strong as a week hollow)
2) Mind Block: i create a shield that can withstand a hado up to a level 36
3) Mental Shift: My sword changes shape into a different weapon

My stats:

Strength 140
Speed: 190
Durability: 150
Reflexes: 100
Shunpo: 100
Hado: 10
Bakudo: 10
Hakuda: 40
Zanjutsu: 100
Reiatsu: 130
Stamina: 130
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