Corpse Party
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Posted 6/13/12 , edited 6/14/12
Have you played it? If so what are your thoughts? I just dl it and I'm still at the beginning, but so far I like it. I enjoy the fact that it's in Japanese with subtitles. I hope it's not to scary ha, I started off playing it with the lights on since I was home alone haha.

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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12
This game is phenomenal. I bought it the day it came out after reading a few interviews from the North American publisher, XSEED games; I could tell they really enjoyed the game themselves and were intent on localizing it properly. There are a few things you must do to play the game right. You have to play alone, you have to play at night with the lights off, and you absolutely must play with headphones. Sound is very important to the atmosphere.

You're really going to like it. Just make sure to get all the endings!
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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/16/12
It felt really low budget for a PSP game, but I guess I shouldn't be complaining about it considering it only cost us $19.99 (which is pretty much $20 to me) as oppose to the Japanese who had to paid an outrageous $60 or something like that for the game.

As for the game itself, the story was okay, a couple of dumb and annoying characters that I didn't like *cough*I need to pee*cough*. Don't know about other people, but the cutesy spirits design just didn't scare me even when I played the game at night, in a dark room, and used a pair of headphones.

Besides getting stuck with one puzzle in the middle of the game for around 5 minutes and looping myself with one of the endings, the game wasn't really that challenging. I cleared it around 5 hours or something along those lines, can't remember the exact time its been too long since I last played it

If I had to give it a score out of 10 I would say 6.5/10 I would of docked off another .5 points if I had to pay the same outrageous price in Japan, but luckily I didn't had to pay that amount. Honestly the level of quality this game offered should of just been a mobile game, I would of given it a 8/10 if that was the case.
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Posted 6/23/12 , edited 6/24/12
A very good game the deserves a remake on consoles with improved graphics.
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