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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 7/24/12
Squad 1

Captain:Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto- SengokuKaien

3rd Seat: Haku Rousseau-Corvus La Bounty

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Squad 2

Captain: Suì-Fēng- Yuuki Suzuki

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Squad 3

Captain: Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi- Hektorius

3rd Seat: Masen Kayne- KoganeTenshi

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Squad 4

Captain: Unohana Retsu- Icemusic

3rd Seat: Rokku Herupu- Icemusic

Squad 5

Captain: Shinji Hirako- Vale_T_Tora

Message Board-Announcements-Pending Missions

Attention all members, we have received a report from the Hollow monitors that there has been a sighting of 3 low-level hollows in the vicinity of New-York, in the Americas, this mission can be done with or without a partner, we just need it done.

Shinji Hirako

Squad 6

Captain: Kuchiki Byakuya- DarkHasayo/KuchikiKurisa

3rd Seat: Yuuki Himemiya- Yuuki Suzuki

4th Seat: Yamashita Kinji- Wolfstooth

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As requested from Kuchiki-taicho all squad 6 members are to stop any squad 11 member from giving us any more paperwork. I'm also getting quite anoyed by this, use force only if absolutely nesscery.

Yuuki Himemiya - 3rd Seat

Squad 7

Captain: Sajin Komamura- Kibarussel

3rd Seat: Sota Izunin-samreaper
4th Seat: Bain Tomomari- Simplechaos

Message Board-Announcements-Pending Missions

There is a menos grande sighted in tokyo in the human world. DO NOT deal with this mission alone. Take a partner with you. I recommend taking at least two other shinigami with you.

Sajin Komamura

Squad 8

Captain: Shunsui Kyōraku-samreaper

3rd Seat: Arashi Soichi-Hektorius

Message Board-Announcements-Pending Missions

Mission for squad 8---two souls have been reported yet not been sent to the seireitei and are currently being chased by a group of five hollows. Can have a partner to go along to ensure the safety of both souls. Also..make sure to get a girls number before completing the mission and a bottle of sake would b nice too.

Shunsui Kyōraku

Squad 9

Captain: Kensei Muguruma- Kibarussel

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Squad 10

Captain: Hitsugaya Toushiro- Roc28

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Squad 11

Captain: Zaraki Kenpachi- SengokuKaien

3rd Seat: Arashi Saizo- SengokuKaien
4th Seat: Tetsuya Tamaka- HatakeKuro
5th Seat: Kaijin Hoshi- SanoHarama
6th Seat: Shifumi Benihane- KanzoYuki

Message Board-Announcements-Pending Missions

Fellow warriors! As true Squad 11 members, we have the duty to uphold the honor and name of the Squad! Thus, you are required to fight, to drink, laugh and have fun more than everyone! Let no one best you in those and show everyone that Squad 11 knows how to enjoy life!

Zaraki Kenpachi

As per Zaraki-Taicho's orders, we are required to dump our paperwork on every Squad, and most of it on Squad 6. Be inventive or use brute force!

Arashi Saizo

Mission: We have recently changed our sake supplier, and Zaraki-taicho wants to make sure the sake's quality has not decreased. We need to drink 40 barrels of sake, half of the first order, to make sure there is no faulty product. A team of at least 3 members is required, because, lets face it, drinking with friends is much more fun.

Arashi Saizo

Mission: There's an outpost in Hueco Mundo that asked for help. The Shinigami there have detected a very large force of Advanced and Basic Hollows heading towards them. The force is estimated to about 30 Advanced Hollows and 40-50 Basic ones. The outpost is on top of a hill. There are 5 Shinigami there that can help fight the Hollows off, but they are of 5th Seat level the most. Urgent assistance is required, but DO NOT try if you don't have at least 4 people. Also try to make use of the walls of the outpost.

Arashi Saizo

Mission: There have been rumours of an underground, illegal arena. You need to ask around, get information about this, infiltrate the arena and capture the one behind it. You might have to fight some matches in disguise to get closer to the hidden mastermind behind this. Don't draw unnecessary attention. A maximum of 2 people can be mobillized.

Arashi Saizo

Squad 12

Captain: Kurotsuchi Mayuri- Abysspanda

3rd Seat: Izanai Mayou- shadow11218112

4th Seat Nanami giult -yourjou

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Squad 13

Captain: Ukitake Joushiro-Hatake Kuro

4th Seat: Houmari Torada- Vale_T_Tora
5th Seat: Kiba Inugami- Kibarussel
6th Seat: Yagami Kyo- Roc58

Message Board-Announcements-Pending Missions

The captain has reported that there has been some problems out in the vicinity of Kusajishi, and Zaraki, of disappearing souls. Possible hollows, taking a partner is requested, investigate, and, if possible, deal with the cause.

Houmari Torada
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