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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12

Name (last, first): Shirayuki, Ako

Nickname(s): Aki

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Birthday: October 31st

Life Story: When Ako was born her mother died. Her father died when she was 13. She's been running the house until she lost it due to lack of money. She then was trained to become a ninja who also uses magical powers to protect herself.

About Him/Her: She can get sick very quickly and sometimes coughs up blood. She is very strong.

Personality: Cold

Like(s): Everything

Hobbies: Archery, Medical care, Blacksmithing

Fear(s): Nothing

Special Powers/Abilities: She can use any magic.

Dreams and Talents: She dreams of running as fast of the speed of light,

Ambition/Life-long Dream: Discovering the cause of her mother's death.

Occupation/Job: Working at a bookstore.

Best Class(es): All of them.

Worst Class(es): None

Are you under a curse like the Sohma family?: Yes

If so, which animal are you?: Dog

Blood Type: AB

Everyday Outfit(s): A Black shirt and Shorts

Accessories: A Sword and a gun.

Scent: Blood

Hairstyle(s): Up In a ponytail or down.

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: Tattoo on her neck, Scar on her cheek.

Theme Song/Quote: Happy ready go. Quote: Tsh
hikaru kaze wo oikoshitara
kimi ni kitto aeru ne
atarashii kagayaki HAPPY READY GO!!

After I've passed the glittering wind,
I will surely meet you.
A new brilliance, HAPPY READY GO!!

mezameta bakari no, tokimeki hajikesou
mune POCKET ni tsumete, sora wo miageta
maegami no yukue wo, kagami to niramekko
ORIGINAL egao de, kakenuketai yo

Just waking up, I felt an excitement,
Ready to burst from my chest pocket, and I looked up at the sky.
I played a staring game with the mirror, to find my forelock's whereabouts.
With an original smile, I want to break off running.

ichibyou goto dokidoki, irodzuku kono hibi ga
miraichizu ni naru, takanaru kodou

With each second a thump, these colourful days,
Becomes a map for the future, the beat that throbs faster.

*hikaru kaze wo oikoshitara
nani ga matteiru no kana
amefuri demo heiki, niji ni naru yo
kimi ni kitto aeru ne
chisana yuuki wo, sakase you

*After I've passed the glittering wind,
I wonder what's waiting for me there.
I don't mind rain for it ends in rainbow.
Colourful Happy Material GO!!
I will surely meet you.
Just let the tiny courage bloom.

hayari mo Study mo, youten CHECK OK
hyouteki wo kakunin, SPEED shoubu
nodo goshi sawayakana tokubetsu no yokan ga
kono mune afureteku, kasoku shiteku yo

Whether fashion or study, check the main points and it'd be OK.
Know the target, it's a speed race.
The special premonition that brushes the throat gently,
As it overflows in my chest, I accelerate!

namida kakushita egao, kimi wa kidzuiteru ne
koi shiyo! yume miyo! watashi rashiku

You must have noticed the tears behind the smile.
Love! Dream! Be myself!

negai no saki e Jump shitara
uketomete kureru kana?
nayamu mae ni dekiru koto wo shiyou!
osoroi no kirameki
kimi ni todoketai HAPPY READY GO!

When I jump towards my wish,
Will you be there to catch me?
Let's do what we can in face of trouble.
Colourful Happy Material GO!!
The sparkle of uniforms,
I hope it reaches you, HAPPY READY GO!



kimi ni todoketai HAPPY READY GO!

I hope it reaches you, HAPPY READY GO!

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