new kurosagi movie and japanese version of hana kimi!
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ok so kurosagi is coming out in 2008 and that basically all i know so far. hana kimi is airing this summer and oguri shun is going to be the hot guy she likes. eeekkk!!! i cant wait!!!!!!!
oooo and kurosagi is a movie and heres the link for more info on hana kimi

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^Don't double post and use the edit button. I think there's a thread about the Japanese Hana Kimi on Crunchyroll already, but I'll check that again.

Edit Found it (sorry Mauz, Redgarnett hasn't been updating the index)
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Oh thank you very much. I'm not very familiarized with this forum section. I'll rename it then.
oh wait you found the other one. thanks.
yamapi-kun, post in the threads linked above.

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