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what song makes you smile? :)
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Posted 8/27/12 , edited 8/27/12
I Like It - Foxy Shazam
Paper Kitten Nightmare - Margot & the Nuclear So & So's
Hold It In - Jukebox The Ghost

There's more I'm sure, but I'm rather brain dead at the moment. (:
Posted 8/27/12 , edited 8/28/12
[pretty much anything by lonely island would make me smile, their songs are hilarious
Posted 8/30/12 , edited 8/30/12
"ABC", Jackson 5. I lose it when I hear this song, I don't dance much, and I also suck at it, but when this starts playing my body just starts going off on it's own.

"You're the Best Around", Joe Esposito. Can't help but laugh and strike a Karate pose when this comes on.

"Glory of Love", Peter Cetera. Smile, and sing it...

"I Swear", Boyz II Men. It was catchy when I was a kid, and then saw Just friends and now I have to sing it like fat Ryan Reynolds trying not to laugh my ass off.

"I'll Make Love to You", Boyz II Men. Same deal, it's catchy and it makes me laugh my ass off.

"Lazy Song", Bruno Mars. Only because I can completely relate to it.

"Count on me", Bruno Mars. Only because I try to imagine what it would be like to have a friend like the one in the song.

"Now You're a Man", DVDA. Just a hilariously awesome song.

Posted 8/30/12 , edited 8/30/12
Pretty much anything by Dispatch or State Radio. Just puts me in a good mood.
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Posted 8/30/12 , edited 8/30/12
Gangnam Style by Psy
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