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Bot one
Name: Jack Kodaik
Age: 162 years. but look 17

Personality: I am very calm level headed, very hard to anger,. Im very energetic but do enjoy some downtime

Kido: I can use bakudo up to level 81, and hado up to level

Zanpakuto: Banshee
Sealed state: a Wakizashi, the hilt is blue with black tribal markings on the hilt and the blade and a black shuriken as its cross guard.
release command: Let them hear ya Banshee

Shikai: a black gauntlet the size of my forearm with a metal cord that is attached to a giant windmill shuriken both black as well. The cord can bend and strech at will

Ability: when the shurikan spins it produces a high pitched noise that can cause the opponent to become disoriented, have double vision, or even loss of balance for up to long periods of time. The faster the shurikan spins the loader the noise gets and the closer one gets to it the stronger the effects.

Sound Barrier- produces high density sound waves making a barrier able to stop regular ceros and up to level 55 hado

Boom- the shuriken rotates at such speeds it breaks the sound barrier causing a sonic boom and then using that momentum to shoot of towards the opponent

Sonic slice- the sound waves vibrate at such a rate that they can cut the opponent. ((when using this the normal effect of the sound waves is inactive))

Complete control- the four blades of the windmill shuriken are disconnected along with the cord and all pieces can be controlled at will. The pieces also vibrate at high speeds causing the sound to continue. ((once i use this i can't but it back together))

bankai: Banshee Poltergeist the gauntlet,cord, and shurikan all get dark blue glowing tribal markings, and the shuriken grows to the size of me from one tip to the opposite tip.

Ability:same as shikai except if you get cut on a limb you lose motion of that limb for 5 posts, if you get cut in the torso your power is cut 35% for 5 posts, and if cut in the head you become paralized for one post

Silence- the shuriken spins at such a fast rate and such a high pitch that it blows the eardrums out and depending on the distance to the enemy can destroy the inner ear bones.((note :if i use it to close to myself it can effect me as well))

Sound Barrier- produces high density sound waves making a barrier able to stop regular ceros and up to level 85 hado

Speed 250
Strength 270
Durability 280
Reflexes 250
Shunpo 250
Hado 200
Bakudo 250
Hakudo 180
Zanjustu 280
Spirit pressure: 280
Stamina: 275
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Bot 2 (Captain)
Sennen Ishin

Ishin was a valiant warrior a general of a unit of Samurai. He served the Shogun for his entire life. Yet, because he put his soldiers' safety first, and did quite many heroic deeds, the samurai grew to admire him, even more than the Shogun, and even think they wanted him to be their Lord. The Shogun, intimidated by Ishin's popularity, sent him to war, with other generals and units. But the others had an order. They had to, at the very last moment, betray Ishin and his unit, and leave them fight alone. And so it happened....Ishin, who always put his troops lives first fought in the first line, taking many hits for them. Finally, this great hero died, now a vengeful spirit, seeking revenge for this unfair betrayal.

Shikai: Konki
His sword turns into a very heavy and long two-handed sword


1 Two handed
His weapon’s strength increases by 40
2 Retribution:
A sword blow that’s stronger the more damage he has sustained

3 Adamant:
He stabs the sword in the air with both hands, and from the tip, a wave of Reiatsu spreads and forms as a shield to guard him.

4 Spirit Sword
His sword covered in Reiatsu, he can use his Reiatsu stat as Strength stat for his blows for 5 posts. Useable every 10 posts.

5 Eternal Friends

The General's power is his troops' loyalty. A loyalty that Ishin earned it and cost him his life. Yet, his loyal troops, all of them having died in the battlefield around him, did not forsake him. Using this skill, he summons 20 Samurai with armor and weapons, each one with 50% of his Stats, for 2 posts only.

Bankai: Ido-fuka Konki

A black Samurai shield and helmet, along with the long sword


1 Samurai Armor
+60 Durability

2 Taunt
Pulls all Reiatsu attacks towards him, but weakens them a bit

3 Evolution
The armor becomes more durable against attacks it has already received

4 Last Companion
He summons his horse of the last battle he lived through and rides it. The horse is also covered in armored scales and has the same Durability as him. It can't attack, but it gives Isshin +50 movement speed but prevents the usage of Shunpo

5 Forsaken General
Takes off his armor, deciding to fight without caring for his life anymore. -100 Durability. +50 Speed, +50 Strength, +50 Reiatsu

Strength 350
Speed 350
Durability 450
Reflexes 310
Hado 30
Bakudo 30
Zanjutsu 250
Hakuda 30
Shunpo 200
Reiatsu 450
Stamina 300
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28 / M / Where you are not
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If I died today, who would be at my funeral?
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Name: Kanta Doku
Age: Looks 20

Personality: Cunning, smart and a little creepy. He enjoys torturing his enemies and loves experiments.

Zanpakuto: A normal katana tho the blade is rusted.

Shikai: Kumo no joō ((Spider Queen))
It changes into 2 Fang looking daggers:

Its able to deliver very deadly poison to whoever it cuts and Is able to spin strong, steel-like, webs that could cut people.


Kumokonpurekkusu ((Spider Complex)): Spins a web that covers the area ensnaring those that are caught. Best used indoors.

Sureddo o setsudan ((Cutting Thread)): Uses the sharp threads that has caught the enemy and pulls on it slicing up the captured enemy.

Kumo no kōshō ((Spider Bite)): Cuts the enemy with the daggers delivering a deadly poison that will weaken them slowly as the fight goes on. ((-20 Shunpo/Speed/Strength from 1st post till 5th. -30 Shunpo/Speed/Strength from then on.))

Kumokuraudo ((Spider Cloud)): Releases a fog of hairs from my dagger that greatly irritates the enemy's sight, smell and is very itchy.

Supaidāsōdo ((Spider Sword)): The web covers the 2 daggers increasing their power. ((+30 Strength for dagger strikes.))

Strength: 190
Speed: 260
Durability: 300
Hoho: 290
Reflexes: 260
Hado: 360
Bakudo: 380
Zanjustsu: 200
Hakuda: 30
Reiatsu: 290
Stamina: 190

Bankai: Happīdansu joōgumo ((Happy Dancing Spider Queen))

Turns into a giant robot spider. It is very powerful and durable. Its legs are very sharp just like a sword and Kanta can control it with either verbal commands or through thought.

Bankai Spider Stats:
Strength 330
Speed 250
Durability 350
Reiatsu 300
Reflexes 300


All of its shikai skills except spider sword. They are all much stronger than in shikai.

Supaidāyangu ((Spider Young)): Releases a large number of small robot spiders from its mouth. Tho they are very fragile they have very deadly poison.
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Name: Bot #42
Age: 2 months


Backstory: A project of Squad 12, this bot could be considered their greatest achievement. They have finally been able to replicate another person's Zanpakuto perfectly, to the last detail. This bot was the first able to stand against a Captain, using his own Zanpakuto against him. The bot can, with one glance, judge the opponent's Zanpakuto and its skills, but also the opponent's skills and power. Then, it can emulate the Zanpakuto, and also change its own body's composition, to either immitate his opponwnt's strong points or counter them


It takes all of the opponent's skills


Average of 250, you make it as you wish before the match, and state it at your first post. With high Kido, come high level spells, with high Hakuda Ikkotsu, Sokkotsu, Raioken and with high Zanjutsu Ryodan and Hitotsume: Nadegiri.

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28 / M / Where you are not
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If I died today, who would be at my funeral?
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27 / M / On my House? XD
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Reserved )))
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Sano Harama ((Troll mode more or less))
Apearance: just think of an older Sano
Age: looks 30, is 300
Backstory: Was once a shinigami in Squad 11. Left because of boredom.
Shikai: Desecrate, Ono Kanadzuchi
- is an ax chained to a hammer that turns his reiatsu explosive and releases it upon impact causing huge explosions. The chains can extend or retract.
Landmine- I slam the hammer to the ground and an explosion occurs under my opponent as long as they're standing on any surface
Break Blade- The ax's blade shoots out frag style into 20 shards that grow back. each shard is highly explosive.
Blade Missile- the ax's blade shoots out RPG style towards my opponent and splits into 20 shards in mid-air. the shards are highly explosive.

Bankai: two 2 foot poles each with an ax head and hammer head on one end and are chained together on the other. Like on shikai, the chain can extend or retract
all skills in shikai.
Mine Field- just like land mine but instead of 1 explosion under my opponent, it's a circle/s of explosions each with twice the power.
Chain armor: The chains wrap around me forming an armor highly resistant to all attacks
Rocket Bomb- I cross the poles in front of my and a nearly transparent orb forms at the intersection. The orb then shoots at ridiculously fast speeds and once it hits it's target, it explodes 3x as powerful as my most powerful explosion yet except with this skill.
Missile Cyclone- Like Blade missile but much more powerful explosions, 20,000 shards, and they first form a cyclone around my opponent before going in.
Strength 500
Speed 500
Durability 500
Reflexes 500
Hoho 0
Hado 0
Bakudo 0
Zanjutsu 500
Hakuda 100
Reiatsu 500
Stamina 500
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