The Best and Worst Things About the Best and Worst Mangas
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Posted 6/17/12 , edited 6/17/12
What do you like and/or dislike about certain mangas? I want to be a mangaka some day, and I find it helpful to know what people think I should add or avoid. That's probably helpful to everyone who wants to do something, ne? XD Anyways, please post what you like and dislike about any mangas, or animes!
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Hmm.. Most important thing : Storyline/plot. Like some manga , at first they turn out well , but in the end it got into some messed up ending like.. Defense Devil. At first it started out so well but it turned out to be some devil fighting against one another. Some are , of course , forced to stopped immediately so they could only rush the ending. But plan your plot well.

Also , i don't like Manga that have too many wordings/speech(E.g One piece). Let the art do the talking. Unless they are necessary then well , forget it.
Suspense , twist are also very important. Cliff hangers are also good as the audience anticipated the next chapter. But never stop suddenly too many times because this frustrates the audience(E.g The Breaker).

I have based this one some of the popular manga i have read. This are my personal opinion so if it collides with yours hope you dont't mind.

Good luck in being a mangaka. The road is tough and tedious one but anyway , all the best !
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Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
Hi, I'll just give you what I wish manga writers have and what i love in manga's personally.

-I love comedy manga's. It doesn't have to be all comedy but maybe a hint of it. Laughter is the key to any successful manga! Even if it hidden type of humor that only those who read all of your manga's knows about that's good.

-Also a good hook to grab attention of the reader and always keep the story interesting, just like Maximum Ride manga. I hate it when the book sounds good but its actually an OK or 'not even worth reading' type of manga.

-Also Making unique characters especially, the main one, is important too. Let the reader feel like when your reading the book that they can be friends with the characters or hate them. I've always felt that if I am actually rooting for a character or hate a character because of their actions in the manga; then you have become a successful mangaka. (I have a bad habit of being so mad at a character I actually stop reading! That's a good writer if you make me do that!)

-Make the reader feel that when they read your book they are transported into the world you created, whether its a regular old high school with crazy people in it or a imaginary world with all type of people ready to kill your main character, that how i feel when i read Tsubasa.

-Make the ending a twist but not a disappointing twist, just like Mr-Keal mentioned in his reply

-Last but not least, let the reader want more!!!! Let the end of every volume be a highlight that makes the reader anticipate the next volume, for ex. i always can't wait for the next volume of Skip Beat! ( I LOVE YOU REN AND KYOKO )

I hope your dream of becoming a manga writer comes true and when it does I'll be looking for it<3
Keep persevering Honey Horse11
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Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/19/12
I like manga that is easy to follow and understand. Take Air Gear, for instance. Awesome manga, I loved it. In the beginning, it was easy to follow and everything. Then near the end, it started going in a way that was just too confusing. The panels were just so busy that I couldn't follow everything.

I'm not saying it has to be so easy a kid can follow it, but you know what I mean.
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Posted 6/20/12 , edited 6/20/12
Thank you!!! That was very helpful!!!
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Posted 6/22/12 , edited 6/22/12
i hate manga with many speeches 2. and i hate guys that blushes alot and are shy. i like guys that are forceful or has kinda devil side for example (amai akuma ga warau) thats probably all good luck!!!
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Posted 6/23/12 , edited 6/23/12
What I don't like is that they'll start out coming out every 2-3 months, but then, they start spreaaaaading out, sometimes to the point of getting a volume once or twice a year! Like for instance, according to Wiki, Negima's wrapping up in 38 vol's. I have 34 of them now, but I guarantee it'll take a 1 1/2 years to get to 38! I hate it when they're down to the last few, and they spread them out!! I've had that happen to me I don't know HOW many times!

Berserk: I got 35 vol's, but it took me a YEAR--yes a YEAR---between 34 and 35, and damn near 2 between 33 and 34!! And don't get me started on Tenjo Tenge--! I had been collecting them for several years, then all of a sudden, it got to 16/17, and I didn't see them anymore!

No, they STOPPED and started doing the onmibus thing instead! I thought they did that once they're done????

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Posted 7/8/12 , edited 7/8/12
I think that one thing manga does that I love so much, is that it takes me to another world. I like manga that have a really intense storyline the just wraps me up into. That isn't to say it has to be dramatic, it just has to be captivating. I also like the art, good art really makes it easy for me to get behind, I'm not too sure why, but the art is definitely an important part of the manga. Maybe it's because I imagine manga as the halfway point between a movie and a book?
One thing that bothers me the most is when the author builds up suspense and doesn't do anything with it. Make the reader stay on the edge of their seat, make each chapter interesting or lead into something interesting! I also get annoyed when too many annoying characters show up and don't do anything for the plot. They really aren't needed.
One thing I know is always fun is the plot twist! I love ones that drag in the unexpected or kind of throw the reader off-balance, but it has to make sense. Try to keep logic in play as much as possible.

Hope that helped!
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