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Best and Worst of Spring 2012
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25 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 7/8/12

It's this time of season again. Oh wait, not really. I know it's a little early and most shows in the Summer lineup will start airing in July, but, I might not be here that time so I want to make this thread now.
We'll be saying goodbye to some of the shows we're enjoying right now.
Summer 2012 lineup is getting close. What anime did you enjoy the most? And what did you find awful?

Spill it to us. You might not be alone on your choices.

The anime(s):

I'm going to change the format. Last time I asked you guys to list the Top 3 and Bottom 3 of the season.
But this time I want you to rank all the shows you've seen so far this Spring season with #1 being the highest / best.

Lemme start.

chrome_mist's TOP 8 anime of Spring 2012

1. Kuroko no Basket
Sports anime has recently become one of my favorite genres.
So this is a new sports anime that came out this season, I didn't let this pass!
I mean, the characters are great! The two main, Kuroko and Taiga, make the best pair!
The anime itself though, is a little too over-the-top. But that's what makes it enjoyable!
Some people may not like it, but I sure as hell do! Sports anime BANZAI!

2. Kids on the Slope
Unlike most of the shows I've seen, the story of Kids in the Slope doesn't drag.
Yup, you can actually see it developing as you continue watching.
From the lovable (at least for me) characters to the pretty visuals, I can say this is the it show of the season.

3. Hyouka
Hyouka has haters. I don't know how many, but they exist.
I mean, I get how they're so upset with the show. The story isn't all that, the mysteries aren't really
anything to brag about. So why is this my number 3?
The characters. Yes. I love all of them, especially the one I'm obsessing over right now, Oreki Hotarou.
He is just too fucking perfect. He makes this show and I don't care what you irrelevant haters say!

4. Kimi to Boku. 2
Seriously. I never thought I'd like this show so much.
I mean, the first season was okay, but this sequel is just so good!
Watching this show makes me feel calm and happy. It's like watching Natsume Yuujinchou,
except this one's a little gay and there is no Nyanko-sensei.

5. Space Brothers
Most underrated anime of the season. This anime needs to be more popular.
It's too good to finish without many people talking about it.
Unlike Kids on the Slope, which is the obvious favorite of the season, Space Brothers is the hidden gem of the season.
The story is not crap, the pacing is quite good, the 2 main characters are lovable (Hibito ♥) and the music's not bad.
I wish people paid attention to this one.


6. Jormungand
Anime with a crazy ass bitch as the main character?
Sounds like Black Lagoon to me. But it's not quite.
I mean, the similarities slap you in the face, but what makes Jormungand different is there are actually
male characters who can fight. lol
Lutz is my fave because he's the hottest out of the bunch and the white-haired kid (forgot his name) is really cute!

7. Sankarea
Cute anime.
It's not your typical shounen-romance anime because it actually has a story to follow.
Sure the fan service is there, but the story is what's important.
There aren't many fathers in anime that would kidnap the main protagonist because he's too
fucking jealous of him. Sick, perverted old pig. ( Yes, I went there)
It's kind of suspenseful in its own way. I'm enjoying this right now.

8. Accel World
Generic piece of shit that I just happen to enjoy.
Weakest anime on my list but that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad, no.
I like Accel World. It tries way too hard, the protagonist is oh-so-fuckin pathetic
and the other characters are just as annoying.
So why am I still watching this? Because the story is somewhat interesting.
This might get dropped soon but from what I've seen so far, this stays here on my list sitting
on the Number 8 throne.

Plan To Watch:
Fate/Zero 2

Mysterious Girlfriend X - 7/10
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia - 7/10
Mouretsu Pirates - 6/10
Area no Kishi - 6/10
Medaka Box - 5/10
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Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
oh gosh. i've watched too many this season to list them all out so i'm listing my favorites in order:

1. Sakamichi no Apollon
It's too perfect. The characters, their relationships, the music, I LOVE IT ALL. And it's really ture-to-life and stuff so yeah.

2. Kuroko no Basuke
I don't often watch sports anime but kuroko no basuke really caught my eye this season. I really like it every episode is full of basketball action and it's hilarious at times too. MIRAGEN!! <3 yeah there are hotties as well.

3. Tsuritama
To be honest, I don't really know why I like tsuritama but it's really fun to watch so I really like it.

4. Jormungand
Jormungand, the style is just mind-blowingly awesome. The characters ooze with awesome and everything about jormungand is awesome. It has enough war fighting for my action standard so it meets my criteria.

5. Sankarea
it's adorable. it isn't like any normal zombie anime. it's an adorable teenage girl instead of a zombie, like this wouldn't pique my interest.

side note:
i have no say in the ones that were supposed to be super awesome.
ex, fate/zero season 2 because, i'm not exactly caught up on it (started a few hours ago)
so no judging.
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26 / M
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
1. Kuroko no Basket
2. Accel World

3. Jormungand
4. Uchuu Kyoudai
5. Eureka Seven AO
6. Fate/Zero 2nd Season

7. Tsuritama
8. Ginga e Kickoff!!
9. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
10. Sankarea
11. Sakamichi no Apollon
12. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead

13. Shirokuma Cafe
14. Saki: Achiga-hen - Episode of Side-A
15. Saint Seiya Omega
16. AKB0048
17. Recorder to Randoseru Re♪
18. Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 2
19. Medaka Box
20. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

21. Inazuma Eleven Go 2: Chrono Stone
22. Queen's Blade: Rebellion
23. Natsuiro Kiseki
24. Sengoku Collection
25. Hyouka
26. Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden
27. Kimi to Boku. 2
28. Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna
29. Gakkatsu!
30. Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit Hen
31. Zetman
32. Furusato Saisei: Nihon no Mukashi Banashi
33. Yurumates 3D
34. Upotte
35. Nazo no Kanojo X
36. Ozuma

37. Kuro Majo-san ga Tooru!!
38. Hiiro no Kakera

39. Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan
40. Shiba Inuko-san
41. Acchi Kocchi

I'm not up to date with Beyblade Zero-G, but it should be a solid 4. I'll watch Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future when it gets proper subs, but that'll take years...
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23 / M / Tallahassee,Flori...
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
I say I enjoyed all the anime of this season that I watched (and stuck with) .So,it was pretty good for me

The best would be Space Brothers/Uchuu Kyoudai
Then there's Medaka Box,Kids on the Slope/Sakamichi no Apollon,Kuroko's Basketball/Kuroko no Basket,Mysterious Girlfriend X/Nazo no Kanojo X & Accel World.
I'm also watching Jormungand & it's decent,not as good as the few above.I dropped Upotte!! & Tsuritama,they both didn't interest me (I might go back & watch).The only anime of the season I planned to watch but didn't watch yet was Zetman.

EDIT:Oh yeah,I forgot to mention that I dropped the Rock Lee anime.
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33 / NS,Canada
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
Kids on the slope,Medaka Box,Haiyore Nyarko!,Sankarea,Kore wa desu Zombie of the dead,Tasogare Otome X Amnesia and Mysterious Girlfriend X
are the animes I am loving this season

Not a fan of Upotte or Queen's Blade Rebellion (Though I was not one for the first two seasons, it takes me a while to watch it)

Kids on the Slope is a nice slice of life, and I love how the characters are done.

Medaka Box,Nyarko,Zombie is great for what they are, standard formula with slight twists

MFX, I got to like the whole trying to figure out the bond of drool and the character Urabe is both voiced and written well for the title.

Tasogare Otome is great for the whole occult and the mystery of Yuuko's death

and my final justification is Sankarea, what is not to like, girl wants to be free of her perverted father, becomes zombie and even as we learn of her father's past it makes a slight bit of disturbing sense. Plus, Mero is soooo cute >_<

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25 / M / Jackson, MS
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
1. Nyarko-san (funniest and best show this season )
2. Is This a Zombie? of the Dead

3. Sankarea
4. Medaka Box (slow start-and middle-but picked up around episode 8 and TOOK OFF after episode 10)

5. Mysterious Girlfriend X (if you can get past the first episode, the rest of it easy)
6. Jormunand (surprise jewel I found real late into the season)
7. Accel World

8. Hyouka (normally not a fan of mystery shows but I like the main character's personality-he reminds me of me )
9. Holy Knight
10. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
11. Recorder to Randersu 2

12. Hirro no Kakera
13. Upotte (Pretty decent anime; passed by expectations though not by much)

14. Saki: Episode of Side A (This was disappointing as I loved the original; will hope for Saki sequel in future)

15. AKB0048

16. Sengoku Collection

17. Shining Hearts

NOTE: The ones in red are the ones I stopped watching.

Shows haven't got around to but will watch later:
Queen's Blade Rebellion
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26 / M / Indiana
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
I can't even begin to express how much of a let down Upotte was. I was really looking forward to it, as well.
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26 / F
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
1. Sakamichi no Apollon
In spite of the generation gap, this anime can relate to all ages. The relationship and the tiny moments between our characters is what brings out the true heart and greatness of this anime. I like how jazz is incorporated nicely as a background/insert music as well as a metaphor for life. It's a simple and flawless anime you shouldn't miss.

2. Uchuu Kyoudai
I've seen several space-related animes already but this is the first time where the focus isn't school life nor sci-fi. It's has a nice pacing with character development. I like how Mutta started off with such terrible luck but is trying to use new opportunities to achieve his long lost dream. It's targeted more for the adult age group because the jokes are for someone who has experienced a lot of downs in life. It's very relatable and enjoyable to watch. Like Chrome said, it's a very underrated gem.

3. Ginga e Kickoff!
To be honest, I thought it would be a kiddie show. I'm very mistaken. This anime has exceeded all my negative expectations for it. It has everything what a sports anime should be. Lately, most sports anime lack a lot of important aspects. It's not about the flashy tactics but rather the teamwork and love for the game. The pacing is a little bit slow but still very entertaining.

1. Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan
This anime has made me lose hope with game adaptations. There was virtually no suspense or barely a trace of the game play plot. Basically they were just baking bread and making people happy with it. What happened to the amnesia and stone that the pirates were hunting? Somebody told me to wait for Kaguya to appear before making any judgements but the whole time she was either asleep or staring over the ocean. I don't think the ending will save the epic boredom I've experienced.

2. Area no Kishi
I cringed more and more with each new episode. They managed to introduce stupid tropes every time. First of all, the flashy movements. I hate it when everything is entrusted to a "star" player. They're on the losing end, then suddenly they manage to miraculously win. This leads to the second factor, which is when Suguru possesses Kakeru. OMG, that was the most stupid thing I have everrrr watched. I hate the shared heart concept if it's used that way. Please show, the main character is Kakeru not his dead brother. If it doesn't improve by the end of the summer cour, I'm dropping it.

3. Hiiro no Kakera
It has the makings of a good fantasy reverse-harem but too bad the potential is just left to rot. I had a problems with the five guys reacting in the same way at first but I'm glad that has changed already. Well, I have an inkling that it's just settling it's pacing and it'll improve in the second half.

Honorable Mention: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

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32 / M / Irish/German - Am...
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
1 Space Brothers & Kids On the Slope
choosing between the two isn't possible since it is basically apples & Oranges.

3. Mysterious Girlfriend X
Fuck you - it's awesome No idea why this appeals to me so much other than I see a lot of the problems with relationships still relevant even at my age. Most anime just go with "Get her/him to be your girlfriend/boyfriend and everything will just work out!" -_- This deals with a lot of issues that come after .... in a HILARIOUS way. All I know is that this is the anime I look forward to the most each week. Yes even more than the two above and those are better.

4. Lupin the Third: The Story of Mine Fujiko

The only reason this isn't higher is because I'm waiting to see how everything is going to come together

5. Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia
Thought this was going to be a ecchi harem anime with a ghost ...... it's gotten better and better and better as the series has gone along. The art style in this anime is to die for.


6. Moretsu Pirates
started off strong with great ship designs and a great world but now ..... I'm having to push myself to finish for some reason. Not entirely sure why either since I'm at the "High action" part.

I usually wait till everything is done for a season and then listen to others on what to watch but these were on CR staring me in the face and no way was I going to miss a revamp of Lupin since I'm a big fan of the old series.

Stuff I am planning to watch or finish watching later in the future

Edit - Like wolf above I forgot Rock Lee (AKA Chibi Naruto) dropped that horrible piece of crap. I'm a big Naruto fan so ........ yeah it's pretty god awful.

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28 / M / Anime World
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
From my blog:

The impressive:

1) Fate/Zero part 2 - like season 1, I'm once again impressed with its execution of superior animation, style, characters, and storyline.
2) Sankarea - surprised me quite a lot. This is an ecchi show done RIGHT.
3) Dusk Maiden of Amnesia - hot ghost troll, great animation, entertainment on a Sunday night. What the fuck else?
4) Kids on the Slope - great coming of age series that I should of picked up earlier
5) Jormungand - Koko is loco. That is all.
6) Accel World - great series and impressive. I don't give a shit what or how the protagonist looks like :P

Just alright:

7) Mysterious Girlfriend X - interesting series although it could be executed better. Mixed thoughts about this atm.
8) Eureka Seven: AO - although I like the original series, this sequel is not living up to my current expectations although I still have hope.
9) Is this a Zombie? Season 2 - I just watch this for the lulz.
10) Hyouka - ok, I would post a long explanation on this but I'll probably just do it in a review when series is finished. Right now, I have mixed feelings.
11) Zetman - gorelicious. However, it is quite predictable and uses common cliches.
12) Medaka Box - I expected a lot more from this. Pfft. (for now)


13) Hiiro no Kakera - stop trying to make me snooze. Please.
14) Area no Kishi - with the most recent episode, this one might go into the meh section. After the previous 20 episodes though, I'm not enjoying this that much.
15) Holy Knight OVA - it has potential but too damn short.
16) Ozma (completed) - wasted my time on this series. Thank God it was only 6 episodes.
17) Upotte! - wasted my time watching this although the final episode was alright.

Doesn't belong to any category:

Fairy Tail and Naruto Shippuden. One's on filler while the later is not. Not too bad though.

Will be marathoning Acchi Koichi, Morestu Pirates, Aquarion EVOL, Kimi to Boku 2 and Tsuritama when series are finished. Not sure if I'll watch Shining Hearts, AKB0048, Natsuiro Kiseki, or Queen's Blade: Rebellion.

Considering watching Kuroko no Basket and Nyarko-san also.
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34 / M / NE
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
I didn't go all out and rate all the series. Some I didn't watch, but here are my top and bottom three from the Spring Season.

Top 3

1. Kids on the Slope - I think its one of best slice of life series I've seen in a long time. The characters have realism to them that makes them believable. Even non-anime fans would probably enjoy this series and it should be a must see for people just getting into anime. I've been a jazz fan for a long time, so the music was awesome.

2. Space Brothers - I realize that they are putting out 50 some episodes, so we'll be watching for a while now. I just wish it came on at a different time.

3. Haiyore Nyarko - Nothing beats a good satire. I've also been a fan of Lovecraft so that was a plus.

Bottom 3

1. Upotte - I didn't know what to expect from this series, and its plot is still a little confusing.

2. Area No Kishi - I never was much for sports series, but I dropped this after the first couple of episodes.

3. Moretsu Pirates - I should have dropped it, but didn't.
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Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
For me

The good

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
Kind of a cute ghost story. I thought that this was going to be a horror anime, like Another, but it wasn't.
Haiyore! Nyarko-San
Interesting spin on Lovecraft. They throw in so many phrases from other anime, that you will likely notice. Hilarious, cute little romance too.
Sakamichi no Apollon
Nice anime involving jazz that takes place in the late 60's. Good animation.
Lupin the Third Mine Fujiko
I haven't watched the original Lupin, but my friend tells me this gives back story to some of the characters in the original. I don't think the nudity ruined this show. I found this show quite captivating.

The meh

Medaka Box
I follow the manga, which is good. The anime is kind of boring because it didn't get to the real action part yet. It's quite funny at times.
Saint Seiya Omega
I thought the original Saint Seiya was better, even though I didn't see all of it. Not too sure what was about this that made me not care about it so much. True Saint Seiya fans would likely be disappointed. It's not bad, yet it's not good.
Kuroko's Basketball
I personally really liked this show, but I haven't watched too many anime in the sports genre. The games are pretty intense imo.

The bad

Sengoku Collection
So far, I've seen Battle Girls Time Paradox, Hyakka Rouran Samurai Girls, Sengoku Basara, and Brave 10, which involve people from the warring states era. This one is probably the most boring of them all.
This anime was just about girls that are weapons or something. I learned some interesting stuff about guns, I guess, but overall this show wasn't very entertaining.
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36 / F / Yorkshire
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
Top 5:
1. Kids on the Slope
2. Fate/Zero part 2/Space Brothers
3. Polar Bear Cafe
4. Tsuritama
5. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Worthy mentions:
Ozma, Saint Seiya Omega, Haiyore Nyarko, Mysterious Girlfriend X

Saki: Episode of side A, Sengoku Collection, Queens Blade: Rebellion
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31 / M
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12
I didn't actually watch too much from this season so I don't think I'll have too big of a list since I go by what I've watched.

Top 5

1: Fate Zero S2 - The whole anime has been pretty epic and I've enjoyed it a lot more than I did Fate Stay Night. The fight scenes are generally pretty awesome. the story is engaging and great, and the soundtrack is pretty sweet as well.

2: Jormungand - Its been a while since I've watched an anime that focused on straight up bad ass gunfights. In a way it reminds me of a combination of Ghost in the Shell and Black Lagoon except I'm enjoying it a lot more than I did Black Lagoon. There is a bit of plot and depth behind some of the characters but for the most part this anime focuses on the action. The characters are likeable and its always nice to see Koko's cunning tactics to outwit their opponents.

3: Moretsu Pirates - I think this anime has had a couple of ups and downs but I've still enjoyed it. The last few episodes have certainly picked up but its still kind of left me wanting more. I think it could be better if it was more of just adventures in space instead of it going back to her high school life. So really I think the story could go a lot further if it advanced past Marika's high school life.

4:Acchi Kocchi - A nice comedy anime with a romance element. It isn't the usual type of romance you'd see in an anime though which is nice. Io and Tsumiki both show affection towards each other but it doesn't go past that and change up the relationship between the two characters. Its is more of a lighthearted comedy and a lot of the jokes poke fun at the relationship between Io and Tsumiki but there are a lot of other funny moments between the other characters.

5: Ozma - It was a good short sci-fi series in my opinion. There are a lot of tense standoffs between the villains and main characters and the plot is pretty decent if not predictable at some parts. Since its a short series the characters don't get too fleshed out and there isn't a lot going on outside the main plot. I'd recommend it to fans of sci-fi.

Others I've liked.

Upotte! - One of those animes that is kind of wrong but so right at the same time. Its about girls who are guns or maybe its guns who are girls so expect a lot of jokes about guns and some ecchiness involving that as well. Its a unique enough premise that is worth checking out if you're a fan of guns, comedy, girls, or a combination of the three.

Hyouka - If there is one thing to like about this anime its definitely the characters. The plot isn't too deep and the mysteries are generally about pretty normal things. I find the main character Oreki to be pretty relateable to myself and the way the anime goes about solving rather ordinary mysteries is still kind of interesting and draws me in.

Lupin the 3rd - At first I didn't like this as it is quite different from the original anime but the plot has gotten good as the anime has progressed. There are still a few episodes that I didn't really enjoy and I had considered dropping at some point. The assistant detective they added to help Zenigata is the worst thing they added to this series. The focus is mainly of Fujiko instead of Lupin in this series although you still see plenty of Lupin as well as Jigen and Goemon. The backstories they show for Jigen and Goemon are pretty interesting and there is a lot of mystery surrounding the plot of Fujiko.

Bottom 5

1: Sengoku Collection - Dropped after 2 episodes. The premise is kind of the reverse of Samurai Girls Time Paradox where female versions of warring states generals come to modern japan. The problem is that it doesn't seem to relate to the sengoku era of japan at all. The characters don't seem to act anything like they should and don't even seem to care about their past.

2: Medaka Box - I really liked Medaka as a character but I didn't enjoy the anime otherwise. Its filled with fairly generic and at times ridiculous shounen style plots as well as some unlikeable characters. The head of the disciplinary committee commits several crimes like attempted murder, destruction of property, and sexual harassment to try and punish those who commit rather minor infractions in the school without getting punished himself which is just a bit too ridiculous for my tastes.

3: Hiiro no Kakera - Its not a terrible anime but neither is it a good one. The anime is a reverse harem/supernatural type in which the heroine is of a special bloodline and must be protected by her 5 male guardians. There are some fight scenes as well where the guardians continuously get beat by the main villains in their attempt to protect several sites which help to seal a great evil. Most characters aren't too interesting but the plot is at least decent.

4: Shining Hears: Shiawase no Pan - As you might expect from the title this anime has to do with bread. Don't think its all about bread though as it throws in some occasional serious curveballs in the story to try and advance the plot. The story revolves around Rick who has lost his memories after being washed up on an island (as well as most of the other main characters I should add) becomes a baker in town along with three other girls. While the plot is kind of interesting when the serious bits occur they happen rather infrequently and the majority of it is about the character baking bread and making everyone happy.

5: Gundam Age - This has been airing for a while but I felt it needed to be listed. So this series focuses on 3 different generations of characters starting with Flit and then moving on to his son and grandson. The different generations aspect might sound like a neat idea but its flawed in that it greatly hinders the character development of most of its characters making it hard to care about anyone. Mobile suit battles seem to be more about flash than substance and pretty much any mobile suit other than the Gundam is near worthless and serve as cannon fodder for the enemy. The plot is a pretty basic stop the bad guys from conquering earth and lacks any sort of depth like the political aspects that are in most other Gundam series. It also copies a lot of things from other Gundam series to I guess try and make it appeal to fans but quite frankly just shows how unoriginal the anime is in my opinion.
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28 / M / Scotland
Posted 6/18/12 , edited 6/18/12

1. Mysterious Girlfriend X (8.5/10) - This is a show with a fair bit of fanservice, but it all seems relevant to the central relationship. It's an awkward relationship, but this awkwardness makes for a really lovely, honest romance. I know a lot of people have a problem with the drool thing, but I find it weirdly fascinating. Tsubaki and Urabe both have their good points and bad points (which I think is important for any character), but in the end they're both easy to root for.

2. Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (8.5/10) - Really stylish and tons of fun. That's all you need to know, really - action sequences are a riot, the storylines are clever but not overly complicated, and it's great to see the clash of different styles of thievery (or law enforcement in some cases).

3. Acchi Kocchi (8/10) - A huge surprise for me. Nothing deep, but consistently sweet and sometimes extremely funny, and I love every character that appears.

4. Hunter x Hunter (8/10) - Well paced for a long adventure series, with some really well choreographed action. Gon is a great lead - he's stubborn, but is in no way arrogant, which makes me really want him to succeed in whatever he tries to do.

5. Hyouka (7.5/10) - Houtarou is a pretty interesting guy. The mysteries seem to vary in quality, and I'm not sold on the pacing, but it's the kind of show that sucks you in before you know it.

6. Space Brothers (7.5/10) - I think the America section took way too long, but it's getting more interesting now that Mutta's gone back to Japan. Mutta's a smart guy who makes a lot of silly mistakes - I like him, but I think his Serika complex is being taken too far. The pace still needs to be faster, but I'm really interested in the space exploration side of things.

7. Kids on the Slope (7/10) - There are two things that I think this show does extremely well - the jazz scenes, and the relationship between Kaoru and Sentaro. The trouble is, there are quite a few elements I'm not so keen on - a lot of the dramatic bits feel forced to me, and I can't get into the romance because I don't like Ritsuko very much. It's still a solid series despite that, though.

8. Sankarea (6.5/10) - Had a really, really good start, but soon went off the boil with a lack of progression in Rea and Chihiro's relationship (I don't necessarily mean romantically, I just don't feel they're any closer now than when they first met). Because of this, I couldn't help but feel that the episodes that didn't focus on the main plot were wasting valuable time. In the end, I'm a little disappointed, but I'm still enjoying it.

9. Eureka Seven AO (6/10) - There's just too much going on. Between the massive cast and everyone's political interests and Truth screwing everything up, it's quite overwhelming, and the episodic nature of the series just fragments things rather than tying things together. There are some nice moments when everyone bands together, and the early episodes were strong when it all felt like it was being told from Ao's point of view rather than from practically everyone in the cast's point of view, but I just think it's trying to be too grand.

10. Accel World (6/10) - There's just not enough going on (:P). Recently it's like every minute detail of everything that happens needs to be explained, and it just takes too much time away from what I want to see - the action sequences. Like with Sankarea, not much seems to be changing as far as the relationship between the characters goes. Cut the excessive exposition and this show will get better, I say.

On Hold/Dropped

Bodacious Space Pirates (14 episodes) - It's like this series was blowing out the candles on my birthday cake, then not letting me eat any of it. There was a lot of nice buildup, but the payoff was consistently underwhelming. It's something that I'll probably finish quickly when it ends.

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (3 episodes) - Not enough substance, comedy was repetitive, Teiichi just seemed like a guy who was interested in Yuuko because he wanted to fondle her... it was difficult to see at this point whether the series would get better. Maybe it has, but I didn't feel like staying around to find out.
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