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Posted 1/20/08 , edited 1/21/08
TVXQ most touching words from the bottom of their hearts : Yesterday’s effort is for the sake of tomorrow’s achievement! ^_^

Epop : If you trip and fall down during your concert, what would you do?

Hero Jaejoong : I would pretend to look at U-Know Yunho. U-Know is our leader, so we have to look at him.
Xiah Junsu : I would laugh, laugh through it then pretend that nothing has happened.
U-Know Yunho : When I fall, I would bust some dance moves, but after that I wouldn’t even say a word.
Micky Yoochun : I would show no expression, then go through it like nothing has happened.
Max Changmin : I would be like nothing has happened and continue dancing, but after the Live I wouldn’t say a word.

Epop : If there was an earthquake during your concert, What would you do?

Micky Yoochun : I think I would be the most panicked one!
Xiah Junsu : I would calmly continue singing.
Max Changmin : I would be speechless, start moving backwards and prepare to escape, Yes! To find the safety exit.
Hero Jaejoong : I would continue singing with all my might, but my voice will be a vibrating voice because I would keep shaking.
U-Know Yunho : I will “Haha” laugh, then use singing and say “Everyone! There is an earthquake, be careful!”

Epop : If you just can’t seem to remember a lyric or dance routine, What would you do?

Xiah Junsu : I would keep listening to the lyric and keep practicing. Yes! As for the dancing, I can remember it instantly.
Max Changmin : I would slowly practice little by little, keep repeating until I have mastered it.
U-Know Yunho : I am a freestyle kind. When the time comes I would remember it. Although I remember it more slowly, but I will never forget it easily.
Micky Yoochun : I don’t have any good way to remember but I am not the kind that will forget things easily.
Hero Jaejoong : I would keep on listening to that song and practice it at the same time, same goes with dancing. Yes! Just have to keep practicing!

Epop : Who is the easiest to feel lonely when left alone?

U-Know Yunho : I think it should be Yoochun and Jaejoong! But Yoochun is the kind that can be happy just alone.
Micky Yoochun : I don’t mind being alone, can compose some music, being alone can be quite free.
Hero Jaejoong : Actually being with people I don’t know or together with too many people, can be more lonely compared with being alone, it will make me feel helpless, but I still like to be together with the person I like!

Epop : When you feel weak, what phrase will give you motivation and regain your spirit?

Xiah Junsu : Stay positive no matter where and when you are!
Max Changmin : As clear and true as the endless sky!
U-Know Yunho : Failure is just a step away from success!
Micky Yoochun : I keep telling myself “I am a singer”!
Hero Jaejoong : I don’t agree that fate controls our life, I don’t believe in fate.

Epop : If you lost your way, what would you do?

U-Know Yunho : I will try my best and continue to find my way out.
Xiah Junsu : I will ask someone for directions.
Micky Yoochun : I'd keep calling my members or the manager, and let them tell me the correct path.
Hero Jaejoong : I have a very good sense of direction, can instantly remember the path I went through, so it should be no problem at all.

Epop : What phrase sets the deepest impression on you, that most touched your heart till now?

Micky Yoochun : The wooden bucket that is used to store wine has five wooden planks, removing just one piece will cause the wine to spill, just like TVXQ.
U-Know Yunho : Our vocal teacher once said, “Sigh can’t win over being moved!" I would always remember that.
Max Changmin : Me too, Our teacher told us the importance and preciousness of being moved.
Xiah Junsu : There is also “ Only with yesterday’s practice will there be the me tomorrow”. He really gives us a lot of useful advices.
Hero Jaejoong : He told us that “ Tomorrow’s performance comes from the effort we did yesterday.”
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Posted 1/21/08 , edited 1/21/08
aww, this is so nice they are really good and honest guys..go dbsk!! thanks for sharing..
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Posted 1/22/08 , edited 1/22/08
really sweet....
thanx for sharing yeah!!
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