- Master Area + Rules -
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☆ Master Area ☆

About the Creator and her MODs.

Creator: SHINeeMI
In Charge of the Main Shat.
Questions go through me!
Manages the Main Character + Events.
Plays Informative Friend Mode.
Edits most of the stuff. The woes of being the creator....
Plays most the NPCs, Rivals, and Support. (Cause I'm P R O!)

Wanna help me? Then PM me and become a MOD, we'll Q&A.

Mod/Helper: Teddiee
Helps Approve Members.
Basic Helping Hand.

Mod/Helper: Kanchuu
Extra Helping Hand.
NPC Management
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Here are the Rules, and I WILL be STRICT about it!
Cause I'm sick of the BS some CR members pull when it involves RPing here!
I just had about enough of it in general, not gonna let my efforts go to waste on stupid ass idiots who don't get a single damn thing I post or say!

Surry, creator is a grump.


    (I cannot stress this enough.)

  • Approved Members, sign up and be ACTIVE!
    (Don't just get approved and don't do shit. One or two post won't do.)

  • No GOD MODDING. I give you 3 Strikes, and I'll BOOT you from the group.
  • I don't really care about cussing and what nots, just don't go overboard with it.
  • For Romancing, you may get to that 17+ level, but PLEASE, DO NOT CYBER!
  • DO NOT Complain or get Whiny.
  • Please Pay Attention to My Announcements.
  • Q & A, must go through me: SHINeeMI.
  • Don't give me any lame excuses.
  • RESPECT: Respect me, I'll Respect You.

  • PLEASE, inform me why you're not being active or hasn't been. I'd hate to be left in the dark and end up removing you.
  • Member Invitation is Okay, as long as they're gonna be active, or the BOOT for them.
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