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❧Introduce yourselves!❧

Hello. ^_^ I'm Hachiko, or Hachi. The creator of Tales Fans Unite! I hope you stay active with this group, even if we aren't active.

Participate in polls, or you can even start an RP, if you wish. I'm afraid I don't have time to organize such things,

but, you may start one if you like!

I'll give a little brief description of what'd I'd like to see here! I do NOT want negativity infesting our group. By "our" I mean everyone

who joins this group. We're like a family here, so why don't we all be friends? (Oh God, that sounds

cheesie. But its true.) Please do not be rude. You will be banned.

Please, enjoy yourselves, and this group!

Now, who are you?

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I'm Xander. Nice to meet you people. And I actually already know you, Hachi.

... What is Raven doing?
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i'm Zoey. ^.^ i love the tales of series! nd i love the pic! the reason why i bought an x-box360 was to play tales of vesperia. xD i also bought other games, too. i love kawaii things, and i'm really friendly. ^.^ nice to meet u people! nd lol. what IS Raven doing? hes like touchin' Yuri's hair like "mmmm. soft. ;)" CREEPERR.
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Everybody wants a piece o' Yuri, lol.
I am, who I am, and I is,A Really Dramatic Person.
You may call me Cap.
I'm the very definition of nerd and I may seem frank by comparison to others, but hey, I don't mean no harm.
My fave games are Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, and Tales of Phantasia.
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I am MisakaMisaka0202, or Misaka, or MiMi.
My favorite color is purple
My favorite Tales of game is Tales of Vesperia (though I've been starting to reconsider that since TOX2 came out...)
My favorite character is Yuri Lowell! XD
Nice to meet you!
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Hello \o
i'm KyleBank30

I live in Germany and i'm a member from CrunchyRoll since october last year.
My favourite anime genre's are: Comedian, Fantasy and Action.
I also like gaming and prefer JRPG like the tales of serie and others (Star Ocean, FF, etc.).
I already played the most common Tales like Vesperia, Xillia, Grace f and more but I forget the name's ^_^"

And now i will soon start Xillia2 after i finished ther other story part from Xillia1
and when the time and price is right i will get a PS4 and continue the RPG marathon >.> someday....

So i hope to find some new people to talk in here till then....bye-neeeeeee \ö/

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Im redzero789

Im a big tales. My favorite tales is tales of xillia 2.second is tales of beseria. Then finally tales of symphonia.
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