♦ D a t a . I n s t a l l ♦
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Data Install

◊ ♦ m i o ♦ ◊

Code name zero is yours truly, Mio, aka SHINeeMI. So this section will very be informative, yet an interesting read and take on things. So expect some amusement, warnings, and tips.
Mio will serve as your typical tutorial, guide for the members.

exe members, should keep a close eye in this section, since it's vital to ones development.
Section Consist of the Following:

- Cooperation Level
- Master Level
- Mio's thoughts on the members development.
- Job Requests/Logs
- Skill Level Tracking
- Equip Slots
- Warnings, Alerts.

More Later....

Since I locked this frickin forum, it's a must to ask directly, PM, OR GB for any questions.

♦ c o o p e r a t i o n ♦

This shows the Cooperation Level for the members of 'exe' the 'fated'.
Goes by numeral code names. Doesn't apply to zero since she's a veteran member, she will evaluate.
This also serves at how active the exe members are. Should I feel the level of bad has been going on long enough, then you aren't fit for the role.

"Team Work, Partnership, is Key! I'll reward you with stars~! " - Mio

[Note: It is possible to reach 100 Stars/Level. ]

[ Cooperation Level ]

1: un / Kirito
2: deux / Lu
3: trois / -
4: quatre / Aleaon [ Part-Timer: No Count ]
5: cinq / -
6: six / Misa? [ No Count, Time Difference ]

[ Master Level ]
- Will Unlock Later -


"It's been very chaotic, I'm running around all over the place.
Mio needs some rest here. But I can't! I have to find them all.
But so far so good I suppose, need a helping hand here and there."
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♦ S k i l l . L e v e l ♦

Mio/zero will keep track on Skill Levels for the 'fated; ones. So you 'fated' should check before doing the skill action.
'fated' must have recieved their respected 'Symbol' from Mio first, or a key item from the last gen's spirit.

Level Up = Goes by how many Stars you have.
1 = 1 The MAX Level is 5, but for Character Level continues to grow.

un / Kirito

1: Power Charge Lv MAX: 35% POW+
2: Majinken Lv MAX: 3x Waves,
3: Kuuretsuzan Lv MAX
4: Souhajin Lv2: x2 Blast [ Next = Lv MAX: x3 Blast ]

deux / Lu

1: First Aid Lv MAX: 35% Healing
2: Lightning Bolt Lv MAX: Added Effect: Paralysis [12.5% chance per hit ] - [= 6 Hits ]
3: Antidote
4: Burn Strike Lv1: 3 +1 Hits [ Next = Lv2: +1 Hit ]

trois / -


quatre / Aleaon


cinq / Mizuno


six / Misa

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♦ D e v e l o p m e n t ♦

This section is Mio's thoughts of the found new members of the fated.
Showing pros, cons, and her feelings towards the person.
Read, learn, and correct anything that is wrong, to better your development.

1: Kirito: Position for un.
Player: theskyflame
Pros: Good at protecting, Kind, Brave, starting ti lighten up
Cons: Reckless-ness
Feeling: Okay, this is swell, he's finally lightning up a bit. Though I fear he maybe a little too kind, he needs to think of himself at times. Otherwise, well done this time around.

2: Lu: Position for deux.
Player: Teddiee
Pros: Very Helpful, Kind, Understanding.
Cons: Has self doubt
Feeling: Woo! Lu helped me out a lot during the problem in Sephirot along with Light. Even if it's just a simple task, she seems very likely to be successful in her role for deux.

3: Aleaon: Position for quatre?
Player: SensuallyYours
Pros: Smart
Cons: Seems to ignore things at times, keeps to himself
Feeling: Eh~ I haven't seen him in quite some time now. -_-;
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