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Posted 7/15/12 , edited 7/15/12
It's the girl this school's been dreading.

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Posted 7/28/12 , edited 7/29/12

Name: Nin Kisaragi
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese/American
Weapon: Violin that she can control sound waves due to manipulation by her music notes. She is able to control the wind due to the manipulation of sound. Basically Sound Waves Manipulation Control.
Accessory: (Only the leaders need this.) ...
Strengths: Musical Talent, Organized, Calm, Mature, and Physically Fit.
Weaknesses: She falls asleep when she's bored.
Bio: Nin is an only child, when she was small she never made much friends. Her parents moved from Japan to America when she was little. So she is born in America but she moved back to Japan when she was a teenager. So her parents is still living in Japan. She is always quiet and shy against others, the only thing that she is able to feel comfortable is playing or listening to music. She loves to dance and sing, it's her passion compared to everything else. She discover her ability when she was only a child playing the violin by herself. She was able to control the sound movements everywhere. If she has a strong desire to kill the sound waves can enter through the human body and destory their immune system by pressure alone. She never let anyone else know this secret. She found out this school is not just for the gifted but talented people with powers so she begger her parents to get in this school.

School related

Talent: Singing, Dancing, anything music related
Are you a student, teacher, staff working in the school or part of the Management?: Student
If you are a student, is this your first year?: Yes
If no, then what is your year?: ...
If you are a teacher, what do you teach?: ...
If you are a staff working in the school, what do you do?: ...
If you are part of the Management...well, continue looking on. ...
Dorm number: [Put a number from 1-30] 9
Faction related

Faction: Deadly Nightshade
Rank: Normal Student
Double agent?: No
Ability related

Ability: {Only ONE} Sound Manipulation (Not only Violin but any musical instrument)
Any mutations?: None
If yes, what kind?: ...

Anything else?: She loves to sleep in her spare time.
Crush: None
Posted 8/27/12 , edited 8/27/12

Name: Mei Yu.
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nationality: German - Japanese
Weapon: A gun-blade passed down from Mei's family line.

Strengths: Her Speed.
Weaknesses: Her height.
Bio: Editing.

School related
Talent: Singing and Playing the Piano ( ? )
Are you a student, teacher, staff working in the school or part of the Management?: Student.
If you are a student, is this your first year?: No.
If no, then what is your year?: 3rd year of High school.
Dorm number: 16

Faction related
Faction: Dark Nightshade
Double agent?:

Ability related
Ability: Psychic. these.
Any mutations?: No.

Anything else?: editing.
Crush: None Yet.
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