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Why "open heart"?
✿ Like what you have read in the group's description, this group is for everyone to share their imaginations with us.
✿ This forum is metaphorical to a chatroom. You can talk about anything. Just make sure that you mention about things beyond the possible.

✿ Don't be shy. We respect your ideas here.
✿ Be polite; do not swear or use abusive words.
✿ Make sure that the content is appropriate.
✿ Be kind to each other.

My Open Heart
✿ My number one wish is I want to travel through time.
✿ In my childhood days, I create lots of imaginary friends.
✿ You know why I write novels? That is because my creativity is endless.
✿ I believe in magic *giggles* the colorful light glow and magic circles.
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i like ur number one wish (: i want to travel through time, too! xD
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I know right? xD It will be really amazing if we can time travel. The first thing I'd do is to fix my grades in middle and high school! LOL
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