Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f (PSV PS3)
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Posted 6/21/12 , edited 6/21/12
This the latest of the project diva series.

The game will officially go on sale August 30th. For more details please check out one of our previous articles here.

*Song list so far:
01.) 「Cat Food」 by doriko
02.) 「World’s End Dancehall」 by wowaka
03.) 「Secret Police」 by BuriruP
04.) 「Melancholic」 by Junky
05.) 「Freely Tomorrow」 by Mitchie M
06.) 「Fire◎Flower」 by halyosy
07.) 「Time Machine」 by 1640mP (164x40mP)
08.) 「DYE」 by AVTechNO
09.) 「Odds & Ends」 by ryo
10.) 「Nostalogic」 by yuukiss
11.) 「Weekender Girl」 by kz
12.) 「Ashes to Ashes」 by tennen
13.) 「Electric Love」 by HachioujiP


Sega USA have brougt a demo to E3 but they are no plans to release the game but if they see enough fan support for a localization, they would be willing to consider it.

there is a petition for thhe game as well http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/hatsune-miku-project-diva-f-for-na-release
Posted 6/21/12 , edited 6/21/12
Yes! Fire Flower. ♥ And Halyosy is singing it! I'm so excited. ~
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Posted 6/21/12 , edited 6/21/12
I've been interested in these games for a while. However, my understanding of Japanese text is minimal at best. How hard are these games to play if you can't read Japanese?
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