London, England, League 1 Base of Operations: Area protected, Europe
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24 / M / Somewhere Far, So...
Posted 6/21/12 , edited 6/22/12
I founded the League 1 Base of Operations as a place for Fullbringers to Gather, and to live, work, and train together. It is funded, partially by my father's company, partially by mine, and partially by itself, as the lower floors double as a hotel. Any Fullbringer who choses to belong to the First League, has only to ask, and I will set him/her up with a room and a job in my company, to earn cash for anything extra they need, that I do not provide.
"We are the cursed in the Shadow of History,... We are the protectors-made to look like killers,... We are the ones who stand guard over the people, we have but one name, ... We...Are... FULLBRING!!" - Jacob Burchard
City: base of operations

Building of Operations

Standard Men's Bedroom

Standard Women's Bedroom

Bathrooms(One to each bedroom)

Kitchen and dining rooms

Training Room

My Room

Medical Bay

League 1 Champion Jacob Burchard( Vale_T_Tora )
League 1 Elite:
League 1 Warriors
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24 / M / Somewhere Far, So...
Posted 6/21/12 , edited 6/21/12
I stand on the top of Big Ben, looking out on the city, when I sense a hollow, lurking near the Tower of London, "Hmm, better go check it out," I jump down from the clock-face and use the soul f the air to slow my descent, and them I run off towards the tower. Upon reaching the tower I see a young lady walking down the street, "Excuse me miss, you need to get home right now, there is danger lurking around he...." I suddenly get cut off as she thrusts her umbrella into my shoulder.
"He He, you mortals are so fragile, you think you can save people from themselves, but even you fail and die in the end." As the woman says this she grows and branches out into a Hollow.
"Damn, I thought it might be something like this, your little family of Hollows sure loves to prey on London, and take the form of young women, why is that, I wonder?"
"You,... You know of us? how do you know of my family?" the Hollow seems to become unsure and pulls her claw out of my shoulder.
"What, you don't know of my ancestor, the one who started to hunt your family, he took your numbers down from a few thousand to only several hundred members. You should have his name imprinted in your mind, my ancestor, Jack the Ripper!"
"You are his inheritor? Now, you cannot be, you are but a child, I Will Kill YOU!!" And she rushes towards me, and lunges with her claw.
"Jack's Sword" The blade charm on my bracelet glows and changes into my sword and I dodge her attack, and slice her mask clean in half. Know this before you go, I AM Jack's descendent, and your familie's days are numbered, I will avenge my Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather."
After she dissapears I release my sword and go back to my Base and go to get my wounds cleaned.
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